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Mistakes of women in relationships.

Today we will touch on the most discussed topic: relationships with men.
At all times, women were interested in one thing: how to maintain a relationship with your beloved man! This is our article today. And each found their own ways of this ” survival»:
you can tolerate it; you can play “who’s who” games; you can take all the responsibility for relationships, family and children on yourself; you can suffer and blame a man for his suffering, then where will he run away from guilt and even more so from a woman; you can provoke alcoholism and this will also keep him around for a long time; you can have children and then he will definitely not leave (although this method did not always work smoothly).
There are thousands of other sophisticated ways, yes men are delayed, but the quality of the relationship suffers. Both he and you suffer in such a relationship. And they seem to be together, but at the same time they are alone. We decided to open your eyes to the simple truths that should be present in all healthy relationships, but also show you your own mistakes. And so, what is the most important thing that prevents the preservation of the relationship?
The first mistake. Today, everyone wants to be in charge of the relationship.
Because of this, there are ointments and quarrels who did how much in the relationship (who gave how much attention, gifts and flowers to whom and earned money). And this is the most important mistake, because where there is no balance, emotions arise, and quarrels result from them. And quarrels always seem to be total (as if the world can collapse because of one quarrel). And understand, emotionally you can fall in love, meet and have sex, but in a relationship you need to live with reason. Therefore, the first advice from a psychologist: You women (first of all) need to accept yourself as you are. Accept your man as he is, otherwise there will be constant butting. If this is not initially present, it is more often manifested in a low sense of self-esteem (low self-esteem). And you women, it is better to think before entering into a relationship: do I really love myself? Because if you love yourself, you accept, acknowledge yourself, don’t fight yourself, and don’t blame yourself. You accept the bad, the dark. why did you choose him? will I be able to live a full life without him, if suddenly our relationship breaks down? If the answers to all these questions are negative, then it is better to contact a psychologist at Vashe-Soznanie.ru and start learning to love yourself.
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The second mistake of women.
This is what you do not understand, that you are giving an example to other people through your relationships. You look at your friends, who also have men, look at you pass, every time you go on vacation or to the store together. The second advice of the psychologist: think about how you would like to present your relationship to others? Try to behave with a man as if your friends are looking at you (and you always want to teach yourself from the best side in front of others). Do this, Your man will appreciate it and change his attitude towards you, he will want to go out with you more often and introduce you to his friends and acquaintances. Why is it important to do this? Because there should be a culture of relationships. And culture is a sense of connection. Hence, a love relationship can be interpreted as a recognition that there is a connection between you and your man. And relationships are everywhere and first of all begin within themselves, so it is so important to first find yourself (perhaps with the help of a psychologist for psychological counseling), and then start a relationship.
Relationships continue with people at work, with parents, with friends, with the world and with society as a whole. Therefore, not understanding your connections leads to deprivation and you automatically (unconsciously) isolate yourself, this leads to a feeling of loneliness. And loneliness for a person is always interpreted as : “I am not safe.” And when a person feels insecure in a relationship (hence, lonely), he tends to be more defensive, defend his territory and release aggression where it should not be. So, the more complete you are within yourself, the better your relationship with a man will be.
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The third mistake of women who want to keep a relationship.
This is a lack of meaning. The fact is that you, women, very often do not understand why you need a relationship (yes, it is clear: family, children, so that there is someone nearby). But you will give birth to children, they will “fly away like birds” and you will be left alone with or without your husband, and you will experience the notorious (typical for Russian people) crisis of the “empty nest”. Although in other countries you will not find this! You will not earn the money of the whole world either. The concept: “to have someone around” is also not suitable, because there may be a dog nearby. The third advice of a psychologist: ask yourself a question:
What are you two together for? what can you both do for the relationship? what do you do in this relationship for the sake of others?
The fourth mistake you make very often and read that this is normal.
You demand from men what they do not want to give, and you are offended, as if it should be so. You want him to do a lot of chores, organize entertainment, earn money, be interesting, and so on. But they also get tired and many of the duties they are not interested in at all! And do you do something that you are not interested in in a relationship? If so, then you go straight to a psychologist for a consultation, because taking responsibility for everything, including for other people’s feelings, is a psychological unhealthiness! So, the fourth advice: divide the responsibilities in the relationship between you and do not interfere with his duties. All responsibilities should be shared. If he takes out the trash by agreement, and in fact he does not do it, reallocate the responsibilities again, but do not take on everything, take what you are interested in.
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The fifth mistake of women. Not the ability to communicate!
And if so, then this is again a direct way to a psychologist for a consultation on skype. And the site Vashe-Soznaie.ru I am ready to give you this opportunity! You very often do not know how to convey your needs to your beloved man and do not try to ask him for help in this (and asking for help is also communication, it is a way of communication) And sometimes a man is very happy to help and feel strong and needed, thereby. You also do not always want to hear a man, so it is so difficult to agree and it seems that he does not understand you. The fifth advice of a psychologist: You need communication skills and you can only get them from a psychologist, communicating with him and learning communication. Books and articles do not teach real communication. They don’t teach life. Only people teach this knowledge how to live in a relationship and in this case it is psychologists and specialists from the site Vashe-Soznanie.ru! At the end of this article, we can add this: Dear women, you all want happiness, and you enter into a relationship in order to be happy. But we dare to disappoint you: happiness is unattainable as a state. It is impossible to live in happiness, because this is a physiological state when there are too many hormones in the blood (high concentration). To live constantly in happiness is a sure road to nervous exhaustion. So forget about happiness. Because relationships are for fun. And pleasure is a process. Enjoy the result: “Everything! I’m in a relationship!” This is a man’s prerogative, and the pleasure of the result is fleeting. So let’s fulfill our women’s mission and enjoy the process, from which you can get a long-term pleasure. And the relationship itself is a process.