How to make a person fall in love with you? Man or woman, boy or girl…
You have already chosen a partner, but he is indifferent to you. You don’t want to let things take their course and lose your happiness. You need to fall in love with yourself. And how? Maybe there are some secret points, clicking on which, we will awaken a passion in a person? Or some special spell that enchants a loved one?
To begin with, we note that the rites of love spells, although intricate, are ineffective (and some of them are simply shocking). In addition, it is not for nothing that in many peoples of the world it is believed that an attempt at a love spell pollutes karma. So let’s leave our karma clean and try to achieve reciprocity in simpler and more understandable ways.
There are several principles that you need to adhere to regardless of whether you are a guy or a girl. Everyone in the world wants love, attention and care. All to achieve this, you need to try and master a number of tricks. What kind of wisdom is this?
At the beginning of the relationship, we are attracted to the partner by his dissimilarity to us, but with their development, not differences come to the fore, but common features and interests.
If you want to make a person fall in love with you-learn about their hobbies, interests, preferences, and tastes as much as possible. Read for yourself what interests him, at least briefly. Your awareness of the issues that he cares about will allow you to win the favor and trust of your partner. But at the same time, do not try to lie that you are just as passionate about something as your partner, especially if in fact you are indifferent to his passion! Sooner or later, the truth will come out, and the potential partner will have a suspicion – and whether you just want to ingratiate yourself with him for some selfish purpose… and you do not want that at all. If you are not enthusiastic about your partner’s passion, you should not show what is not there. But still, it will not hurt to get acquainted with the subject of his interest: this will cause a potential partner to feel grateful (after all, you did your best for him), and at the same time expand your horizons.
Attention does not happen much, but it should be given correctly .
Too obsessive care does not contribute to falling in love, it, on the contrary, scares and repels. The trick is to give your potential partner the attention they need at the exact moment they need it. And to do this, you need to learn empathy (otherwise – empathy). You must be able to feel both the mood of the partner and the situation in which he found himself in order to understand whether he needs help or not. If you come to the rescue several times at the right time, you will earn the best favor from your partner. An indicator of the success of your efforts will be the fact that at one point the partner will turn to you for support. For example, psychology students of any university in the world have a mandatory special course “Empathy”. This means that even if you are not naturally very empathetic, you can learn it. And if it may be difficult for you to reach the heights of empathy on your own, then with the help of the same psychologist it is absolutely possible.
Even if you are very much in love, in no case should you lose your identity to please your partner.
This is especially true for girls. Even if you feel a very strong desire to fulfill every whim of your partner – you can not forget about your own needs and desires! Undoubtedly, at first such selfless devotion is pleasant, but over time it gets boring, turning into an obsession. By striving to be with your partner all the time, you lose yourself, your own personality. And a person without a personality becomes uninteresting. Moreover, by taking this position, you put yourself in complete dependence on your partner. And this means that if for some reason he will not be around, you will “go crazy”, you will begin to impose yourself on your partner and demand that he deal with you (because you can no longer occupy yourself). At this point, you can forget about love on his part. But even if you do not make demands on him, but simply follow the shadow, it is unlikely that love will shine for you. Love is given to strong personalities who stand out from the crowd, and your identity is lost. In general, becoming the shadow of another person is not love.
To organize such a surprise, you need, first, to know the interests and preferences of your potential partner, and secondly, to have a little imagination. For example, you want to make a gift to your favorite girl, a passionate fan of indoor plants. You know that she wants to have a rare and rather expensive flower at home. Give this flower to her for her birthday (or just like that)!
Gradually enter into the life of your partner, becoming a part of it.
At first, you develop a friendly relationship, then a friendly one. And after a while, the partner will find that it becomes lonely and uncomfortable without you. Such imperceptible penetration into someone else’s life requires the highest skill and deep wisdom. And this means that you can not do without a psychologist. You will need patience and self-confidence-a psychologist will help you maintain these qualities and, in the end, win the heart of the person you love.