“How to fall in love with an ex-girlfriend?”. An actual question. After all, if earlier relationships were built on mutual promises, long courtship, family ties and obligations, today, it is only emotions. A modern person, does not bother with obligations. There are emotions-loves. If there is no emotion, it goes away. That’s why, in order to get back in touch with her, you need to get her emotions back to you. Or, call new ones.
Remember how it all started: she admired you, she wrote to you, she wanted to be near you, she was jealous. And today, all this has disappeared somewhere. But, since you aroused emotions in her then, you can do it now, and our article will tell you a detailed strategy on how to act correctly.
In no case: – do not be hysterical, and do not seek a meeting with her. I can understand you. You have pain, resentment, a wounded ego. You want to go to her, first slap her for the pain she caused you, and then, hug her and never let go. But you can not do this categorically!
The more you show your dependence on her, the less she will be interested in a relationship with you! You don’t have a period in the relationship when there was care, letters, affection, and so on. Now-you need to show her your willpower. Women, from time immemorial, have given their hearts to those men who knew their worth.
And if you start to get hysterical, she will no longer be able to perceive you as the stronger sex. Automatically, her female consciousness will begin to dictate to her-to look for another man. Stronger than you.
In general, let’s simplify our instructions: relationships between people can also be alive. They are born, sometimes they get sick, sometimes they die, sometimes they are restored from the ashes. But to “reincarnate” a relationship is like creating a Frankenstein. It may turn out to be quite a decent creature, or it may be a monster. That is why it is so important to follow the instructions of professional psychologists!
“don’t threaten her. A woman’s love is always based on respect for a man. And how can you respect him if he threatens to pull out all the “dirty laundry” in a couple if she does not agree to return to him? And ask yourself one more question: would you respect a woman who is willing to tell everyone about your personal life? Threats will only keep you away from her. So, just leave her alone. For the first time.
Before you continue reading this article, please watch this video carefully:
“don’t waste your time. Your plan of action will only work if she doesn’t have time to find someone else to replace you. So, it’s not worth waiting long for her to come to her senses.

  • break its patterns in your head, relative to you. If she left, it means that she has created an unfortunate and unsightly image of you as a man in her subconscious. Change yourself radically, and she will wake up from the fact that she lived so much time with a man who, in fact, did not know at all.
  • change your life. Fill it with bright colors and interesting people. Then she will be the first to want to be a part of your new, interesting life. How to do this read here .
    “make her miss you.” To do this, you need to give her just a little time. She will start to miss you automatically, and even begin to ask herself the question :” Did I do the right thing by leaving him?»
  • get rid of your addiction to her. Simply put – from the fear of losing it. This is what you need in order to get it back, no matter how paradoxical this phrase may sound. Any fear is the unknown. It’s not the fact that she’s going to leave that scares you, but the fact that you don’t know what you’re going to do next.
    Run through the worst scenario of your relationship in your head. And then, decide for yourself, what will you do? As soon as you understand the method of action for yourself, the fear will go away, and you will be able to return it with a calm, clear head and consciousness.
    What exactly you will need to do to make her miss you, we already wrote in the previous article.
    So, let’s go through the article again and make a small conclusion.
    You ask the question: “How to fall in love with an ex-girlfriend?”. And you get a simple answer to it: “Following the instructions!” What are these instructions? Do
    not panic, and do not beg her to return. Don’t threaten the girl. Do not look for a meeting with her (at the initial stage). Change yourself: your consciousness, your appearance, your image. Change your life. Get rid of dependence on her, and thereby become even more attractive to her.
    If you follow our instructions, you will not be disappointed, but on the contrary, you will definitely be successful. Because, unlike all the others, you studied the side of the issue, the material, and only then began to act correctly and correctly.