Nature always gives us all the necessary qualities and properties to realize our desires. How to meet love in order to build your romantic fairy tale in reality? Why doesn’t it come out?
How I want to find my soul mate in this world! A person with whom it is easy to talk about the most important things, to understand each other in half a word. Love without fear of pain and betrayal. But how to meet him among seven billion people is completely incomprehensible. Will His Majesty’s Case work, or do you need to look for the answers in yourself? How to find your love?
The psychology of relationships is fully revealed by the training “System-vector psychology”. With its help, thousands of people have already found happiness in a couple. It will help to eliminate all the reasons why we can not meet our soulmate.
Where to find love in this vast world.
It would seem that there are a lot of men and women around us. And so, the chances of a successful search for love. We encounter the opposite sex in transport and in the store, at work and in our yard. Wherever we go, we are surrounded by people.
The world Wide web has united all the inhabitants of the vast globe. People find each other on social networks or on dating sites. In our era of globalization, it is not uncommon for a person to live in one country, have a remote job in another, and find love in a third.
The real chances of getting to know and have a relationship with a loved one are about equal for everyone. Why do we avoid happiness in the search for love?
If the question of where to meet love does not find an answer, then it is not about the geography of the search. And not even in the methods that we use for this purpose. The reason is hidden in our psyche. In those unconscious processes that become a stumbling block on the way to the beloved man or woman.
To understand this and “clear the way” to happiness is possible and necessary.
When the meaning of life is to find love.
The question of how to find love and be loved is of vital importance for 5% of people in our world. These are carriers of the visual vector of the psyche. Emotional, impressionable, sensitive people. In the feeling of deep and strong love, we, the audience, make sense of our entire life. And when this desire is not realized — we feel deep longing and loneliness.
Only I don’t need, you know, I don’t need a world where you and I don’t need each other. (The song “A World without Love” from the movie ” Wizards»)
I want real love. When you are loved simply for what you are. And how often our ability to feel subtly is hurt by the indifference, callousness and indifference of others! Of course, we want to see our soulmate completely different. This is a person of special spiritual qualities, it is safe with him, he is sensitive and kind. With him, the soul is like a safe haven, even in the midst of the chaos and cruelty of the whole world. How important it is for us to find true love and how we want to protect ourselves from “fakes”!
If I want to, I can. Why doesn’t it come out?
Nature always gives us all the necessary qualities and properties to realize our desires. Visual people are endowed with a desire for romance and beauty in relationships, are able to subtly feel the partner, catch his mood. How to meet love in order to build your romantic fairy tale in reality? Why doesn’t it come out?
The attraction of people in a couple occurs on the basis of pheromones, unconscious body odors. It is through pheromones that the opposite sex unconsciously evaluates us as attractive, arousing attraction.
The main role in our attraction is played by the psychological state. Body odor is closely related to the state of our psyche. If you are happy and the soul sings, you transmit this state on the pheromone level, and vice versa, if you are sad, offended, afraid, then the pheromone background signals your not very pleasant states. And your possible halves react to these signals completely unconsciously.
So, at the heart of the huge sensory range of viewers is the basic, root emotion-the fear of death. Depending on what happens to our emotions, our smell changes, and our relationships with others can develop in different ways.
Option 1 . We “smell of fear”. We are trying to protect ourselves from a “soulless and aggressive” world. We narrow down our emotional connections to a few of the closest people. We are trying to look for our loving and sensitive soulmate, so that next to her we can hide from the storms of everyday life. Alas, such a smell attracts us literally “antipodes” of what we want. The smell of fear (that is, a potential victim) can attract someone who will cause damage, cause mental and even physical pain. Time after time, getting into such situations, we are even more closed in ourselves.
Option 2 . The owner of the visual vector manages to realize the natural sensuality. This happens through the creation of emotional connections with different people. Through empathy and compassion for others. Then the fear goes away, and there is a real opportunity to find happiness. To begin with, you begin to feel great affection for yourself and the kind attitude of various people around you. And then in your life, completely different potential partners begin to appear — sensitive, loving.
But after all, people around really can meet all sorts. It is often difficult for a person to open up and build spiritual connections precisely because they have experienced a lot of pain. How to open up to the world again and realize your natural sensuality?
The training “System-vector psychology” will help you understand people with a guarantee. Accurately determine the spiritual qualities of a person. See what motivates them and what the possible prospects of your relationship are. After all, having a rich imagination, visual people often “finish” the image of a loved one some features. And then they suffer from excruciating disappointment.
Knowledge about human psychology can become a reliable guarantee in how to find a loved one for life. No more Tarot guessing, figuring out “he-not-he”. Or try to guarantee happiness by using a horoscope, socionics compatibility, or other methods. Based on your knowledge of vectors, you will have a great understanding of people. Know who you can open your soul to, and who you shouldn’t.
Of course, when communicating on a dating site, pheromones do not play any role. But even here, you can not do without psychological competence. You never know who writes under the nickname “Angel”? Maybe this is a real fiend? Or even a person of the same sex as you. And there are many fans of just having fun on the world wide web. To understand this from the very first words, to understand how the person suits you, is absolutely real. At the training of Yuri Burlan, there were many couples who met, finding each other through the Internet. And even age is not a hindrance!
Rollicking roads to the betrothed.
In addition to the visual vector, a person is always endowed with the properties of one of the lower vectors (for example, anal or skin). Sometimes their features can add us “bumps” on the way to your happiness.
The owners of the skin vector are naturally rational and pragmatic. They can limit themselves in feelings and their manifestations. Burned seriously, such a person is able to limit emotions even where they are necessary. About him, others may say “cold heart”, although this is based on the pain experienced. After all, no one, except pets, sees “a strong woman crying at the window.”
From the absence of warm beloved hands, Lonely deserted walls around, Hopelessness of unfulfilled feelings and dates, a strong steel soldier turns out. (Yu. Komlik)
Such armor on the heart often simply does not allow a potential partner to even get close. Where can I find my love here? Let’s remember the good Soviet film “Office Romance”. Protecting herself from possible pain, the main character looks absolutely cold and insensitive. It was only after she was reduced to tears and revealed her emotions in conversation that the potential partner was able to see her as a woman at all.
The owners of the anal vector do not have such an ability to limit feelings. But they always have a hard time experiencing betrayal and treason. After all, such a person seeks to create a couple for life. For him, the meaning of life is in a strong marriage, creating a happy family and raising children. The past is of particular value to such a person. And if there was a betrayal in it and there were resentments-they are a heavy stone on the heart.
We protect ourselves from possible repetition by distrust. Already being homebodies, we finally narrow the circle of acquaintances. And the tendency to generalize makes us see in every man ” ko..”, and in every woman-a selfish ” shlyu..”. The burden of suspicion and resentment almost nullifies the chances of taking place in a couple.
Awareness of our mental characteristics, understanding the cause-and-effect relationships of how we feel about ourselves and the world around us, allows us to get rid of the traumas and anchors that we all carry to some extent.