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How and where to find your love?

Where to meet your soulmate? Many people ask themselves this question. On the street-banal, at sea-risky, in the club-for one night, at work-unprofessional. Each of us dreams of romance, love to the grave, of a luxurious life with expensive resorts, exquisite gifts. But where to find such a “miracle”?! Usually people collect some material things: figurines, books, candles, cups, plates, souvenirs from different countries… And I collect dating stories. In our time, it is difficult to remain a person with a clean, open soul. We all strive for a career, success, and a comfortable life, but money can’t buy love. Most women approach this issue pragmatically – ” the main thing is that there is stability.” Girlfriends in one voice repeat: “Stop flying in pink clouds: get down on the ground and look for a real, well-off man.” What if I believe there is true love?
For those who also believe, wait and hope-real stories of great and pure love. Together to the gray hair.
On a bench in the shade of a huge chestnut tree in the middle of the noisy Khreshchatyk sat elderly, holding hands, grandfather and grandmother. They told a fantastic story. In his youth, he waited with a bouquet of flowers at the bus stop for a girl on a date, and she for a guy. Each of the couple was late, the street was deserted, and a conversation began between them. Without waiting for anyone, they decided to walk around the city. We spent the whole day wandering the streets, communicating, not noticing how the evening enveloped Kiev. Struck by the unusual charm of the girl, the similarity of their interests, and suddenly feeling that this is the very feeling that he had been waiting for so long, the young man offered her his hand and heart, and she did not hesitate to give her consent. They lived happily for 50 years, without serious quarrels, infidelities and betrayals. And most importantly, their eyes were full of love during the conversation with me, they shone as if they were twenty.
A friend, cheerful and optimistic in life, suddenly fell into a depression. Nothing else pleased her: no trips to nightclubs, no noisy parties in restaurants and cafes, no temporary, empty acquaintances. It wasn’t like that. One day she said: “Why doesn’t it happen like in a fairy tale, like in movies? So I want something unusual, so that my hands tremble like for the first time, and my heart jumps out of my chest.” Less than a week has passed. At three o’clock in the morning, her cell phone rang. In a sleepy state, she picked up the phone and heard the voice of a stranger who was from another country and just got the wrong number. The man liked her voice, and he asked if he could call her again. And then there were three months of correspondence on the Internet, conversations on the phone for two hours a day, and his long-awaited arrival. She saw her chosen one only in the photo and waited with horror for the moment of the first meeting. Their eyes met at the train station, and he came over, took her hand, and hugged her as if she were his own. They’ve been together for two years.

The story of the umbrella.
It was late in the evening and a terrible downpour. A girl in a white shirt was running across the street, hiding only behind a folder for papers. Her thick curls cascaded over her shoulders. He came over and offered her his umbrella. They exchanged phone numbers, and got in touch a month later. They are now married. I wonder, when they look at the rain, whether they remember the first meeting, about a random gift of fate?! And did their fateful umbrella survive?

Under the wheels of a car.
He hit her with a car while she was crossing the road. Thank God, everything ended without serious injuries, both got off with only a strong fright. He immediately took her to the hospital and did not leave for a minute. And then he visited every day with a package of different goodies. The conversation turned into a stormy romance, which ended with a wedding. As they say, there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped.

Where is my lucky chance?
Each dating story is unique in its own way. And the funny thing is that most people meet at the sea, although, it would seem, a holiday romance can promise you nothing. A common method today is also the Internet. Dating sites are overflowing with singles and seekers. There you can choose a partner according to all criteria, without wasting your precious time, you can learn about his age, professional activity, habits, preferences in literature, etc. Do not lag behind in the number and dating with the help of friends, as well as during visits to cafes, bars and restaurants.
Other people’s stories are touching, but you ask yourself the question, when will such happiness befall me and where? You can’t run around in the rain every day waiting for a gentleman with an umbrella and not stand at a transport stop, looking at the faces of passers-by and, moreover, not sit in your hands with a phone all day long. You just need to smile at life and do what you like. You can take a driving course, even if you don’t have a car, and you won’t get one in the near future. You can sign up for yoga, go to the gym or pool, go to the cinema, theater, stereo cinema, take courses in English, Spanish or Japanese, jump with a parachute, go to the racetrack or go karting, learn to play billiards or bowling. Or you can go with your friends to a sauna or an expensive restaurant, go out with friends on picnics on weekends, walk in parks and squares, eat ice cream on a bench near your home. You can go on and on with the list of things you could do to try to find it. At the very least, it’s better than following the daily route – from home to work, from work to home, weekends-without leaving the apartment.
Perhaps you should think about why relationships don’t stick, why we meet the wrong people? The easiest way is to blame everyone and everything, without thinking about what we are doing wrong. To do this, you do not have to spend money on a psychologist or a fortune teller, just sit down and write on a piece of paper all your positive and negative qualities and try to change something in your life.
And most importantly, you need to believe that you will find exactly the person who will be the universe for you. “He who seeks, he will always find” is a banal and simple phrase, but everything that is brilliant turns out to be simple.
All these people lived with the hope that something unusual would happen to them, that love would be waiting for them, that it would be mutual. They did not pay attention to the thickness of the wallet, to the social status, to the class of the car. Life only gives us gifts when we are ready for it.