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How to help him fall in love?

This is the question thousands of women ask themselves when dating does not get the desired development. He is good-looking, smart, and well-off, and he clearly likes her, but the sympathy turns into a romance. What’s the matter?Elena Leonidovna Goverdovskaya, director of the Center for Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychocorrection”Paracelsus”, psychologist, member of the Professional Psychotherapeutic […]

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What is the purity of a woman?

At all times, women’s purity was valued. But in the current consumer society, women are so used to lying that only a few representatives of the sex have knowledge of female purity.To begin with, the entire female beauty industry is built on lies. A woman wears perfume and smells like someone else, and she’s lying […]

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How to win a Chinese girl.

If you want to date a Chinese woman and try to get her attention, you will have to resort to special methods. Girls in China are not as straightforward as they are in the West, and are less quick-witted in romantic situations. Therefore, many methods of flirting that work with girls in the West, with […]