All men, of course, without any doubt, are interested in a simple question — where can I meet a girl? Oh, how many copies are broken in this important matter. But it is worth remembering that time is moving, and a new generation of men is growing up, which is still learning how to properly get acquainted with the fair sex. In this article, we will try to explain to men how to correctly see that a girl wants to meet and exchange phone numbers with her.
So, before proceeding directly to the acquaintance, let’s understand where it is better to get acquainted? In fact, the answer to this question is simple to the point of impossibility-anywhere. I’ll tell you about the best places.
First, it is a street. A huge number of girls walk on it, who, in fact, with the right method of dating, will not refuse you at all. After all, girls are also people, and, in fact, many of them are just waiting for an interesting man to pay attention to them. Let’s imagine a situation — in front of you there is such a representative of the fair sex and with all her appearance says about herself “the girl wants to meet”. The main thing here is not to worry and to gain self-confidence. This is your inner attitude, and no one but you can handle it.
However, you can give some tips on how to achieve this. One of my friends was an incredibly shy person. To the point that in the company of a girl, he blushed, turned pale, and could not get words out of himself. What did he do? I began to approach people on the street, overpowering myself, and … ask the simplest innocent questions, at the level of “how to get to the library?” or ” what time is it now?”. Moreover, he chose mostly elderly people for this purpose. Having thus overcome his initial shyness, he began to address the same question to the representatives of the younger generation. Finally, I got to the girls. However, he did not stop there. Gradually, he grew bolder, and then came the turning point — he finally asked the question ” girl, can I meet you?”. And she answered him. Positive. They, however, did not succeed, but now my friend is a well-known man in certain circles, who without even a hint of fear or self-doubt can always meet a girl. He has already reached such a level that he does not care about the question of where to meet a girl, he meets them anywhere.
All of the above was here, just to show you that shyness or self-doubt is not a vice at all. You never know how it could have happened in life. But there is no more serious flaw for a man than tacit acceptance of his own flaw. So, after this drawback is overcome, let’s stop for one more remark.
Have you heard anything about KFOR ? If not, then now you will have a small educational program. To the great regret of men, among girls there are very few adequate persons. Especially in large cities. Most of them are infected with a disease called “consumerism”, they are just fools, and so on. So, by “KFOR” we mean all the girls, except, in fact, those with whom we need to get acquainted. Why do we describe them? To protect men from mistakes or just disappointments.
Let’s start with the first “C”. Bitch. Oh, the bitch messed up a lot of our brother’s nerves. A bitch with all her appearance will show in a cafe, bar or other entertainment institution that “a girl wants to meet”. But its primary goal, its task, is not you at all. No, she wants your wallet, your time, or just you, but not as a person, but as an object of bragging to her girlfriends. Where can I meet a bitch girl? In any bar or club. There are two options for men here. If you are an experienced person and are able to see the bitch under the mask of an innocent girl, then you can easily beat her. If you just want to save your nerves, then such ladies should always and everywhere be ignored.
How to beat a bitch? In fact, there are a lot of options. Remember that the bitch will always peck you if you show your willingness to follow her lead. A friend of mine once used the following strategy to beat the bitch. Deciding that the correct answer to the question was a pretentious club, he was bitterly disappointed. But, by a lucky chance, he was wearing a suit rented for work purposes. There was some kind of holiday at work. Coming in such clothes to the club and immediately identifying the bitch at the insistent request to buy her a drink, and the request was several times in a row, he introduced himself as a cool music producer, after which, of course, the girl was identified as a dormant talent, which is just waiting to be revealed. After powdering their brains, the two of them went to their friend’s apartment. You may ask — did the bitch get confused by the fact that a successful music producer lives in staraya Khrushchev? No, it didn’t. The fact is that my friend said that this is his temporary shelter, while his luxury apartment in the center of Moscow is being renovated. The bitch believed me.
Verdict: if a girl wants to get acquainted and this girl fits the definition of a bitch, then it makes sense to get acquainted with her only if you want to break off the bitch’s wings. And if you do not spare your time, effort, and other resources.
The next category is fools. In principle, we are talking here not so much about mental abilities as such(they may well be, a lot of “fools” have a higher education!), but about the ability to select the necessary information and critically evaluate the world around them. Such women are sure of their irresistibility, and also that any man owes them to the grave of his life already that she is a Woman, and you, here, are such a thick-skinned man. Women need to pay a lot of attention, give flowers, compliments, and emphasize their interest in every possible way. Relationships with such girls are quite possible, but on the condition that you yourself are a romantic, and if there is a lot of free time. Where can I meet a stupid girl? In principle, as mentioned above, many humanities departments are inhabited by this type of women. It should be noted that the “fool” is the most harmless kind of KFOR syndrome, and, in principle, if a woman is not too much of a bitch(or even not at all a bitch), then she can get quite interesting short-term relationships.
Finally, the last type of women is the commander. If you know for sure that a girl wants to get acquainted and is infected with this particular type of disease, then you should take a lot into account. The commander is somewhat similar to a bitch, but if the latter demands from the man his resources(it does not matter, financial or any other), releasing the man himself on all four sides, then the commander, on the contrary, may not require the resources of the man, but requires that the man devote all his time to her. You can forget about football, fishing and other men’s entertainment forever. Especially if you managed to marry the commander, then you can forget about a quiet life — the constant most different stupid demands will become your companion in life. It is extremely not recommended for dating and in general, for any kind of relationship. If a girl infected with the commander’s syndrome wants to get acquainted, then you can drive her to all four sides with complete calm.
Now that we have found out which girls we are not interested in, just act from the opposite! Meet those ladies who do not fit these descriptions.
How do I start a conversation? Elementary! In principle, every man has his own” tricks ” that are created independently, but I will tell you about my own. So, the first option is “continued conversation”. You do not get acquainted, but simply approach the girl, and as if, continue the already existing communication with a pause. Say, for example, the phrase ” Yes, Irka was certainly right in this.” With this you throw the bait, the girl will definitely answer you at least something. At least to find out who the notorious Irka is. And that’s exactly what we need. The conversation has begun, then develop it yourself. Fortunately, girls are extremely fond of humor, so you create a great first impression for yourself.
Option two – “already familiar”. You come up and say, ” Hi, it’s been a while. How are all our people?” I can say from experience that almost none of the girls will admit that she did not recognize you at all and who ” our ” even has no idea. I had a friend who met his girlfriend in this way, she identified him as a former work colleague, as a result, he managed to pretend to be them for a month. I mean, do you realize how easy it really is?
Option three – ” the girl left, and I’m so unhappy.” This option works great if you decide to meet a girl on the street before some cultural event. For example, before the start of a movie that goes to the cinema. You buy flowers, stand near the entrance, sometimes for the sake of appearance, you look at the clock, at the same time, it is mandatory to make a smart, but slightly nervous look. Then, when the time comes to the beginning of the session, approach the girl you like, and tell your legend — I wanted to go to the movies with a friend, she did not come, now you have no one to go with, and will she agree to keep you company? Believe me, he will almost certainly agree.
The information obtained above on how to recognize a girl who is not suitable for dating and how to get acquainted with a girl who is still suitable should be enough to start with. Go ahead! Of course, do not stop there, but develop your abilities!