What you need to know when there is a strong woman next to a man.

  1. Straightforwardness.
    A strong woman likes to talk directly. She is very impatient with metaphors, hints, and empty words. She is a person of action and respects only those who love and know how to solve problems themselves. If you need something from her, tell her directly, do not look for workarounds. With a strong woman, they don’t exist.
  2. Relationships.
    A strong woman does not forgive inattention. This, of course, can be said about any woman, but where the weak will write off your inattention to the fact that you are a man and what to take from you, the strong simply will not forgive. Such a woman can not be ignored for a week, and then give her flowers and assume that she will forget everything. She needs attention.
  3. Jealousy.
    A strong woman is very difficult to make jealous, so don’t even try to use it as a trick. No childish attempts to show her that you are interesting to someone else, except for her, will not lead to any positive results.
    A strong woman is confident in herself. She knows her worth and knows what she deserves. But whether you are worthy of it is still a question. If you try to make her jealous, it will only lead to the fact that a strong woman will decide that if her attention is not enough for you, then you are simply not worth it.
    A strong woman will never pretend to be a fool, so that you feel like a more complete and advanced person next to her. She will not stoop to your level. She wants you to pull up to her.
    Talk to her about everything in the world, and not just about what you think a woman might be interested in.
    A strong, intelligent woman is interested in everything, and unlike you, she can think of several completely unrelated things at the same time. She appreciates the intellectual interlocutor very much and wants him to appreciate her as well.
  4. Determination.
    The problem with every strong woman is that it is very difficult for her to find an equal in strength man. There is nothing she values more than a person who is able to make decisions.
    Contrary to popular belief, a strong woman will not be offended if you try to make decisions for her. She, on the contrary, will be pleased to shift this difficult function to you.
    Just remember to consult with her and listen carefully to her wishes.
  5. Disrespect.
    A strong woman will not tolerate disrespect and will never forgive it. No amount of flowers, candy, or jewelry will make up for it if you ever disrespect her. Remember that only weak men do this, and strong women are not interested in them at all.
  6. Support.
    If you need your woman to answer everything: “Honey, you’re right,” then strong women are not for you. They will never agree with you just to make you feel good and help you feel like a man.
    If she thinks you’re wrong, she’ll tell you.
    But a strong woman will support you always, and not only when you earn good money. She considers your relationship as a partner, equal.
  7. Plans.
    With a strong woman, you can make any long-term plans you want. She will not get tired of waiting and will not get tired of your relationship if the plans do not work out.
    A strong woman is forever, and only a truly strong man can endure such a relationship.
    If you are dating or married to a strong woman, you should be proud of yourself. If you were a weakling, she wouldn’t have stayed with you.