Most recently, we talked about 10 topics to talk about on the first date. Now I will tell you how to understand that a girl is in love.
Sometimes it is very difficult to recognize exactly what feelings you cause. How do you know that a girl has fallen in love with you?
The content of the article: “14 signs, how to find out that a girl loves you”

  1. She calls/writes first.
    You stand there and don’t know: does she love me? Or does he just want to switch to a new iPhone and disappear into the sunset? If she initiates communication, she is interested in you. She’s bored and doesn’t want to wait for your turn. That’s a good sign. It’s also cool that she doesn’t hesitate to demonstrate it. Calls and texts from her are now the norm, she will take the first step herself.
    For a girl, her personal time is just as valuable. And if you see that she wants to spend it with you, and takes the first steps herself, you can be calm. So she’s really interested in you, and she misses being around you.
  2. She gives you gifts.
    As soon as she begins to break down the stereotypes that a man should pay for everything, she shows her feelings.
    A real relationship is when you both invest in it, including money. Gifts are a way to make you feel good, to please you. This is a sign of feelings. When selfishness fades into the background, then love begins.
    If you see that the gifts were chosen with love, that she spent effort on them, then it was important for her to please you. And this is a sign of falling in love.
  3. It is invested emotionally.
    If a girl loves you, she worries and cares about you. She cares about how your day went. She wants you to share your problems with her. You’re part of her life now. Keep in mind that she doesn’t want to ask questions because she pokes her nose everywhere. She shows that she loves you.
    Mind you, it means she’s thinking about you and worrying about you.
    Emotional investment is a very important and revealing factor.
    Don’t get mad if this is the second time a woman asks if you’re coming soon. This is not a control. It’s just that she’s worried and waiting for you.
  4. It considers your interests.
    It adapts to your schedule. Understands when you’re tired or hungry. It takes into account what you like and what you don’t like. Now you will go to the movies that you both like. And order a kitchen that you approve of.
    If your interests are now on a par with her own, then you are an important person for her. Take a closer look at whether your girlfriend has become more attentive and respectful to you.
  5. She worries if you ignore her.
    She will be acutely aware of the lack of messages from you when you have a blockage at work. To ask where you’ve gone and why you don’t answer. If earlier she reacted calmly, then the girl in love will react to the lack of your attention with emotions.
    All these are signs that she is worried and bored. That she cares where you are and what you’re doing. Not because she needs to check you for lice.
  6. She will be inspired by you.
    After each of your meetings, she will be in a better mood. She’ll thank you, tell you that she had a good time with you.
    If after communication, she will have energy, this is a very good sign. So you’re feeding it emotionally. Such feelings are difficult to give up, so she will want to prolong your relationship.
  7. She doesn’t flirt with other men.
    She doesn’t look at other men, doesn’t try to flirt with them. There are no others for her anymore. Only you.
    It is important for her to be near you, and only with you. In the company of other men, she will not take her eyes off you. Girls always want to please everyone, but the lover will focus on you. This is the most obvious sign by which you can determine the depth of her feelings.
  8. She’s afraid of losing you.
    It has become somewhat more open. Openly demonstrates that she cares about you. When you quarrel, she does not say that you should break up. It is more likely to try to make concessions and find a number of compromises.
    Now to give in and accept defeat is the normal way out for her, because she values a good relationship with you more. Take a closer look at how your girlfriend behaves.
    “It is not the one who is weaker who goes to reconciliation. And the one who values relationships ” (c).
  9. She surrounds you with care and attention.
    She worries when you come home from work late, and she calls. It will be important to her whether your meeting went well, what was discussed at it. She will cook and eat what you asked for, and pick up the socks that you scattered when you were in a hurry.
    She will try to do everything to make you feel as good and comfortable as possible with her. She will begin to put her female contribution into the relationship. Taking care of you is now part of her daily schedule.
  10. She will help you.
    When a girl loves, she stops separating “I” and “you”. All problems she will perceive as common. Take an interest in the affairs of the guy, try to give advice and even help in some way. You will now become one for her.
    She will become your ally and partner in any matter. Even if she can’t do anything concrete, you will feel her moral support. And it’s worth a lot.
  11. She’s jealous of you.
    Naturally, as soon as a girl has feelings, she begins to be jealous. She may try to hide this fact from you, but she won’t be very good at it.
    Jealousy speaks of caring and fear of losing. Watch how she feels about your interaction with other girls. If she gets angry or upset, then she has feelings.
  12. She turns a blind eye to your shortcomings.
    And some of them even touch her. She manages to co-exist with them in peace. Do not criticize and do not make a row.
    She will accept you completely and completely. With all the cockroaches, poop and cockroach poop.
    She will react more calmly to things that would simply infuriate an unloved young lady. Take a closer look and consider that you should behave in the same way.
  13. She doesn’t lie to you.
    If she’s in a bad mood today and doesn’t want to meet you, she’ll tell you straight out. And he won’t invent excuses.
    If she didn’t like the movie you chose, she won’t pretend. The bitter truth will be revealed more often in your relationship.
    She will be much more open with you in all matters. Relationships are built on trust. You’ll see, it will open up to you as much as possible.
  14. She trusts you.
    If there is no trust, then there is no intimacy.
    It doesn’t get into your phone if you’re late at work. It doesn’t monitor your social networks or eavesdrop on your conversations. She believes you and understands that once she has chosen you, she must put aside all doubts.
    In turn, she can share her experiences with you. For her, you are the closest person.
    These are the main symptoms of whether a girl loves you. I hope they help. If the article was useful, share it with a friend. Help him to establish his personal life.