Acquaintance almost always begins with communication. When one person says something to another, a dialogue is born. If this is a conversation between an interesting man and an attractive woman, it can end with a wedding and long years of happy life.
Recently, the ladies have a desire to get acquainted first. They want to do it, but they don’t always know how, and sometimes they’re shy. Therefore, we decided to tell you in this article what phrases for dating a man are suitable for women.
The structure of the phrase.
In principle, you can approach any beautiful young man with the standard: “Hello (hello)! What’s up? Let’s get acquainted.” Despite the fact that pick-up masters do not really welcome such a start to a conversation, the phrase works. Of course, provided that the guy likes the girl who came up to him.
On the other hand, why start a dialogue with platitudes, if you can say something more original.
On the Internet, there are many examples of successful, funny, funny phrases that can be used both on the street and on the Web. But it is ideal if you are able to come up with something of your own to approach and meet a young man.
So, what elements should your small speech consist of?
Greeting. Well-bred people can not do without this either in real life or in correspondence. But it happens that this moment is missed. Of course, our mentality is to blame for this. For example, Europeans complain that Russians are always sullen and do not say hello to, say, shop assistants. Meanwhile, the words of welcome have great power. They must be spoken. Moreover, it is necessary to greet the person with whom you want a relationship. Question. Why him? Everything is quite simply explained. If you say something in the affirmative, the dialogue may not work. Imagine, a girl approaches a young man and says: “I love the rain!” If the guy has taken a liking to her, he will find something to answer, just to continue talking with a nice lady. Now feel the difference: “Hello! Do you like rain? ” Here it is already obvious-the words are addressed to the man. He would either have to answer, or he would have to label himself a sullen ignoramus. That is, once again: the question is the engine of the dialogue. A compliment. To roll up to a guy and tell him something cool and pleasant is a bid for success. People love to be praised. Positive. The phrase should be “warm”, uplifting the person with whom you want to start a conversation.
Actually, there is no need to invent anything else. If you put it all together, you can compose original and funny phrases to meet guys every minute.
Although you can still give a couple of recommendations:
extremely important, as you say. From a girl who wants to get acquainted correctly, a positive attitude should come. The words should feel sincere; the ability to successfully build phrases to start a conversation is useful because you do not need to memorize replicas from websites or social networks. You can improvise. So the phrase will seem more alive.
Communication on the Internet.
Dating sites and social networks are now wildly popular. The same “Vkontakte” is visited daily by an incredible number of users. Many of them are lonely, they want to find their soulmate.
How to start a dialogue on the web?
You can write: “Hello!” As we have already noted, this is not the best option. It is better to come up with a person who is interested and funny. We’ll get to the examples later. If you want to start with the original message, it is better to study the user’s profile in detail before doing this, so that you can approach it in detail. Let’s say: “Hello! What a wonderful dog next to you in the photo. I’d like to get to know her better.” The guy can also show his sense of humor: “She’s very busy. I suggest we meet. I know everything about this dog, and I’ll tell you everything.” Here we are already seeing some sympathy. Chat rooms are a separate conversation. Here you can flirt, voice bold thoughts, without being afraid of anything. Chats have always been the freest territory on the web. However, it has its own language, which is desirable to learn. “Priv” instead of “hello”, “SPS” and so on. You can use aphorisms and quotes for dating, if they are appropriate. In the network, as you know, they like “catch phrases”.
In general, you need to be creative in order to beautifully approach good young people. It is important that the phrases you come up with for online dating are not only smart or funny, but also interpreted by a potential interlocutor unambiguously. The Internet can not convey to a person live emotions, so they are designated by emoticons. But you can put “smiles” if a teenager wants to express some feelings. A serious man may not understand all these parentheses and colons.
Where to learn how to come up with phrases for dating.
It is worth turning to pick-up trucks. These are people who almost “professionally” get acquainted with the opposite sex in a variety of ways. Now the women’s pickup truck is actively developing. You don’t have to look for a girl who preys on men.
You can download, buy and read books on this topic. There are many authors. There is a sufficient amount of literature in the public domain. And each book has a section on what phrases or clever sayings and expressions to use to win the man of your dreams, to introduce him to your parents, to become the mother of his daughter or son through time.
You can watch the video. There is also no shortage of such materials.
Perhaps, after that, you will become a novice pick-up artist yourself, you will grow and develop in this direction.
Examples of phrases.
You can make a huge list of replicas used in cafes, on the street, when communicating on the phone or in Vkontakte, but you should start with the base.
“Hello! Let’s get acquainted!” ” What are you doing tonight? “”I would love to have a cup of coffee with you.”
These are the simplest phrases. But they clearly make it clear to the young man that the woman is interested in communication.
The following block of phrases that are needed if you want to start a dialogue with a man as naturally as possible:
“Help me, please,…” “Tell me where … “” Sorry, you don’t know where (how, why, why)… “
Adding some creativity:
“Young man, you have such a magnificent figure! Could you please pose for me, I’m working on the Apollo statue, you see?” “Excuse me, can you tell me where to find a man like you? It just seems to me that you are very close to the ideal.” “Hello! I’m conducting a social survey. Tell me: would you like to have a cup of coffee with a girl like me? “
All this is an improvisation of pure water.
Of course, it is not easy to come up with something without having the initial data concerning the man.
It is necessary to start from this. For example, for a person in a suit and glasses, coming out of the door of some research institute, you need to come up with more intelligent jokes. And a simple kid from the next yard will probably appreciate the handling of sexual innuendos.
Despite the fact that pick-up artists and pick-up girls have a few good pieces in stock, even these masters of starting communication try to improvise in order to have a proper impact on the “object”.