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The qualities of the perfect guy.

It is quite obvious that different girls like very different men. This applies to both appearance and psychological aspects of behavior. Our choice is influenced by a million factors and another small one to follow. Often we can not give ourselves a clear and specific answer, what influenced us when we singled out one cavalier […]

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How do I apologize to a girl?

How to apologize to a girl if you have offended her a lot?A relationship with a loved one in Samara is one of the most important and difficult things in our life. We have to constantly work on them to smooth out the rough edges and begin to truly understand and accept each other. However, […]

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Mistakes of women in relationships.

Today we will touch on the most discussed topic: relationships with men.At all times, women were interested in one thing: how to maintain a relationship with your beloved man! This is our article today. And each found their own ways of this ” survival»:you can tolerate it; you can play “who’s who” games; you can […]