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Do you like bearded men?

The standards of beauty in society change over time – this is a well-known fact. But our own ideas about the attractive appearance of a particular person do not remain unchanged – sometimes even for a few minutes. What influences our perception of the beauty of others so much? You won’t believe it, but scientists […]

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How do I apologize to a girl?

How to apologize to a girl if you have offended her a lot?A relationship with a loved one in Samara is one of the most important and difficult things in our life. We have to constantly work on them to smooth out the rough edges and begin to truly understand and accept each other. However, […]

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10 signs that a girl loves you.

Do you know how to love?How to increase your importance to a girl and attach it to yourself?The fair sex is difficult to understand. Some girls hide their feelings under the mask of indifference, and others confess their love because of commercialism, although they do not feel anything. Secret signs that a girl really loves […]