You can fall in love at any time, so guys should learn as early as possible about how to fall in love with a beautiful girl. The network has a lot of advice from pick-up artists and experts in the female soul, but it is worth remembering that in any situation you need to remain yourself. Insincerity is the best way to alienate a lover.
What first of all girls pay attention to.
You need to understand that the ladies are attentive. They notice every detail. They care what a man looks like.
To make a girl fall in love immediately, a guy can do several things. First you need to put the appearance in order. People who are used to the bachelor life, stop watching themselves. The comb disappears. The iron is not used for its intended purpose. The dumbbells are in the far corner.
To make a smart girl fall in love, you need to take care of yourself. Clothes should be ironed and shoes cleaned. No chaos on the head, just a stylish hairstyle.
Women care about manners. They do not like rude and ill-mannered partners. It is necessary to pay compliments, sometimes refer to “You”. The courtesy is catchy. The main thing is not to overdo it. The XIX century is far behind, so not all women like to kiss in the hand. The young lady must understand that before her is a man, and not a smudge.
A guy can fall in love with any girl. It is enough to make an effort to achieve female favor.
Basic rules of communication.
Girls love their ears. Everyone should remember this.
You can get acquainted with the beauty on the web and in real life. The approach to communication in the two cases will be different.
Dating on the Internet.
The Internet is a convenient platform for dating. In the virtual world, it is much easier to make almost any girl selflessly fall in love with her interlocutor. There are a number of ways to start a conversation:
VKontakte is a popular social network. A convenient platform for communicating with people. It is enough to find the page of the beloved to get valuable information. Photos and subscriptions will help you understand what the girl is interested in. After studying her hobby, you will become an interesting conversationalist. Odnoklassniki — a site for communication of older people. This resource is mostly visited by women over 30. To attract attention, just write ” Hello. I’d love to meet you.” Forums based on interests. There are a lot of sites on the Internet designed to communicate with people with common hobbies. Here it is easier to meet a lady who has similar views on life. Online games allow you to plunge into the virtual world. People often get acquainted in such applications. A light flirtation and a playful marriage can grow into something more. Instagram is a photo sharing app. On this resource, you can have long conversations with beauties.
Before you write to a girl, you need to study her profile. The study will allow you to understand the interests of the object of adoration. Basically, young ladies like to communicate on the following topics:
Journeys. Every person dreams of traveling around the globe, visiting the most remote places on the planet. To make a girl fall in love with you, you should interest her. The story of her adventures will make her heart beat faster. Art. Every lady dreams of being a refined nature. Some people watch movies, others enjoy literature, and others listen to music. During the first correspondence, you need to find common ground in your hobbies. This will allow you to stretch the conversation for many hours. Sports attract ladies. They are obsessed with beauty and appearance. It is not surprising that girls visit gyms and do fitness. Work is an integral part of life. You can learn from the young lady about what she does. Women are attracted to guys who can provide for them. Pets are a suitable topic for discussion. A good example of what to write to a girl: “Hello. I know we don’t know each other, but I’ve been wondering how you take care of your dog. She’s too cute in the pictures. My dog can’t be trained. I thought you might share some tips. And then, perhaps, it will come to a relationship.”
Online communication is much easier than in real life. There is time to think and reread the message. But the word is not a sparrow, so you should carefully choose your phrases. A list of rules will help to attract the attention of the interlocutor:
Follow the rules of spelling and punctuation. Online conversations have become a mass of stickers and abbreviations. Youth slang kills the beauty of the Russian language. Many ladies are unaccustomed to beautiful sayings. This is worth using. If the girl sees that the interlocutor is erudite, then she will want to continue the dialogue. Cute young ladies write constantly, so you need to find an approach to stand out from the general mass. Politeness and eloquence are the necessary attributes of flirting. You can not be rude and impertinent. This approach is a losing one. A girl should be interested in communicating. The stamps are sent to the furnace. The banal “Hello, how are you?” is forbidden to use. Such techniques are boring and cause only irritation. Originality is the main weapon of the seducer. The first message should be catchy and intriguing. Let the girl herself want to continue the conversation. Compliments are mandatory in correspondence. Flattery warms the female soul, but it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the interlocutor will doubt the sincerity of the intentions.
It is easy to fall in love with a beauty and win a girl, if you discard cliches and stereotypes. Naturalness and sincerity will melt a cold heart.
Dating in real life.
It is much more difficult to communicate with a girl on the street, so that she falls in love at the same moment. There is excitement, the language is slurred, banal phrases climb into the head. It is impossible to hook a stranger with the phrase: “Mom does not need a son-in-law”? Such impudence is frightening, it seems trivial and hackneyed.
There are at least 10 ways on the Internet that work flawlessly. But they consist of primitive theses and water. In fact, there is only one rule: to behave naturally.
At the first meeting, you can not be interested in past relationships. This is regarded by women as an attempt on personal space. A friend will tell you about her ex-boyfriends at her own request.
In addition, men often play the role of a caricature dominator. However, sexist jokes and statements do not make a guy an alpha male, but show his intellectual poverty.
Important little things.
It’s impossible to fully understand how to make a smart girl fall in love with you forever. Women’s behavior is unpredictable, there is no universal formula. However, the devil is in the details. It is necessary to adhere to certain ways of behavior in order to win someone else’s heart.
A close look.
The eyes are the mirror of the soul. This saying makes sense in seduction techniques. One of the psychological techniques is a close look. Women like guys whose eyes sparkle. Men who are burning with ideas and ambitions look at things from a different angle. It attracts and conquers.
There is a phrase “undresses with a glance”. It’s usually the way guys look at attractive people. Such brutal impulses attract, because in every girl lives a tigress.