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How to start a dialogue with a girl.

Initially, the topic of this material was “Trying to find a girl for Valentine’s Day using Internet applications”. But in the course of the experiment, something went wrong.
I’ve actually tested a few popular apps and sites, something I’ve never done before. At first, the site JuliaDates was chosen at random-apparently, specially created in order to breed people for money. After registering and communicating with several bots, I ran out of messages, and I had to pay 1299 rubles for the continuation. Naturally, I did not do this and started looking for easier ways.
Next, I registered in popular mobile apps. In short — you will find the most benefits in Badoo and Tinder. Much less – in the losing positions of Mamba and LovePlanet. The hppn app was not able to be used in such a way as to make at least some benefit out of it (it will show you who you go with regularly on the same routes and places), as well as Pure, designed exclusively for choosing a kawaii partner (I was greedy for money for registration, well, the goal was not flirt, but relationships).
In three weeks, I looked through and liked hundreds of profiles in four applications, found a couple of classmates among them (I did not communicate), started 19 “pairs” (this is when the application announces that you liked each other), started communicating with five girls and even got into some meaningless philosophical debate about happiness in life with one of them. And so all this did not seem to me something fascinating, but even on the contrary.
I realized that I was absolutely not ready, and, in general, I do not want to meet girls on the Internet. When I was a student, I could still walk through someone’s pages and try to write to someone. And now I think: “Well, I’ll write to her, so it’s still necessary to get to know her. Listen, waste time. Come on!»
With age, you begin to value your time and your personal space more, and you think for a long time — is it worth letting a new person near you? And online dating is absolutely not conducive to this. Looking at a new candidate in the same “Tinder”, you see and evaluate only how this person presents himself in the social network. Naturally, he shows all the best, chooses photos in which he looks better (in his opinion), briefly describes his hobbies and puts some ridiculous quotes. That’s it?
What do we know about him from the first glance at his page? Nothing, really. Yes, we can make an effort and start a correspondence with him and get to know him better, and go on a date, and make sure that you really like him, and he likes you, and everything will spin, spin, like a carousel in childhood. Well, this is ideal.
And if not — there are still a lot of applicants at hand. And you can also try to get acquainted with them. But this seems to be some kind of stupid artificiality: you know why you’re here, she knows why she’s here. And all the same, everyone is playing some kind of show, like dancing peacocks around each other. Compliments, likes of photos, conversations about nothing… I don’t understand who can get acquainted and really start a relationship in such conditions.
The ideal acquaintance, as for me — is an acquaintance in reality. We need a common cause, common acquaintances, and in general — common points of contact.