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Marriage without flirting – is it possible?

Marriage without flirting - is it possible?

The period of flirtation in a relationship between a man and a woman in no way reflects reality. As you know, flirting involves meetings, joint walks, conversations, in fact, during this period, a person tries to demonstrate his other personality, different from the real one. There are a huge number of people who met for several years, got along well with each other, but after marriage very quickly divorced.
You may ask, ” Okay, but how can you choose a life partner without a flirting period?” In fact, it doesn’t take long to get to know a person. Studies show that women are able to recognize a person in just a few minutes.
For an attentive person, a lot can be said by the facial features of the interlocutor, his facial expressions, the manner of conversation and the words used.
What is the harm of flirting?
There’s a trap in flirting . Very often, girls who are deceived by young people, and then leave them, suffer. It happens, of course, and vice versa. Flirting deprives a person of the ability to think logically and leads to frustration of feelings. A person who is used to flirting very often changes friends. In many cases of flirting, it is a question of losing chastity. For a pious Muslim girl, there is no greater calamity.
The desire to flirt encourages privacy. Ultimately, this leads to big problems for young people.
Does our religion allow flirting?
Of course, our religion does not allow this kind of relationship. The solitude of a man and a woman becomes the cause leading to the commission of sin. Once a person is possessed by attraction and passion, it is impossible to predict how it will end. As our ancestors used to say, “Gunpowder can’t be near fire.”
As a rule, such relationships begin very innocuously, but the result is always the same-disappointment . The reason for most of the frustrations, crimes and misdeeds in society is the unwillingness to listen to instructions.
Are there no exceptions, and every man and every woman is waiting for this? Of course, we do not claim anything of the kind. Every rule has exceptions. However, exceptions remain exceptions and cannot change the general rule. Women should avoid frivolity and not become an object of entertainment, which is easily acquired and which is also easily abandoned. And a man should not look at life only through the prism of passion and attraction, wasting the energy given to him by Allah on such primitive things.