Have you ever wondered “How or what can really surprise a girl”?
And so, gentlemen, please:

  1. “I’m attracted to guys with nice and clean shoes”
    Yes yes, gentlemen, SHOES! Girls notice first of all the shoes of a man. And here’s the trick, you don’t have to spend large sums on great shoes, you just need to keep the shoes clean, fashionable and sexy.
  2. ” I am surprised and delighted by the guys who open the car door for me»
    Purely from our experience, gentlemen. Pay attention to whether the girl sat comfortably, whether all the things are already in the car and only then SLAM the door to HELL.
  3. “I really admire guys who take care of themselves” A
    man who takes care of his skin, who takes care of his body and walks in clean clothes — a jackpot for beautiful and juicy ladies.
  4. “I admire guys who can cook delicious” A
    guy who can cook delicious is not just impressive, but also super sexy!
  5. “I like it when guys wear watches»
    Gentlemen, a watch is not just a great men’s accessory, it is also a “message” to the ladies that you are punctual.
    6.” I admire punctual men “
    Gentlemen, punctuality is an integral part of the male character. They said that you will be at 18: 00 on the spot — be kind, keep your word. Being late is disrespectful to the person who is waiting for you.
  6. “I admire guys with a sense of taste”
    Gentlemen, we need to dress stylishly. Learn how to choose colors correctly, learn how to combine styles.
  7. “I like guys who set a goal and achieve it»
    PURPOSE. Everyone, not just men, should have a goal and how you achieve it is an indicator of your hard work. Girls damn well like purposeful men.
  8. “I like confident men”
    There is not even anything to argue about, we are MEN, we are HUNTERS, we ARE MACHINES FOR SATISFYING GIRLS. We damn well have to be confident!
  9. “I like creative guys»