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Gastronomic flirtation.

We do a lot of things automatically: get out of bed, brush our teeth, get dressed. In the category of cases “on the machine” will fall and food intake. We are in a hurry to stuff something into ourselves because we are hungry. And then we die of stomach pains. The food, it turns out, was tasteless, there was a lot of it, and we didn’t even notice it. And all because you were in a hurry. You wanted to quickly be full-so you did not get a single gram of pleasure.
I think it’s comparable to flirting between a man and a woman. After dating, we want to spend more and more time together, get to know our soulmate, learn her habits and listen to funny stories from childhood. You do it slowly, step by step. That is why you will experience more pleasure at each new stage of the relationship. First touch, first kiss, first sex. If you hurry and immediately find yourself in bed, then you are unlikely to experience such pleasure and pleasure. Do you agree?
Next time you sit down at the table, do the same. Stop now. Give yourself a couple of minutes and look at your portion. Study its appearance, try to smell and recognize the subtle notes of spices. And only then take a small piece. Take your time. Chew slowly. Concentrate on the taste. Feel the burning bitterness of pepper or the sweetness of cinnamon. Do not be distracted by external noise, TV series or messengers. Lose yourself in this moment. Give yourself to the moment. Love this food. Love yourself in this moment. Give yourself a chance to be happy.
The time you spend eating is very important. I haven’t had a snack on the go in a long time, and I don’t recommend it. I don’t feel a drop of pleasure from such food. And if I don’t feel pleasure, why do I eat at all? As it turned out, you can find time for food. Even if you have a busy schedule, even if there is no kitchen in your office, even if you have a project on fire. Love yourself so much that you do not want to shove into your body the first food that comes along, which will instantly fill your stomach and bring only a feeling of discomfort. Love yourself so much that you have time to explore the tastes, smells, and structures of your products.
The taste of food is not only what our tongue feels. This includes smell, texture, temperature, atmosphere, and even associative memory. Gentle lazy dumplings can take you back to your childhood, to the village to your grandmother. You spent the whole day fooling around and running around, and when you smelled this divine smell from the kitchen, you even forgot to wash your hands before eating. Shrimp risotto can take you back to last year’s holiday in Spain, when you sat on the beach, watched the most beautiful sunset of your life and washed down the risotto with wine. My feet were wrapped in sand, and I could hear the locals talking in the distance. Don’t miss all these memories.
Stop eating just like that: because you’re bored, because you’re tired, because you’re upset. Start cooking for yourself the way you deserve it. Do you deserve to eat unleavened buckwheat? Soak it overnight in beetroot or tomato juice and be surprised by this rich taste. Do you deserve to eat dry meat, fried to the point of exhaustion? Don’t drown him in fat, but let the rosemary butter touch him, flirt with him, and finally drown him in your arms. Find a place in your life for aromatic herbs and spices. Paprika, cinnamon, oregano, thyme, basil or hot red pepper will help to make the taste of your dishes brighter. Do not be afraid of expensive products, for example, parmesan – only 5 grams can replace almost half a kilo of cheap cheese.
Another reason why we miss out on the fun is the atmosphere in our kitchen. For some reason, we have such a situation that all the best things should be left for the holidays. But we have the right to make our every day a holiday! Do you have a beautiful set of white dishes, but you are saving it for better times? Or do you have gift wine glasses gathering dust in your closet? Get it right now! Even the most ordinary dinner will be special if you put the right accents. White tablecloth, beautiful dishes, neatly folded napkins or lighted candles. Every meal can be special. From breakfast to dinner. You just have to want to.
Cooking consciously is easy. I can anticipate your questions and immediately answer – no, not expensive. No, it’s not difficult . Seafood pasta will be even cheaper than instant noodles. You just carefully calculate the price of each ingredient per kilogram and everything will immediately fall into place. And in order not to leave you alone in the raging culinary world, I wrote the book “Zvablennya izheyu: 70 recipes, I want to getuvati”. Here you will find 70 of my recipes that are guaranteed to work out for you. You will no longer have to puzzle over what to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition to the recipes, in the book I share my feelings about food. For each recipe, you will find tips that will help you not only prepare the dish, but also get the most out of it. This book is not just about how to cook, this book is about food that can make you happier. That food can create a feeling of love for the whole world and for yourself.
If you feel that eating is a mechanical routine for you. If you can’t remember the last time you were surprised by the taste of the dish. If you can’t remember the last time you cooked anything other than soup, pasta, and cutlets. Stop now. Exhale. Give yourself time to choose a recipe. Go to the market for groceries. Smell the fresh herbs. Have a laugh with the spice seller. Come home, slowly lay out everything. Prepare it. Turn off your phone. Set the table. And be happy. Here and now.