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Add a little novelty to your marriage!

Add a little novelty to your marriage

Your marriage is like a routine and you do not know how to establish a relationship with your wife? Studies show that after three years of marriage, many couples begin to complain that the relationship has lost its former freshness and has become boring. Therefore, it is not surprising that most divorces occur within the first three years after marriage. How to avoid boredom in marriage and, therefore, prevent divorce? The answer is simple: date your wife again and again.
Keep the flame going.
Do you remember how you felt when you were dating your future wife? The wait was so long, you couldn’t wait to spend time with her. Then you could have made a date with her just to see what she looks like today. You were happy to please her with a nice dinner in the city center or a nice little gift. You can bring spice to your marriage by returning the same feelings by dating your wife. Marriage is like fire. If the flame is not kept up, the fire will go out; the marriage will die. To add variety to a marriage, you don’t need to plan big, serious events: small, simple things will help just as well. Here are 4 simple ways to refresh your marriage by dating your own wife.
Expression of love You must have said “I love you” to your wife hundreds of times a day when you first started living together. After several years of marriage, some men may not only tell their wife that they love her for several days, but also for several weeks. Men justify that they do not say words of love to their wife, because they already show their love to her by working hard, supporting the family well and helping with the housework. Of course, love can and should be shown through actions, but women need to hear the words of love. For them, words of love are a kind of spell.
When was the last time you told your wife that she looked good, that she was beautiful? This is especially important to do when the wife is going somewhere. I go into my wife’s boudoir several times while she is dressing, not because I can’t take the time, but to tell my wife how well she takes care of herself and how beautiful she is. Even if you constantly think that your wife looks like a “hot thing”, she can not read your thoughts. Open your mouth and tell her about your thoughts, drop the false shame. In addition to words about love, write notes that express your feelings. My wife likes it when I leave her a short note or message in her mobile phone, on an email about how beautiful she is or how much I love her. It shows your wife that you’ve been thinking about her during the day and you keep thinking about her all the time.
When you asked your wife out on a date in the old days, you tried to act like a gentleman. He opened doors for her, offered her a jacket if she was cold. Do these things now that you’re married, if you want to win her over again. Most likely, this gallantry ended a few weeks after your wedding. Gallantry is not limited to the courtship period. Kindness and consideration are just as important to your wife after the wedding as they were before it. Do something kind and kind for your wife every day. Open the door for her, pack her lunch, and always arrive on time for her appointment.
When was the last time you gave your wife something for no reason, just to surprise her and make her like you again? Small gifts will show your wife that you think about her, love her. Find a trinket that will surely please her, and buy it for her. If she likes flowers, let her get them from time to time. Do not wait for an occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, to buy and give your wife flowers. She’ll be ten times happier if you buy them just because you thought of her. Just do something that will please her. For example, get out while your wife is out or listening to the next complaints about life from her friend. Be careful with gifts: do not give them only when you want intimacy. I read a sad story about a woman who cried and screamed every time her husband brought home flowers, because it meant that he only wanted intimacy, only her body. The wife is not a prostitute, so do not treat her as a soulless body, trying to buy her favor with material things. Make gifts just to please her. If she is happy, then you have achieved your goal.
Be sure to spend time together.
When you first started living together, you probably dated her every weekend. It might have been Chukchi Air Force Day or Bastille Day, but at least you clearly understood that you wanted to spend the whole evening with her. When was the last time you took your wife out to spend a romantic evening alone with her? Come up with some special day together, and treat it as inviolable. When you’re planning your weekly routine, make time for a date with your wife. If a business meeting falls at this time, reschedule the meeting. If you have children, hire a babysitter. If you can’t afford a nanny, find another young couple with children and offer to provide nanny services to each other in turn. They take your kids while you and your wife go on a date, and you take their kids when they go on their date. Your evening doesn’t have to be fancy. Even a trip to the ice cream shop can be a great time together. The idea is to get out of the house and spend time together — just the two of us.
Surprise your wife from time to time by planning a fancy evening. Women love it when men plan. Choose a restaurant that she likes and book a table there. Choose the dress that she should wear, and lay out the outfit for her on the bed. When your wife comes home from work or school, surprise her with a flower-decorated door. It will melt.