You like a young man very much, maybe you even fell in love, how to understand what exactly you are experiencing? The ability to love is a gift of Fate, not every person is lucky enough to experience this bright feeling.
There are many signs of love.
So, how to recognize that you are in love:
You dream about him all the time, the thoughts of the guy do not let you go. You’ve given up everything, you’re in the clouds, your head is full of this guy. My studies are not going well, my work is not going well. You imagine the two of you, dreaming of a fabulous life together, maybe even you have already figured out how your wedding will take place, how you will name your children. That’s it, you’re definitely in love. You want to see it all the time. You set up meetings on purpose, go the same route as him, look for him in the crowd. In every guy you meet, you try to see your loved one, it seems to you that you will never get enough of him. Gradually, you realize that you don’t need anyone else. You have become more cheerful and positive, you are sure that you are surrounded entirely by good, kind people. In each person, you began to notice only positive features. In the morning, you wake up in a great mood, spend the whole day on the positive side. You don’t even walk, you’re practically floating above the ground. You constantly talk about your beloved, and a lot and often, you are interested in discussing the smallest detail of his life, everything that concerns him is important to you. Your friends are wondering what happened, and you can’t stop, just the pronunciation of the name of a loved one plunges you into euphoria. You collect any information about your loved one, you are interested in learning everything. You want to know what he likes, what girls he likes, what he dreams about, what dreams he has. You eagerly listen to every word he says, listening intently, holding your breath. You are ready to agree with him in everything, for example, before you were indifferent to sushi and rolls, now you believe that their taste is delicious, if you were lazy to run in the morning, now you are sure that morning runs give cheerfulness, good mood. You’ve become more of a mirror-hater, you want everything to be perfect in you, and you perceive a lock of hair that has escaped from your hairstyle as a tragedy. If you do not have time to do a manicure, then the mood is spoiled, if the purse is not matched in the color of the shoes, then you are hiding from the object of your desires, suddenly he will take you for a girl who does not even know how to dress decently. In the presence of a man you like, you blush, turn pale, and speak out of place. All the words immediately fly out of your head, your purse falls out of your hands, and your palms sweat. You are confused or on the contrary excited and talking all sorts of nonsense, in general, your behavior is completely different from usual. You began to look for movies about love, songs, you are ready to listen to them for hours and cry at the most sentimental moments. You have become more vulnerable and sensitive, you feel sorry for the cats on the street, you are ready to take home a stray dog, you want to give love and help the weak. You associate any event with your favorite one. A casual word spoken, a song heard in a shopping mall, leads you to think that this is a sign, you are destined to be together, your chosen one thinks of you. You become interested in magic, divination, trying to find out from the cards whether this guy is in love with you, whether you will be together. Every word or gesture of a guy you regard in your favor, it seems to you that he has long been in love, but just afraid to admit it. It is quite possible that you do not imagine everything as it really is.If you notice at least half of these signs in your behavior, know that you are in love.
Advice from a psychologist.
Do not be afraid of falling in love, it is not scary. Many people are not destined to experience this wonderful feeling at all. Love transforms a person, makes them better, kinder and more sensitive. This is both good and bad. The person becomes more vulnerable and vulnerable.
You can consult with her, she will tell you whether the guy has feelings or he is completely indifferent. Here you need a look from the outside, if you are in love, you can not adequately perceive reality, sometimes on the waves of love can carry you so far that it is fraught. If you can not restrain yourself and want to chat about your chosen one all day, do not hesitate, talk, but at least not 8 hours a day, but, for example, 4 hours, a friend will understand you.
Don’t be afraid to imagine you two together, thoughts are material. If every day you gradually draw in your head a wonderful future with your loved one, then the dream may well become a reality! Believe in it, then everything will come true. The main thing is to behave with dignity, do not guard the guy, do not hang on to him, even if you are very much in love and you can barely restrain yourself from rushing into his arms.
Answers to other frequently asked questions.
What to do if you fall in love with a teacher?
