Falling in love, a woman ceases to notice all the shortcomings of her chosen one, who becomes almost perfect for her. He spends all his mental energy on it. But is it worth it and does the man reciprocate?
Sometimes we are so eager to find love that we are ready to believe even the smallest similarity, we falsify facts, draw details, invent motives.
We feverishly tear off the petals of the eternal chamomile: “Loves – does not love? Spit-kiss? If he sends you to hell , will he press you to his heart?”
We look at his every action, his every look, as if under a microscope: “Here he looked in my direction, here he gave me his hand as he got off the tram, held the door, paid for the coffee… Maybe he still loves me? “
Let’s try to formulate the signs of a man in love.
Since the primary impulse of our rapprochement is the attraction of the sexes, then…
The main sign of a man in love is desire, sexual attraction. If a man wants this woman, she has a chance to be loved. But this is not a guarantee that he is really in love with you.
After all, any man is naturally in a permanent desire for physical union, the instinct of procreation is the strongest human energy.
It’s no secret: when a man looks at a woman, he almost always scans her for possible intimacy.
In his brain, regardless of consciousness, a toggle switch lights up: “Would she go to bed with me?”And all his subsequent behavior may follow from this natural male interest in the opposite sex.
The hunter awakens in the man. And the more inaccessible the prey, the stronger and more sophisticated the desire for possession.With the help of sex, a man confirms himself. This is proof of his masculinity.
But sometimes this is just a way to overcome self-doubt. Here he has achieved his goal. Interest fades. It means that desire does not always indicate love.
But can we be satisfied with one point?
Right! We can’t, because with every fiber of our soul, we crave not just an erection, but love and tenderness. Just like them, though.

  1. He is looking for spiritual rapprochement.
    Therefore, let’s move on to the second feature, which is expressed in the need for spiritual contact. In spiritual attraction, friendship.
    He seeks your company, calls, writes, hangs out at the front door, talks about himself, even listens. He tries to find contact with you in every possible way.
    Others call for help ICQ, mobile phone, and someone needs only visual and tactile contact.And they stick like bath sheets to famous places, bringing into your life a total preoccupation with his person. Sometimes they even get quite boring. But!
    Try to evaluate it, step forward. If his efforts were aimed not only at achieving physical contact, then he will be happy, and you will not be able to miss it.
    And it is also useful for us to remember one obvious truth. Every man – just like a woman-has his own character, his own characteristics, his own habits. And it would be stupid to comb everyone under the same comb, naming typical manifestations of love.
    Some of them can say beautiful words and even sing serenades, and some of them can not even connect two words.
    Someone can give expensive foreign cars and jewelry, and someone only has enough imagination for the stars from the sky. That’s not the point. It’s the general trend.
    If he is looking not only for your body, but for your company, your soul, attention, opinion-then he is really in love with you.
  2. Willingly admits you into his life.
    In general, men are so conservative that the opportunity to let someone into their life, space, and bachelor pad is perceived as an attempt on their precious freedom.
    If he still persistently tries to attract you to his current space – this is a clear sign of love.
    But be on your guard: if he allows you to rearrange his apartment and clean up his scattered things, cook his food or wash his shirts – this does not mean that he loves you madly. Maybe he’s just too lazy to do it all by himself.
    The fact of your presence in his life, the willingness to reveal some of his secrets, to make public the presence of weaknesses in the form of unwashed socks or unwashed dishes speaks not only about his laziness, but also about trust in you.
    He asks you to stay, to stay with him longer, to live together. He does not run away early in the morning, barely sipping coffee, and does not look at the clock, recording the time spent with you.
    You become a part of his life. It is foolish and selfish to hope that you will be his whole life. But the leading role of a man in love, of course, puts the woman he loves.
  3. He is willing to make sacrifices.
    He is happy to change, make concessions, adjust his plans, life, spend time, effort, energy on you and your relationships.
    Any rapprochement requires us to be ready to adapt and make concessions. We have to sacrifice something for the sake of our loved ones.
    If a man is ready for this, values your opinion, your presence in his life and you, then he will readily prefer to give up his habits, the established rhythm of life, and even friends.
    He can sacrifice his tastes, the remote control from the TV and even a place at the computer. Just do not abuse this willingness.
    Because if a man gives up his business or his principled life positions, his mother, or his dear social circle for you, the price may be disproportionate, especially when you can’t compensate him for the lack of all this. And why do you need such sacrifices?
  4. He is committed to taking care of you.
    Do not reduce everything to the material. Not every man is able to meet a variety of women’s needs for well-being, especially in our time. But appreciate his desire to do it.
    He tries to adjust to the mood and guess the desires. And he gets terribly upset if he can’t do it. He is happy, like a child, if he could bring you joy, make you laugh, surprise, calm, protect.
    And finally, the last one. For some women who like to turn a blind eye to the obvious manifestations of dislike, this is perhaps the most important thing.
  5. He doesn’t hurt you.
    That means he can’t hurt you on purpose. He will never use you, methodically deceive and betray you. This is simply unthinkable for a man in love.
    The involuntary troubles that we so often bring to each other because of our lack of manners or narrow-mindedness do not count. We are talking about deliberate cruelty or pathological rudeness, humiliation, psychological pressure, which destroy the inner world, and sometimes the body of another person.
    But women very often turn a blind eye even to blatant facts, believe promises and are deceived, not getting tired of coming up with excuses for bad things.
    Sometimes scoundrels are so gentle in bed. For the sake of these pitiful moments of pleasure and seemingly stolen tenderness, a woman is ready to forget even baseness.
    Do not abuse your insults, suffering over trifles and global sobs. When they are included in the usual register of household manipulations, the man does not perceive them as your actual pain. But do not let yourself be deceived, do not submit to your fear of losing it. If he is indifferent to your sincere tears and suffering, run away from him. He doesn’t even like you sometimes!
    Trust your intuition.
    I want to end on a note that, no matter what they say, must still belong to a woman, because it is a woman who is the conductor of love on this planet.
    She knows her better than any man. She has a perfect ear for this tune. After all, she feels it.And for this you do not need any external signs, you only need one thing – to have a heart and soul, in which this main knowledge about love is concentrated, which allows you to recognize it unmistakably, even if a man is completely unable to talk about this topic.And in general, if he still does not know how to show his love, then maybe we should finally teach him this?!