Often we do not think about where love is waiting for us, and how it finds us in the most unexpected places and unpredictable times. Often, many girls and boys are left alone for a long time, as they let everything take its course – they are looking for it incorrectly or do not try to find it at all. In this article, I will tell you where and how to find your soulmate for a woman and a man.
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Where to start.
Regardless of gender, there is a necessary “minimum” – traits, behavior that attract opposites. You need to start with yourself-not with changes, a change of wardrobe or a trip to the manicurist, but with internal self-control and the formation of self-esteem.
It should be understood: not every romance or fleeting relationship, marriage union-really converged halves of the whole. It happens that a woman has a lot of suitors, 1 or 2 marriages behind her back, but there is no sense of integrity, fusion, complementarity. Then you need to realize that you should not chase fleeting hobbies, in the pursuit you can see a truly sincere and suitable person.
The “ideal” life partner that I will talk about is not really an ideal. It has disadvantages and advantages. Where similar disadvantages have previously unnerved you, now there is complete reconciliation.
I will present a list of what you need to do to find a second half: take
care of your appearance; love your real self; start smiling at people, the reflection in the mirror, the world; become self-sufficient and understand-without a man you are doing great.
Neat appearance.
The guy, prescribed by fate, will love you all-and just woke up, and in sports sweatpants, and with an untidy bun on your head. For an untidy appearance, in the opinion of others, can hide poor health, poor mood, outright dirty. It is such expectations, often completely unjustified, that repel strangers and strangers. Therefore, if you are alone and are actively searching, we recommend that you follow simple rules:
Never neglect personal hygiene. Brush your teeth twice or more a day, take a daily shower, and keep your hair fresh. Many men say that a clean female body smells much tastier than any perfume. Take care of your clothes. Even if there was heavy rain and slush yesterday, this is not a reason to go out in the morning the next day in unclean shoes. The same applies to old stains on clothes, greasy sleeves and a torn button. Even if you do not have the financial opportunity to frequently update your wardrobe, you should monitor its condition and freshness. By the way, this also applies to underwear. Find your style in clothing. We will not say that you need to follow the trends of fashion, on the contrary, all girls dressed “under the carbon paper” can not boast of individuality. Review your wardrobe and highlight the things that you like and combine with each other. Do not give up accessories, especially if they emphasize your personality and are able to give the whole image a zest.
By the way, many girls are sure that by changing their appearance, they will definitely change everything in life. That is why they radically cut off long hair, repaint their color, and at the same time update the wardrobe. Perhaps this will help you as well.
Self-love is a way to find your destiny.
White body color? I need to go to the tanning salon. Lots of moles and freckles? They should be brought together. A blonde? I want to be dark. Fair-haired? Urgently lighten up. This is only a small list of what girls are constantly changing in themselves. And they do it not because it looks better, but mainly because of dissatisfaction with themselves.
In the course of such criticism, complexes are born. Their roots may go back to childhood, but we develop them at a conscious age ourselves. Complexism will never play into the hands of how to find your half, on the contrary, it will lead to the opposite effect. Such girls mostly have a habit of complaining, hiding their advantages.
What we recommend to do:
Eliminate obvious shortcomings that lead to complexes. Cover up small defects or ignore them. Turn the nuances of appearance into advantages. Attend a psychological training session. Make an appointment with me for a personal consultation.
A genuine smile.
In this formulation, there is no subtext of “smile like an American”, that is, always, in any situation, hiding real emotions. On the contrary, we call for sincerity and optimism. These two skates will help to attract a young man, because men want to see a real girl with true experiences, and not with a mask. Recommendations:
Do not hide your laughter and smile, show your charming white teeth. Look at the world optimistically, find the good in every day. If you like a passing guy, smile at him.
Self-esteem is inherent only in self-confident women who know that they do not need a spouse, but are only ready for marriage with respect and awareness that each of the newlyweds is an accomplished person. Therefore, it is so important to cultivate individual traits and interests. Recommendations:
Take up a hobby – it can be music, drawing, embroidery, dancing, equestrian sports, anything. Build relationships with your family. Work for your own pleasure. Don’t sacrifice yourself just for the money. Believe in yourself, set goals and achieve them. Organize your day with a daily planner and your life with a diary.
Tips from psychologist Daria Milai on how to find your soulmate for a girl.
I recommend that you improve yourself first. If these recommendations are ineffective, make an appointment for my consultation – I will help you understand yourself.