“The union of the stupid and the stupid begets a heroine mother; the union of the stupid and the smart begets a single mother; the union of the smart and the stupid begets an ordinary family; the union of the smart and the smart begets a light flirtation.”
Actress Faina Ranevskaya.
“Fleurette” (flower) – this French word, known in English as flirt, became the ancestor of what today we call flirting. Easy love game, flirting with a look, courtship or flirtation. This is the definition given to flirting by modern dictionaries.
They say that flirting has its roots deep in antiquity. Queen Cleopatra herself used certain flirting techniques to attract the attention of men. Pleasant fragrant aromas and incense, refined oils and decoctions, make-up products, and much more.
Finally, flirting as a manner of behavior was formed in the 17th-18th centuries of our era. The English writer Chesterfield breathed new life into the concept of flirting. In one of his works, he cites the example of Lady Frances. At one of the receptions, she skillfully manipulated her fan. With a certain frequency, she opened it, closed it, hid her face under it, closed it, leaving only her eyes. The man who conducted the dialogue with her, could not stand it and said that her behavior is extremely outrageous. To which she simply said-it’s only flirting. I wave my fan, no more! So, the word flirt fat is known first in Britain, and then in the world.
It is believed that the language of flirting on any continent is very similar. Despite this, each country has its own characteristics related to the mentality of a particular nation. For example, in pedantic Germany, flirting as an art. And a very subtle art, which both he and she should be able to master.
In democratic America, flirting, on the contrary, is more open and devoid of any taboos. That is why, when starting the “game of flowers”, it is important to know and understand the national characteristics, mentality and habits of a guest from another country. What is good for an American is not always clear to a Russian, and vice versa.
Features of Russian flirting in women.
The main tool of female flirtation is coquetry. Although some dictionaries say that flirting and flirting are not the same thing, but in both cases, we are talking about actions that will help a girl or woman to attract attention.
Someone says that flirting is inherent in a woman by nature, and yet there are a number of universal signals that will help a man to see that a girl is flirting with him.
1) Smile. It all starts with her. And we’re not talking about a Hollywood smile. Russian girls know how to smile. No matter how cute a girl is, a sour face can ruin everything.
Eyes are the mirror of the soul. The way a girl looks at you can tell you a lot. If she looks directly into your eyes, holds her gaze for a couple of seconds, and then “scans” your lips, neck or chin-be sure, she is interested in you.
2) The flirting woman moves smoothly, freely and easily. When she passes a man, she acts confident, her shoulders are straight, and her palms are open. A light touch on a man’s hand will immediately determine his reaction. Whether he likes the woman or not. According to statistics, it is the plastic of a woman, in half of the cases of flirting, that has become decisive for most men. After plastic surgery comes the manner of speech and its content.
No crossed arms, clenched fists, or straight head position. Such gestures will be perceived as distrust and lack of interest in the partner.
3) Every detail of her clothes can emphasize the interest in a man. Playing with a pendant on your cleavage or bracelets on your wrist, running your finger along the rim of a glass, playing with a lock of hair or running your hand through your hair. These gestures look natural and very erotic.
Femininity can be emphasized not only by clothing and makeup. Neat and well-groomed hands, beautiful fingernails, long eyelashes and juicy lips. Almost 90% of male respondents noted that a slightly open mouth of the interlocutor, they are very excited. And a well-chosen perfume will put an end to this seduction.
4) The ideal distance from each other when flirting is considered 30 cm. On the one hand, this distance does not violate the personal boundaries of a woman, on the other, it allows you to be in the so-called intimacy zone. The distance between the feet of 15 cm, according to some sexologists, is very exciting for men.
5) The volume of the voice also matters. It should be quiet and pleasant. Addressing a man by name will once again emphasize your attitude towards him.
Don’t say compliments like, “you have a nice shirt.” On the contrary: “you have good taste in shirts.” “You have a beautiful car – you drive great.”
How Russian men flirt.
In ancient times in Russia there was a custom – if a man liked a girl, he gave her a spinning wheel. Usually, it was at youth gatherings in a circle of girls and boys. So, unequivocally, a young man, he attracted the attention of a young person. If the next evening the girl came with a gift, she showed that she did not mind the courtship.
Gone are the jousting tournaments, serenades under the window, and so on. Modern men have their own ways of attracting attention, especially if they are Russian men.
1) The first thing you should pay attention to is the look of a man. If he is looking at your chest or other part of your body, it does not mean that he is genuinely interested in you. A sure sign of interest will be a look that devours you completely, and not a separate part of the body!
2) His posture and facial expression will also help determine if he is flirting with you. The tilt of the head in your direction, the raised eyebrows, the determined look, the desire to get closer to you, all this says that he likes you.
Pay attention to how it stands. If the toes of his shoes are pointed directly at you, then this is a good sign.
3) Your interlocutor’s hands are always close to you. Not on your body, but as if next to it. Unintentional or accidental touches, speak of care and confirm the seriousness of your partner’s intentions.