15 signs that you’ve fallen out of love with him.

Sometimes – come on, almost always-we girls, with the zeal of a psychopathic doctor, try to heal relationships that beg to be buried as soon as possible. The fact that this is exactly the case, says the following:

  • You suddenly found out about the existence of such shoes as ballet flats. Although I used to think of the expression “too high heel” as the exact equivalent of”too white snow”.
  • You kiss him in the morning with about the same feeling as you tighten the laces of your sneakers, stick a straw through a cup of coke, or throw a token at the subway turnstile.
  • When he insults you, you mentally postpone the quarrel to “Friday, 16.30, Ramazzotti Pizzeria”. Because you’re too lazy to swear right now.
  • You calmly flaunt in front of your partner with one plucked eyebrow, in a T-shirt with a spot of ketchup in the navel area, a slipper falling apart on the move and a bangs gathered with a crimson clothespin. Not because it is so beautiful, but because. “Uh-uh. I really have a clothespin on my head.”.
  • You heat up a pathetic excuse for meatballs in the microwave, make soup out of a bag, and pour mayonnaise over yesterday’s salad – thinking that “I’m not a chef, after all.” Although six months ago, she had tasted tea twenty times before finally daring to bring him a cup. (And then as many more times she asked: “Maybe more sugar?”, ” Too strong, right?”, ” A slice of lemon? Milk?”).
    • Your online correspondence with him consists of two types of emoticons and five synonyms of the word “clear”. But once upon a time, it was not difficult for you to collapse a million windows and tabs in order to open the link sent by them to the next Friday demotivator with a photo of a fat cat.
    • In the last ten movies you’ve watched together, you’ve never laughed (or cried) in the same place. Moreover, you are genuinely perplexed: how the sight of an elephant jumping on a step platform can make an adult choke with laughter. And he goes into a metaphysical stupor when you start blaring sirens at the beginning of “Man of Steel.”
    • You have a sore back – and for some time now you know for sure that it is not from too active sex.
    • You dream with ecstasy of a spacious wooden house with a huge dining table, an attic with bedrooms-cabins and a courtyard paved with blue paving stones. You close your eyes and see: here they are-white curtains rustling in the wind, cherry juice in a beautiful decanter, a high staircase, like the self-esteem of the singer Nyusha. Only in these fantasies, your favorite is always “at work”. Or sleeping somewhere. not in a prominent place.
  • Previously, when buying a kilogram of candy, you always left him at least a dozen. or a couple. Well, at least one, but the most delicious, the last candy was always waiting for him in a bowl. Now you give him perfume from the first page of the cosmetics catalog, which was left on your desk by the cleaning lady Mitrofana Arkadyevna.
  • The day before yesterday, you signed up for an art braid course. A week ago – to decorate the office office with mosaics. A week and a half ago – to the theater club. If this goes on, you’ll be buying your first ballet pointe shoes in a year.
    • You still feel like you’re spending too much time at home!
    • You hate that you and your loved one spend the same amount on food, even though your avocados are cheaper than his beef. And you don’t eat olives in principle.
    • If your partner soon gets involved with some big-eyed blonde, you yourself will help him choose shirts for a date and sign romantic cards with a calligraphic handwriting. That’s what you think, anyway.
  • You are increasingly sleeping in pajamas, similar to the costume of Yuri Gagarin and cut off your nails at the root . And you still want to cry more and more, looking at the lovers and Johnny Depp who has aged in front of your eyes. With Depp, everyone is like that, don’t worry.