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It’s hard for good girls to find love.

It's hard for good girls to find love.

Very often, smart, independent and attractive women can spend years with men, with whom in the end they do not work out. Why is it so difficult for them to find love? Here are a few reasons from the Peace Quarters publication why it can be difficult for wonderful women to build a personal life.
They don’t let a man wipe his feet on them.
Smart and independent women don’t let men play with them. If someone tries to do this, then such ladies immediately lose all interest in such characters. These wonderful women appreciate and respect themselves. That’s why they don’t let anyone wipe their feet on them. In such cases, they are not inclined to give men another chance.
You don’t meet a woman like that in a club.
Why? Because she doesn’t hang out killing time in bars and clubs. She has goals, and she works hard every day to achieve them. Such girls prefer a pleasant conversation over a glass of wine or a cup of fragrant tea in a home environment to hikes on crowded events.
They’re a little weird.
The most wonderful women can be a little strange. This is what makes them unique and so beautiful. And they won’t change themselves for a man. It is worth respecting their thoughts and habits, with whatever zest they may be. If it is difficult for a man to accept a woman as she is, then there will be little good in such a relationship.
Next to such women, men feel insecure.
Men want to feel strong. That is why some of them avoid successful women. In order to match such a companion, a man must also strive for something more.
Some people just can’t get along with a successful woman who knows exactly what she wants. Next to them, they do not feel confident in themselves and prefer more delicate and fragile girls.
They say exactly what they think.
Since such women clearly know what they want, they can be overly direct in communication. They don’t like to beat around the bush. If they like a man, they will find a way to convey it.
If they don’t like something, they won’t be silent. Such women are able to express their thoughts and feelings clearly and clearly. Some men may be intimidated by their frankness.
Their dreams are a priority.
Some men like to dominate and keep everything under control. Smart and independent women don’t let anyone tell them what to do. They clearly know what they want and how to get it.
Such women do not live to serve a man. One of the main goals of their life is to fulfill their dreams. In a relationship, they dream of seeing the same strong and confident man as themselves. They need someone who will support them in their endeavors, and not drag them to the bottom.
They have goals in life.
In addition to love and relationships, such women have other priorities in life. If love finds them, great. But they will not put their lives on pause in order to closely engage in the search for a suitable man for her.
Such women know how to protect themselves.
Do not deceive them. A smart woman will immediately understand what kind of game her partner is up to and will directly express everything that she thinks about it. She is not afraid to defend herself and other women. If you have acted dishonestly, do not even think that you will be able to easily hush up this story. At the very least, you need to explain and apologize.
Such women love with all their heart.
It is not easy to fall in love with such a woman. Get her to open up to you, too. However, the wait is worth it. Once such a woman loves you and opens up to you, she will respect and support you as much as possible.
Such a woman is a great partner in life. Why? Because she will love you with all her heart. Did such a woman fall in love with you? Rest assured, she doesn’t need anyone else but you. You can trust her completely.
They know their own worth and are demanding in choosing a man.
With age, such women become wiser. They’ve already seen a lot, a lot. If they feel that they are not succeeding with a man, they will not delay the breakup. Such women are not desperate. They do not need a man just “for show” or as a “pill” for loneliness. Such a woman will wait. She, having gone through the path of trial and error, will not agree to anything less than she deserves.
They are more mature than many.
Although they are quite young, such women are very wise. They know what they want out of life. They know how to achieve their goals. Clearly set priorities. They see their way, so don’t even think about doubting her decisions or the validity of her plans. She’s got everything under control.