How to talk to a girl over the Internet?
What should I write to the girl in the first message? Sometimes you don’t need to be too clever and just write the word “hello”, and then something interesting. But remember that girls receive hundreds of similar messages from men, and therefore try to stand out with something original, but not too pretentious. You can add an unusual compliment, ask about her hobbies, or find something in common.
Any relationship with a girl is communication. You will communicate goodbye as well as already being in a relationship. Here are the topics that will interest you both. But always encourage the girl to talk about herself, then she will enjoy the conversation more. Try not to let the conversation turn into an interview or an interrogation. These topics will allow you to chat online and have a great time.
When communicating with a girl, it is important to observe the following rules:
Positive mood and humor. Flirting, playing, and the intensity of communication. Sincere interest. Compliments and praise. The ability to listen to a girl and hear her.
Try to avoid rudeness, boredom, tactlessness, indifference or rudeness. Girls require a positive attitude if you want to successfully stir up trouble with her. It is not difficult to communicate with a girl, the main thing is not to let her get bored during the conversation.
What to do if a girl does not want to answer, is constantly busy and refuses to meet? She’s not interested in you. Admit it to yourself, and then start looking for another girl. There are a lot of single girls in the world who will be happy to meet you.
What to correspond with a stranger with a girl when meeting or with a girl with whom you have already gone on a date? Here is a list of topics that will allow you to develop a deeper conversation, get to know each other better and get closer faster. Do not forget to use emoticons, pictures, videos and music when communicating with a girl over the Internet. This will make communication more emotional and intense.

What to correspond with a girl about?

  1. What do you usually think and dream about before going to bed?
  2. If you have oddities, quirks and zest?
  3. What is your most striking character trait?
  4. Are you a good girl or a bad one who hasn’t been figured out yet?
  5. What crazy act do you want to do?
  6. Do you like compliments, pretty girl?
  7. Describe yourself in three words?
  8. I can’t stop admiring your photos. Going on a date?
  9. How often do you lie in life and about what?
  10. What kind of vacation do you prefer on vacation? Beach, sightseeing, outdoor activities?
  11. How vulgar and spoiled are you?
  12. Your favorite booze?
  13. Why do you look so awesome? What’s your secret?
  14. What does the man of your dreams look like?
  15. What do you never tell anyone?