Psychology of a loving man: what you need to know about the feelings of the stronger sex.
The psychology of a loving man is fundamentally different from that of a woman. Why is that? Among men, it is commonly believed that girls are incredibly mysterious creatures, and their logic defies explanation. However, among the fairer sex, there are many who consider the men themselves to be mysterious creatures. And this is not for nothing, because men are “from Mars”, and women are “from Venus”.
To build a harmonious relationship with your chosen one, it is important to understand the peculiarities of male thinking. In addition, it is necessary to clearly define the stages of the origin of love in men, because this process has its own structure. We will talk about this in our article.
Stages of the origin of feelings in men.
First, a man evaluates the appearance of a girl (figure, face, gait, grace), that is, how attractive she is to him.
Next, the intelligence of the fair sex is determined, what she likes to do, her preferences and interests.
At the final stage, there is a union with the beloved on the spiritual level. Common interests and leisure time are already taken into account here.
After a man goes through all these stages, he determines for himself whether a further future with this girl is possible and what it will be (friendship, short-term relationships or developing before marriage). If one of these points is skipped, then there will be disharmony and misunderstanding between the partners, which will lead the communication to a dead end.
As soon as a man begins to love, the relationship goes through the following stages:
First of all, a man feels a physical attraction to a girl, there is sympathy. This is the difference between the stronger sex and the weaker, since women experience intellectual and psychological attraction.
Then comes the stage of fading, when the man is in a state of uncertainty and doubt. Here the girl will have to wait a little while until this stage passes.
A man comes to the realization that he wants to become the only one for this woman.
There is a unity, both spiritual and psychological. At this stage, the man fully opens up to his beloved and begins to trust her.
The final stage is an engagement, that is, a man wants to enter into a legal marriage with a girl in order to live with her for the rest of his life.
You need to understand that you should not rush, everything should go on as usual. Only after passing all the stages, a man will reach the ultimate goal, namely, a happy marriage.
Many representatives of the stronger sex are well aware that in order for a relationship to be happy, you need to be patient, reserved, be able to take responsibility, as well as help a woman in the household and be attentive to the little things. However, we should not forget that the understanding of love in the stronger and weaker sex is different. For example, for women, love is the family, which is the essence of existence, and for men, it is the possession, possession and protection of what he has.
7 main stages of the origin of feelings according to the psychology of men.
You need to understand that the female and male sex fall in love in different ways, and in terms of speed, too. If you stick to the “hunter” scheme, then most likely you will wait a very long time for your other half. As soon as you give up the role of “prey”, the chances of a serious relationship will immediately increase. However, this requires an understanding of how men fall in love.
Stage 1: “I like you.”
The first thing a man pays attention to is the physical attractiveness of a girl. Unlike women, who can fall in love with a nondescript representative of the stronger sex just because they respect him, for a man this is basically impossible.
Some time ago, an interesting experiment was conducted in America, which was as follows: a girl and a guy with attractive appearance took beautiful photos and put them on a dating site, but they went on dates in a special suit, thanks to which it seemed that they were overweight.
As a result, most of the guys who came to a meeting with an attractive girl (judging by the photos in social networks), seeing a rather fat lady, almost immediately asked her about the weight and left.
As for the girls, they were more supportive of the guys, allowed them to kiss themselves on the cheek, hug during the meeting and goodbye, and spend the whole date together.
In the West, representatives of the fair sex, who gained extra pounds after a divorce from their beloved man, begin to actively engage in sports to get back to normal. After that, they find a new partner much faster. For women, everything is simple, if she does not” nag ” a man and has a slim figure, then it is easier for her to find a life partner.
Representatives of the fair sex need to remember that first of all the stronger sex pays attention to the physical body. Do not fool yourself into thinking that the guy came to meet you because he liked your character.
Of course, every man can have his own taste for female beauty. Some people like big breasts, others – small, someone likes thin ankles, long hair (straight or curly), long fingers on the hands, narrow or wide hips. Thus, everyone likes their own type of girls. At the same time, some representatives of the stronger sex can not name a specific feature that attracts them, but this does not mean that it does not exist.
If a man sees a woman as his “type”, she immediately arouses his sympathy. However, this does not mean that he fell in love with her.
Stage 2: “Exploration”.
Most often, a man is interested in several representatives of the fair sex at once. Therefore, to determine, they conduct a reconnaissance in order to see which of them will respond to his attention. And only after the man receives a positive reaction from the girl, he concentrates his attention on her.
Such “advances” from a man can not be called courtship or flirtation, they just help him understand that something can happen if he starts courting you. At this stage, the guy still does not care about the girl’s reaction, that is, he does not care whether she accepts his courtship or refuses, even though he likes her. He will easily survive the loss and quickly switch to another one. There are, of course, exceptions, for example, concerned men who go crazy, but adequate representatives of the stronger sex still feel that way.
Stage 3: “Stalking”.
What kind of girl doesn’t like men running after her?
If a representative of the stronger sex notices from a woman at least the slightest positive reaction to their “advances”, he immediately begins to pursue. In some cases, the guy even presents a positive response.
When a man feels sympathy from the female sex, he does everything to attract the girl’s attention. He takes any steps to make the woman understand what he likes and pay attention to him. In some cases, the lady already falls in love with the man at this point. As soon as a guy receives a positive response from a girl, for example, to a message or an invitation to a date, he immediately goes to the next stage.