How to build a relationship with your wife and become the perfect husband.
The fact that the relationship with your beloved wife broke down, only you are to blame. A woman is a sensitive and more intelligent being than you think, so many features of male behavior can offend her. Before you establish a relationship with your wife, understand that they often accumulate negative feelings and emotions for a long time, so her breakdowns, resentment at you and tantrums did not appear from scratch. Admit that you also make mistakes and they can greatly offend your wife. And more. We’ll never know what a woman really wants. How to establish a relationship with your wife at the same time? Here are some tips.
Listen to her.
Not when your wife is angry and tells you how bad you are, but just every day. For women, the words and subtleties of relationships are important, both for your friends and for the characters of the series. The wife not only loves with her ears, but is also able to tell a lot. She may be shy about telling you what she doesn’t like, but it will slip through her conversation. She sees your indifference to her speech as a lack of interest in her. And more. My wife thinks you should understand all her hints. They shouldn’t. But try to listen to her for at least five minutes a day. So you can learn a lot about what your wife lives, what worries her, and what she still wants. So you will solve a lot of problems. After all, she listens to everything you say, so why don’t you respond in kind?
Give her a hug.
And do it regularly. Yes, women love their ears, but the world of tactile sensations is also very important for them. When you hold her, you give her a sense of security, and this is exactly what a woman always needs. This does not mean that you need to hug her all the time, just do not let go of her hands. In addition, it is not necessary to hug her while she is doing household chores, especially when doing it unexpectedly. So you can run into negativity or even get injured. In addition, you should not climb with hugs when your wife is offended or upset — you will not help her, and if you are guilty of her offense or frustration, she will perceive it as violence to her feelings.
Tell her how you feel.
If you once confessed your love to her, it does not mean that you need more and she will always remember it. Even if not all of your actions towards your wife will be perfect, words of love can fix everything. The fact is that women do not have any givens and their moods and feelings change many times a day. This depends on hormones and is due to the lability of the female psyche. And they are sure that the same thing happens to you, which means that you could stop loving her…
This is the reason for the constant female:»Do you love me?” She wants to make sure that everything is in order and your feelings are still there, which means that everything is in order. In order not to listen to this annoying question, often confess to her in love.
Say compliments.
This is also due to the fact that a woman loves ears. During the period when you were dating, you constantly showered her with compliments, and with the beginning of family life, this goes somewhere. And in vain. What helped you once win the heart of a beautiful woman will help you to establish a relationship with your wife. But here, too, there is one feature. Women love any compliments, but it is important for them that you appreciate some one advantage, for example, culinary skills. Such a compliment she will appreciate above others, and a minor remark on this topic may be perceived as an insult. Experimentally find out which compliments are most valuable for your beloved, and for this … say compliments and watch for the reaction. And most importantly. When you tell your wife about what you value in her, you develop these qualities and consolidate them. If you constantly scold her, then with your own words you are raising a bitch that you do not like so much. So if you want a queen by your side, call your wife a queen. And more. Master the art of saying compliments in an original way, rather than churning them out.
Bring something new to the bed affairs.
A woman needs sex as much as you do. For her, however, it is not so much physical satisfaction that is important, but the opportunity to get closer to her beloved. In addition, the dynamics of sexual contact is very important for women. If, for example, you used to do this every day, and now there is no sex for several days in a row, she may think that you no longer want her.
Well, and do not forget that you need to diversify your sex life. This is your task, too. And you can also establish a relationship with your beloved by simply doing what she likes in bed.
Spend time together.
This will help to get closer if you have a chill between you. It is better to do what your wife likes. Let it be even watching the series, but together. The ideal option is a romantic dinner with a bottle of delicious wine. If you spend such evenings regularly, the relationship will improve faster. And just going out together brings us closer together.
Spend time separately.
So that she has time to miss you. The ideal option is a separate vacation.
Other ways.
Stay at least a short time attentive and loving husband. Bring her candy, flowers or champagne, come up with some interesting surprise.
Help her with the housework. This is generally one of the highest manifestations of love. Prove by your small actions that she can rely on your strong shoulder and strong hands. Try to cook dinner for several days in a row. Perhaps, after that, you will see that household chores are a lot of work, and your wife bears a heavy burden and does everything to make her spouse comfortable.
Kiss her, touch her gently, and generally express your feelings with your hands and lips.
Give her her freedom. Do you have the right to sit with your friends? And she also has the right to go to a cafe with her friends or just do not only you and work. Her socializing with friends or hobbies is the same psychological relief as your hanging out in the garage with friends. And if she has a hobby — this is doubly good: while she is mastering the pylon or embroidery, you can also have a beer with the guys…
Don’t talk about unnecessary things. With your wife, you need to relax, and not constantly plunge into the routine of your problems.
Try to meet her from work. If you finish work earlier than your wife, you can come and pick her up from work. She will be proud of what you did.
Watch an interesting movie with her. If this is her favorite melodrama, it will set you up for a romantic mood, and if it is a drama, you can discuss and even find a hint on how to solve your problems, but if it is a comedy, then you will be brought together by laughter.
Give money not only for housekeeping, but also for small pleasures. This is equivalent to a gift. Even if the spouse works and she has enough money for herself, it will be a sign for her that you care about her and her mood.
There is no answer to the question of what a woman still wants, and in general, no one can solve this mystery. We can definitely say that a woman wants affection, protection and tenderness from a loved one. This is what will help to establish a shaky peace in your family.