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Flirt with a girl or the basics of flirting.

Since childhood, we are taught how to walk properly, hold a spoon, read, write and the rules of etiquette. At school, we study great subjects, learn the poems of famous poets, and practice physical experiments. And yet we are not taught the one most important science. Flirting and relationships. In this article, you, my friend, will learn and will be able to try new lines of behavior. Behavior that attracts women!
To begin with, remember that there are two sexes on earth: men and women. At the same time, a man has more similarities with a male lion than with a woman! Therefore, to understand girls purely based on the experience of communication is the way to nowhere. Fortunately, there are such sciences as biology, psychology, and social dynamics. And there are people who tried to do it for you.
The main thing you need to know is that women are emotional creatures. Logically, convincing a girl that she likes you or having sex is a very unpromising option. If you don’t believe me, go outside and try it! So the most important thing in communicating with the opposite sex is to evoke emotions.

  1. Be neat and well-groomed.
    For a man, natural beauty is not so important, but being beautifully dressed, neat and smelling good is a duty! And don’t listen to women who say: “We are against metrosexuals.” This is nonsense. Believe me, Robert Pattinson takes more makeup than the average lady.
    Stylish clothes and hairstyle are very welcome. Shoes should always be clean. A good tan is a sign of health, so it’s a good idea to go to the solarium. There is a rule of three colors. A man should be wearing no more than three colors. The belt always matches the color of the shoes. You don’t know how to dress – read GQ magazine and start using the Internet on this topic.
  2. The voice.
    Did you hear the lion growl?! Men who have a beautiful voice have increased success with women. And it’s true. Namely, you need to be able to talk in a deep (velvety) voice. Fortunately for all of us, the voice can be delivered very quickly.
    You can practice growling, search for exercises on the Internet, or sign up for public speaking courses. And since you are reading this article, it means that you already have the motivation to do it. And women are programmed to respond to men with a loud voice. Feel free to speak loudly, but don’t yell.
    Instead of being cool and pretentious, be relaxed and friendly. Be always ready to communicate with women . Be playful. When you go into any room or transport-smile. When you are relaxed, it is not difficult to establish communication. Playfulness-will direct communication in the right direction.
  3. Eye contact with the girl.
    Always when you communicate with a woman, look at her only in the right eye! The result will be on the face. And remember the color! Attention to detail, a good bonus.
  4. Evoke emotions.
    The more you push a woman emotionally, the more she’ll want to see you again.
    Types of emotions:
    laughter Interest attraction Safety excitement Fear of loss.
    When your every interaction with girls, makes their body boil with emotions. To learn this, you need to practice phrases, “male” chips and be able to change the direction of the conversation. You are a man-act! You are the leader! You are always in charge of the relationship!
    If a girl laughs, she is half-won . An example of how to quickly cause laughter and interest in a girl.
    Do you communicate with any woman (no matter what it is about)… Here you interrupt:
    “Wait!” Before I continue to communicate with you, I need to ask you a few questions! OK? (then you ask her 5 different questions) — Have you ever been fired from your job? Do you believe in fate? Do you often go shopping? Do you like pink? Are you afraid of lizards?
    Yes, and do not discuss the answers. I just asked a question, got an answer, and asked the next one.
    Everything! Regardless of her answers, you say, ” That was a test! You’re cool! Give her a high five! ” and you give her a high five, and that’s a touch. This feature will cause her at least interest and laughter, because she hardly ever interrupted communication like this.
    You ask a girl what movie she would recommend to watch. Then you’ll find out who her favorite actor is. When she says it, regardless of the answer, you give it to her.:
    “Oh, my God! You remind me of my 5th niece” and hug her.
  5. It’s not a lie – it’s a flirt.
    Don’t answer directly. Most men answer questions about their place of work, age and personal life immediately “everything is as it is”. It’s corny and boring. Try to tease the girl before you give out the information.
    For example, if she asks:
    — What do you work for?
    “I sell white slaves!)” or “I repair disposable lighters!)” will definitely make her laugh. Even the answer “What do you think?” is better than dealing all the cards at once. Intrigue is another key to success. Of course, then you can tell the truth.
    Warning. If you work as a janitor, you’d better say you’re a stuntman.
  6. Make compliments to the girl unexpectedly.
    Throw them like sand. Here you need to practice finding something in a person that you like and talk about it with ease. For example, during a conversation, you realize that the girl has beautiful eyebrows. Interrupting a conversation with a compliment:
    — You know, you have very expressive eyebrows! (pause) So what were we talking about? And you continue the topic or start a new one. It is important to learn how to throw compliments with the same ease as asking what time it is. When you are already in bed, you can hotly describe to her how you are drowning in her bottomless eyes, at the stage of flirting, this is not necessary.
  7. Topics that are useful to talk about.
    To attract a girl, it is best to communicate with her on topics that women love to discuss:
    Relationships Horoscopes Magic and psychics Fashion Hobbies.
    You can prepare yourself and read a horoscope or some psychological test. This will fill your communication. You can also ask for advice, for your friend, whether he should marry a girl who constantly pesters you.
    It’s not a lie – it’s a man’s flirtation. As soon as you create an attraction, and the girl will think that you are not an ordinary interlocutor, then you can rub it in about politics (it is better not to).
  8. Visualization.
    Say the word “Flirt.” Think about what you associate with this word. Find your own image that will introduce you to this playful, talkative state. Now, when you want to flirt with an attractive person, use this image as a lever that triggers the desired behavior.
  9. Man is not made to be alone.
    We are social beings. We are beings who create connections. Sexual relations. Flirting for men is a weapon with which you can significantly increase your chances of finding a suitable partner and getting a girl. Are you interested in sex for one night or maybe you are looking for a wife, or want interesting communication, flirting, this is what will help you stand out from the crowd of not literate men.
    I wish all men more practice in exciting communication with the opposite sex.