Now someone will start “you need to learn, and not think about love”, both studied well. There are plans for the future, and so on. But the fact is that my parents forbade me to meet .
You need to be more mature. Even if you’re under 18. Just for your life and your actions, you need to answer for yourself. My parents won’t tie me up with ropes after all.
If your mother is against your man. 100 questions about relationships. Answers psychologist Vadim Kurkin by Psychology and self-development.
My parents absolutely forbid me to meet a guy.
In contrast to the guardianship authorities — for minors. And what about the classic one? — the question is not for lawyers in your case.
To avoid this, you should know exactly what you want, and learn to tell your children exactly what you want.
Adolescence is a difficult time not only for parents, but also for the children themselves. At this time, parents often realize that the rules that they used to communicate with their children no longer apply, and at this time, parenting mistakes often pop up — they understand that something needs to be changed.
Everyone was pushing me, my mom, him, his mom, his dad. I didn’t want a wedding. My dad was also not happy, but he could not explain it clearly and could not stop it. So? we got married. The next day after the wedding, I realized what a big mistake I had made, my supposedly person was completely with the opposite vector. I filed for divorce a year later. It was terrible. Thank you all. everyone is free.
Well, then my advice is to get the fuck away from them if your girlfriend doesn’t want to be with you, then let her sit with them and wait for the military.
I passed this option, for me it was put “a la clamshell”, further development of events is not necessary to explain.
They don’t explain to me the reason why they don’t like him, they don’t even know him, and they absolutely refuse to meet him. They think that he will somehow affect me badly, maybe use me, they think that I will get pregnant ahead of time. I tried to explain to them that their assumptions are false, but they do not want to believe me, because they have heard many cases from friends.
He’s just ruining it even more. I do not know whether Misha says this or not, but the lawyer causes hatred for Efremov among the population. It’s terribly simple. Where did he get this lawyer?
My girlfriend’s parents forbid her to meet.
In fact, do not forget that there is no smoke without fire. Parents may know more about something, if not about the guy himself, then about his family. The older generation has much more experience in such matters, so their opinion should not be ignored. Older people can already understand at the first meeting that something is wrong with this guy.
Yes, this is my first serious relationship in my life, which I don’t want to destroy and my boyfriend doesn’t want to either, because we love each other.
No. prohibit communication (if this is what we are talking about!) parents do not have the right and legally they cannot do this in accordance with Part 2 of Article 54, Part 2 of Article 56 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation and the basic law of the state — the rights of the individual in the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
Is your sister a doctor or a nurse? Were you present at the examination of these girls yourself? If not (and most likely not), then it’s all piz … fiction. Well, yes, your nephew is the first guy in the village, and all these little shacks only dream of tricking him into a bed, marrying him and getting into their noble family. That’s how you smile at a classmate, and you will be recorded in the “hangers”.
Imagine for yourself if the author after graduation would have entered the institute in another city, would have lived there all this time separately from her parents, and after graduation would have found a job there and lived an adult life. Then of course, at the age of 23, she would have been an independent young girl.
I don’t know how they find a common language. And on the subject, I also think that you can not prohibit anything. This is his life, he has the right to make mistakes. I will not forbid my own, I will not read correspondence and climb into their lives, too. To speak-yes. Necessarily. Say everything.
My dad was against the fact that I started dating a guy who was 4 years older than me at the age of 14. I kept saying, ” he’ll sleep with you, and fuck you,” and my mom and stepdad said that this is my life, and it’s up to me, actually. If my heart tells me to be with him, if I love him, I want to be with him, then they are not going to quarrel with us.
Even if he also feels sympathy for you, you can still face an obstacle – the opinion of your parents.
First you need to find out the reason for mutual rejection. Perhaps your parents know something unpleasant about your boyfriend, and want to protect you from him, then it’s good to listen to them. And if they’re just worried that you might do something stupid, then you can talk to them frankly and explain that they have nothing to worry about.
And these are just some of the reasons why parents do not always positively perceive their daughter’s chosen one.
Getting to know your parents: How does the guy’s family behave with the future daughter-in-law?
The dark past of the guy can also frighten. This also needs to be remembered. Older people may know better how an alliance with a former drug addict or someone who has broken the law will end.
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I love her, and I’m sure she loves me, too. I don’t know what to do… Talk to her parents? Perhaps this will lead to a deterioration of the situation… Please tell me what to do.
Here it seems that adults are already people, you are going to create a family, and the reasoning is like that of teenagers. Parents do not allow, parents forbid, parents beat … suitcase, door, rented housing.
Don’t compare yourself to others if you exaggerate the information. For example, you should not tell your parents that your girlfriend has been dating a guy for 2 years, if this is not the case. Your parents will know you’re lying.
So here is sister says, that she him prohibits communicate with girls.Have them there in class there is particularly brazen, which themselves on him hang themselves. After school inspection-nor 1 virgin. Tin…
From my own experience. Communication is our everything. Say everything. There must be trust between the parents and the child. At least one of the parents must be very close to him, so that he can trust and discuss everything. Explain all responsibility for each act. What to do in any situation-only your son/daughter will decide. You won’t be there, maybe you’ll never know.
For the mother, it is enough that the son knows about contraception, applies it, and will not leave the girl in the position. Knows about responsibility.
Try to find common ground between the guy and the parents: similar hobbies, favorite activities, books, movies. Similarity in views is an important factor in communication.
Tell your mother that yes, you intend to marry, but before the wedding you would like to first live with your chosen one, as in the process of living together, many contradictions often arise, which lead to a subsequent divorce, unfortunately.
You just need to earn the trust of her parents. If you’re a good guy, you’ll earn their trust and be with her.
Reasons why parents are often against a girl’s relationship with a guy.
Choose a time when your parents are in a good mood. Do not start a conversation after a hard day’s work. To find out what your parents ‘mood is, you can ask:” How was your day?» Choose a time when no one and nothing will interrupt your conversation. In addition, during the conversation, the parents ‘ attention should be focused only on you.
In all cases, the parents can be understood. They have invested so much in you, and now they want the other half to take care of you, to be your support, a stone wall. It should be recognized that marriages, contrary to the parental will, often break up. Sometimes it’s a coincidence, sometimes it’s a premeditated situation. Parents are often right, but feelings overwhelm, the shortcomings of the partner are hidden behind a thick curtain.
But despite all this bouquet, Misha was always a good guy, a very talented actor, so everyone felt sorry for him – both colleagues and journalists.
The reason for dislike is often inappropriate behavior of the partner: vulgarity, excessive looseness, intemperance in clothing. Conciseness, as well as excessive looseness, most often repel people. It is difficult for parents to turn a blind eye to these factors.
Ummm are you an adult? And she? If yes, get together, rent your own housing and send it to the forest. If not, then I’m sorry you’re still a child and not a man, you can’t protect her from her parents in any way, and if you try, they can punish you. On the other hand, if you are 11 years old, then there is no criminal jurisdiction yet.
I would run away from such parents quickly and far. And if you are not serious, or she is such a fool that she is ready to suffer beatings, then take pity on the girl, disperse.
At the same time, you do not need to fight with your parents or blackmail them, as this will lead to even worse consequences. But if a girl really loves a guy, then you can “fight” with your parents for him. Another component of honesty is the ability to openly discuss the concerns that parents may have.