Relationships between guys and girls are always ambiguous and even difficult. Especially when it comes to close communication. Do you know how to kiss a girl on the lips?
Many confident men with a smile remember the first, often not particularly successful and timid attempts to beautifully kiss a girl, at least in the nose.
It could be a classmate or a girl from a nearby camp unit, an acquaintance from a disco, or a girl who lives somewhere nearby.
And not everyone’s first experience was a success. But then there were repeated attempts and practice, which allowed us to master all the subtleties and wisdom of the kiss and not only it.
However, why make mistakes at all in order to learn from them later? You can do much smarter-take into account the conclusions of other people.
If you want to gently kiss your favorite representative of the beautiful half of humanity so that she literally “lost the ground under her feet”, you need to think carefully about it, down to the smallest details, and also use simple rules.
They were brought out experimentally in search of an answer to the question of how to properly kiss a girl.
What not to do.
Before you talk about how to kiss a girl on the lips, it will be useful to learn about common mistakes. This will definitely help you not to screw up in the first seconds of the kiss.
The first and most important thing is not to ask the girl if you can kiss her. Such a question will certainly put you in an awkward position, and also spoil all the romance of the moment.
If the lady is shy, she may well answer in the negative, while at the same time, in her heart she wants a kiss no less than you do.
The second extreme is also bad – even if you are literally burning with passion, attacking a girl like a wild man is not good.
Women are very gentle natures, and such an onslaught frightens them. If you were thinking about what kind of kisses girls like, then definitely not like this.
Psychologists have already proved that it is with a kiss that our subconscious mind determines well whether it is worth getting closer to a person.
This is a kind of prelude to a possible, future sex, a caress and a way of showing tenderness and sympathy. So you need to try to make sure that the girl really liked your kiss.
How to properly kiss a girl?
A kiss is a whole art, which is quite real to learn well. Do you want to learn how to kiss a girl on the lips? First, lightly, barely perceptibly touch the lips of the girl, then freeze for 1-2 seconds.
If she did not recoil, this can be regarded as a tacit consent to continue. Repeat the same thing, but now less gently, and then, without stopping, lightly run your tongue over her lower lip.
You can move a little and beautifully kiss the girl in the corner of her lips, then return to the previous technique and try to wrap your lips around her lower lip.
Once this is done, make a few very light, barely noticeable sucking movements, stroke it with your tongue, as if you were tasting something.
When the girl gets bolder, her tongue will also be included in the”game”. Feel it well, run your tongue over it, try to do the same thing with it as with the lower lip – pull it towards you with a sucking motion, and then release it.
Repeat all this in different sequences, gently, but not too long, so that you both do not lose your breath.
Finish the kiss as gently and gradually as you started it. Finally, it would be nice to lightly and beautifully kiss the girl on the lips.
You found out how to properly kiss a guy with his girlfriend. But how do you know that everything went well? If the lady blushed, smiled or coquettishly turned away, you can praise yourself – she definitely liked the kiss.
Such signs indicate that it is possible and even necessary to repeat it after some time. Of course, it is important not to overdo it, because kissing is not a substitute for conversation and not the only possible way to have a good time.
But they can perfectly finish a date or a meeting with a favorite representative of the fair sex. What kind of kisses do girls like? Sensual, tender and full of love!