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Tips that will help to strike a man.

How can a woman please a man so that he completely loses his mind and thinks only of you? To do this, it is enough to be a real woman and know some little tricks.
Probably, every woman had such a situation: she insanely likes a man, and he, for some reason, does not pay attention to her. This, of course, begins to upset us, strain us, and even annoy us. As a result, we spend sad evenings pining for the most wonderful guy in the world. It’s time to stop this! You need to fight for happiness and if you, by all means, want to start a relationship with this man-start active actions.
Even for the most desperate feminist, it’s important to be aware of the fact that guys like her. It always improves mood and self-esteem. We always like to get what we want, whether it’s a purse or a married man. You can conquer and conquer anyone.
Any representative of the weaker sex should have the knowledge to conquer the heart, both young men and older. Knowing the minimum information about the art of conquering the male body and mind, you will have strong trumps in your hands. Thanks to which you will be able not only to establish a personal and intimate life, but also to achieve the desired career heights.
Remember that, having conquered a man, you can face a number of nuances. For example, it was just fun for you, and he fell in love with you. Therefore, when playing, do not forget to think about what awaits you after that.
How to attract attention?

  1. Objectively evaluate the guy and yourself. This is a very important stage. How well you understand it will depend on the manner of your behavior. For example: if a guy is active, turned on modern gadgets, you should not play the pretentious lady in front of him, it is unlikely to work. But, at the same time, a quiet homebody will not like an avid visitor to nightclubs. Having an idea of what exactly can interest a man, choose the most appropriate manner of behavior.
  2. Mini skirt and stiletto heels. The male sex loves the eyes, all of them, without exception, adore girls in beautiful and revealing outfits. Especially, they are delighted if a woman is dressed in a short skirt, but does not look like a call girl. A dress that emphasizes the dignity of the figure is the best choice if you want to get someone’s attention.
  3. Learn to talk to him. Beautiful appearance is not enough, men are not interested in communicating with a girl who can not even connect two words. Be interested in the life of a man who is attractive to you, ask questions. Just don’t turn this conversation into an interrogation. Let the man know that you are interested in him.
  4. Find what unites you. It can be a love of football, theater, or horse riding. This is a great occasion for long conversations. Guys get excited when their hobbies are shared by girls.
  5. Be successful and self-sufficient. To please a man, you need to show that you are a person, know your worth and can stand up for yourself!
  6. Be different. Even if you like a man very much, you should not look at him every time with devoted eyes. At first, it will flatter him, and then it will start to strain him. Be friendly with him today, and tomorrow say hello modestly and pass by. This will make him pay attention to you.
  7. The sea of positivity. With a cheerful, kind girl, it is impossible not to talk. So think about whether you can please a guy if you constantly go around with a sour face and blame everyone around you for your troubles. Of course not. Any man will want to run away from you sooner. So learn to be positive.
  8. Do not disappear for a long time from his field of view. Constantly looming in front of him is also not worth it, but at least a couple of times a day, you can” accidentally ” encounter in the corridor. Do not give a man the opportunity to forget about you. Yes, and constant meetings will help a man get used to you.
  9. Do not throw tantrums and scandals in front of him. A man may not specifically witness your nervous breakdown, it is unlikely that after that he will want to have something with you.
  10. Make friends with his friends. For men, the opinion of his friends and acquaintances is of great importance. So try to make them speak well of you.
  11. The best way to show a man that you like him is to flirt. Do it beautifully, do not turn into a vulgar person, and the man will be at your feet.
  12. Try to meet a man in an informal setting. It is not always possible to hint to a work colleague about your feelings in the office (after all, other employees can distract you). But a corporate party or business trip gives you more chances. Take advantage of the situation.
    Now you know how to win a man to make him want to date you. Just be honest with yourself. Even if you have been seeking the attention of a man for a very long time, but after getting to know him better, you realized that he does not suit you – step back. Only the most worthy should be near you!