Girls tend to idealize their teachers. They often give them all the positive qualities at once, but remember, your teacher is an ordinary person, just well versed in the subject, he is at work, he has many such students. Try to study better, and in search of love, turn your eyes to your classmates, peers.
What to do if you fall in love, and he does not notice you?
Think about it, maybe the guy sees you only as a friend? Become more feminine, soft and kind, dress more coquettishly, try to become more bright, noticeable. Get fans, surrounded by a crowd of admirers, you will attract his attention faster than when he sees you alone and always thoughtful and sad.
What to do if you fall in love with a much older man?
Most likely, your man is married. Maybe we shouldn’t destroy his family. Suppose he is free, what then. In adult men, girls are attracted to intelligence, experience, knowledge of life, this is all good, but only for a short time, time will pass, you will grow up, and the man will age, will you then be good together? In such couples, there are many difficulties, you need to be prepared for them, you are people of different generations, which means that you think differently, you have different views on life. Think about whether you agree to be a little girl all your life, and in 40 years, and in 50, will you be comfortable?
How do you know if you’re really in love?
You perfectly see not only the advantages of a man, but also his shortcomings , and they do not bother you, you agree to put up with them. You do not tell everyone about the ideality of the guy, you are well aware that he is a living person, with his own characteristics, you are aware of what you are doing. You strive to make it good initially for your chosen one, then for you, create a comfortable life for him, and rejoice when he is happy. Sometimes you even forget about yourself, your needs. You are ready for a lot for the sake of a loved one: to move, to change your whole life, to change your habits. You are not afraid of changes, you are sure that they are for the better, and together you will succeed.
What to do if you fall in love with a friend or a classmate?
If you fell in love with a boy:
Try to communicate more, to cross paths with him. There are also social networks, send him interesting photos, advise exciting movies. You can just take a walk after school, talk about topics that are exciting for both of you. Be friendly. Let the guy notice that your classmates just adore you, ask for your opinion, invite you to parties. Be nice, friendly, and companionable. Be active. Take part in school productions, try to become a class prefect. Dress beautifully, be feminine, show your vulnerability and weakness. Ask the guy to help you, protect you, or carry your backpack. Sign up for basketball if he goes there, or take up tennis if the guy is passionate about it. You need to find common interests that will bring you closer together.
What to do next if you realized that you fell in love?
First, find out more about your love object. If he’s free, you can try to charm him. Catch his eye, visit his favorite places, be active! And also be light, smiling and sweet. Take care of your appearance, look chic whenever you can meet. Surround yourself with fans, put the best photos in social networks, take compliments with dignity, the more guys around you, the better.
Jot down a list of topics that you can discuss with the chosen one, so you will feel more confident at the meeting and will not be confused. Ask your friend to pull you back sometimes if you lose your head completely. Do not be sad, believe that your romantic story will soon begin, and it will happen.
How to understand: love or infatuation?
The man fell in love… Where is the line between being in love and being in love? Love — it is on the surface, let’s say, when asked what is remarkable about him, you answer: “He has bottomless blue eyes” or ” He has incredible charisma, I am attracted to him.” Falling in love makes you soar, fly, admire the object of love. Love is more profound, it occurs when people know each other better, for a true lover, personality, spiritual qualities are important, and not just the outer shell.
Love or habit.
How do you know if you are held together by sincere love or just a habit?
If boredom and indifference have settled in the relationship, you live in your own world, communication with your spouse is annoying, hugs and kisses are forgotten, and sex has become a rare activity-then most likely you are together just out of habit. People are held together by many factors: the financial issue, the fear of loneliness, and the fear of change.
However, think about it, are you ready to live like this for the rest of your life, without true love, sincere feelings? When instead of love, a surrogate, the other half is a stranger, and everyday life has become gray and dull. Maybe you should shake yourself up and decide on a serious step? Which will eventually lead to happiness and true love. Why live together when your feelings are cold? It is quite possible that a new life is waiting for you around the corner, in love, happiness and harmony.