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Comedies about the art of seduction.

Comedies about the art of seduction.

We have collected some funny stories about what tricks are used by seducers and seductresses and what it leads to.

7 ore per farti innamorare, 2020.
Valeria earns a living by teaching men techniques that help to win the favor of any beauty in seven hours. Things are going very well for her, because there are quite enough insecure guys in the world. One day, Julio comes to class, dreaming of getting his ex back. This is always more difficult to do than to conquer a stranger, but Valeria still takes up training.
Alex Hitchens has developed his own method of seduction and teaches it to various nerds and shy guys who want to win a girl. The main rule of selection for students is sincere feelings. One day, a modest accountant comes to the” matchmaker ” for help, who fell in love with his beautiful and rich client.

Un profil pour deux, 2017.
A heartfelt comedy about 75-year-old widower Pierre, who with difficulty, but still mastered the wisdom of the Internet. Instead of all sorts of facebooks and telegrams, the old man rushed to fill out a questionnaire on a dating site. When his 28-year-old “pen pal” sets up a live date, Pierre is put out and sends his young computer literacy teacher instead.
A romantic comedy about a marriage on the verge of collapse. The wife wants a divorce, the husband is not ready for this and wants to seduce his wife back. Therefore, he offers an interesting method of restoring feelings: you need to have dinner together seven times under different circumstances. Dinner with your eyes closed, dinner in complete silence, dinner naked, dinner in the presence of a stranger.

Tout le monde debout, 2018.
A successful businessman and part-time womanizer, Joscelin loves to invent all sorts of tall tales to drag another beauty into bed. He is such a skilled lovelace that a simple flirtation no longer turns him on, all the time you want more difficult tasks. One day, in order to get a spectacular beauty, he pretends to be disabled. As luck would have it, it is at this moment that he will meet true love, and to admit that he is healthy is already somehow awkward.

Il bisbetico domato, 1980.
The city beauty liked the charismatic farmer, and he shows absolute indifference to her charms. She has no intention of backing down, and he has a lot of ideas about how to wear down an obsessive girl.
Le retour du héros, 2018.
Captain Neville goes to war with Napoleon’s army, and his beloved Pauline stays at home. He promises to write, but for all the time, not a single line comes from him. So her determined sister Elizabeth composes the letters herself, inventing heroic adventures for the captain and making him fall even more in love not only with her sister, but with the whole city. In the end, she realizes that this can not last long, and kills her hero, and he one day returns alive, unharmed and ready to enjoy the glory that Elizabeth gave him.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 2003.
The journalist Andy needs to write an article about the typical mistakes of girls that lead to a breakup. To do this, she must find a guy, make him fall in love with her, and then turn on the bitch. The trouble is that her test subjects were Ben, who bet that he would be able to fall in love with any girl and for the sake of the bet is ready to endure some discomfort in the relationship.
Anatoly Novoseltsev, an employee of the usual Soviet statistical office, decides to hit on a strict boss to get a promotion. Despite the fact that there are a lot of stories with a similar plot, this comedy remains unique even after 40 years.
Alex Lippi does not have an ordinary business-this stylish young man destroys other people’s romantic relationships by order. One day, he comes up with a really difficult task — to break up a truly loving couple.

This Means War, 2012.
Two friends, secret agents, fall in love with the same girl, decide that she should choose for herself, and arrange a whole war for her heart. Starring Tom Hardy, Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon. The dream team.