How to build a relationship with your husband on the verge of divorce: 7 steps.
How to establish a relationship with her husband on the verge of divorce – this question arises before many married couples. What to do – life is life. And sometimes it happens that, it seems, there is no other choice but to divorce, the spouses do not have. Divorce begins to seem to them a quick and decisive release from all the troubles, misunderstandings and dead ends into which the husband and wife have driven each other. Well, what’s the big deal? Divorced, and you start life with a ” clean slate»…
But is it true? No, it’s not. For the most part, divorce entails a lot of heavy, exhausting consequences. There are children, and the division of property, and a showdown that can last for years, and what not! So, maybe not in all cases it is necessary to divorce – even if it seems that there is simply nothing else left? Maybe it makes sense for both husband and wife to stop “on the very edge” and try to repair the family boat that leaked, in other words-try not to divorce, but, having clarified the relationship and revealed all mutual mistakes, try to live on as a common family?
Of course, in such a situation, both sides are usually to blame, but in this article we will look at this problem from a female point of view.
Because of what there is a desire to divorce.
There are many such reasons. In fact, every married couple has their own rules. However, at the same time, there are common reasons that, one way or another, arise in most married couples. Here we will stop at them.
The wife does not love the husband, or the husband does not love the wife. Or – they mutually dislike each other. This is probably the main reason for divorce, and the initiator in this case in most cases is the wife. Why? Yes, because a woman, by virtue of her psychology, needs love more. And if there is no love, it destroys the woman to a much greater extent than the man. Why there is no love between husband and wife is, again, a separate and, moreover, a very extensive topic. There may be many reasons for this, the main one being that there was no love in the beginning. There was a mutual attraction, a falling in love, and this is not love. They pass, and nothing remains. Hence the desire to divorce. Treason. This applies equally to both spouses. Rarely in any cases, family life will go smoothly after this, even if one spouse has forgiven the other for treason. Incorrect behavior of the husband (it happens, of course, in the wife, but to a much lesser extent). This is a very broad concept, which, for example, includes:
the husband does not help his wife with household chores and raising children; the husband is a tyrant and a tyrant: he loosens his hands, treats his wife rudely (and the children too), constantly insults her; the husband is a reveller: spends time somewhere unknown, comes home after midnight, does not react to his wife’s reproaches or reacts rudely – with insults and beatings; the husband is a slob. It would seem that this is not such a serious drawback, but many women are literally infuriated – especially when they put things in order in the house themselves, without the help of their husband. The husband is a drunkard, or worse, a drug addict. Of course, women suffer from these vices, but still to a much lesser extent. Living with a drunk is exhausting and pointless. The wife and husband have no common interests. Family routine doesn’t count. In addition to it, there should be other common activities, hobbies, interests, plans. And if this is not the case, if the wife and husband are constantly “in their own corners”, this inevitably leads to disagreements, reproaches, quarrels, perplexities – and so on, up to divorce. What is called sexual incompatibility. I don’t think there is any need for special comments here, but this is a very common reason leading to divorce. Other reasons for divorce are also common: the spouses have different religious beliefs; the husband and wife have different views on raising children; the family is constantly short of money or does not have their own housing; the husband and wife are hindered by their relatives.
How to try to prevent divorce.
This is very difficult. But it is necessary to try, and first of all-a woman. Well-known wisdom says in the sense that in most cases, a broken marriage is, first of all, a woman’s fault. After all, she is the guardian of the hearth in every sense – no matter how patriarchal it may sound. Again, there can be an infinite number of situations, but all of them, one way or another, are reduced to a few simple but effective actions on the part of the wife.
You should accept your husband as he is, with all his minor shortcomings. Of course, this does not apply to any glaring shortcomings – for example, if he is a drug addict, a notorious psychopath or a sadist. Here, perhaps, it is better to really get a divorce. But in most cases, the husband’s shortcomings should be treated leniently – especially since the wife herself has enough of them. The correct perception of other people’s shortcomings is, by the way, one of the main manifestations of love. Do not look for the culprit in the conflicts. It should be understood that in most cases, both sides are guilty to some extent. Self-criticism is, again, an important part of love. You should not criticize your husband for any of his actions or omissions – even if he really made a mistake in something. Everyone makes mistakes, and this is normal. It is much more reasonable to support your spouse-with advice, or at least with your presence nearby. Of course, this does not apply to any egregious cases like constant drunkenness or infidelity. In general, you do not need to be strong in front of your husband. Female weakness affects men (in a positive sense) much more than female strength. A husband is much more willing to help a weak wife than a strong one. Except, again, for some pathological cases arising from the character of the husband. In this regard, it is really better for the wife to show strength and determination. For example, to drive her husband with a wet rag from the sofa and make him take out the garbage. This often helps to establish family relationships. You need to be together more often-both day and night. Avoiding each other is the shortest way to break up. A wise wife always remembers that a man is always and in many ways a child. Even if his hair is already gray. And the child should be praised – even for small things. This inspires and inspires the husband to feats, the main of which is to be close to his wife and help her in every possible way. And, of course, a woman should always be beautiful and attractive-no matter what it costs her. A common cause of divorce is female unattractiveness. A man loves with his eyes – this should always be remembered.
In conclusion, watch two videos that will help readers to improve relations with their husband, if they have cracked.
Read, watch, love each other, and be happy.