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Hospital romance.

I recently had an operation and am now looking forward to returning home. Therefore, my post is not about children, but it is not about my well-being. This is a sketch of a hospital room for four, where everyone has their own story.I want to share this atmosphere with you. Here is the most patient […]

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Invite a girl to date.

Imagine. You talk to a girl, and you like her. At a certain point, you realize that you want a relationship with her. However, for this relationship to begin, some kind of starting point is required. You should invite the girl to meet .But how to do it correctly and beautifully? After all, you have […]

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How to start a dialogue with a girl.

Initially, the topic of this material was “Trying to find a girl for Valentine’s Day using Internet applications”. But in the course of the experiment, something went wrong.I’ve actually tested a few popular apps and sites, something I’ve never done before. At first, the site JuliaDates was chosen at random-apparently, specially created in order to […]


What kind of girls do guys like?

In this article, we will find out and once again make sure which girls are most attractive to men’s eyes. After all, in the subconscious of a girl, it is laid down to make impressions on a guy and like him. So the girl’s self-esteem increases, and therefore the confidence to find love. Women are […]

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How to understand that a man is in love?

A person in love may look slightly inadequate from the outside. I recently had an operation and am now looking forward to returning home. Chemistry, hormones, everything. Well, the way a man in love behaves is generally surprising — he changes so much. If you’re still not sure how he feels about you, and you […]