There is a classic of how to start talking to a girl on a date, namely with the simplest information about each other. Those who consider this banal, think about the fact that if you do not know anything about the girl, then you will hardly be able to find common ground, and not only in terms of what to talk about, but in general. So to build your relationship will not work. So, start talking about simple things: school, work, interests and hobbies. Run through the main topics, but add humor and don’t be boring! Let the conversation with the girl be an easy and relaxed start to an interesting evening/day.
Separately, I would like to note the importance of humor! Not only does laughter bring people together, it is also a universal aphrodisiac for any girl. If you talk to a girl on a date about all sorts of nonsense and insert good jokes into the topic, you will surely win her attention. If you can make a girl laugh on a date, then she will agree to the second one. But if you know that your humor is bad, don’t even try to start! When you talk to a girl on a date and you’re not making a funny joke, it’s the same as failing. Your jokes should not be vulgar, they should be playful and witty.
When you start talking to a girl on a date, remember that the girls are from another planet and it’s true. A girl perceives the world as sensual, you see it as rational. Feel the difference between: “I bungee jumped, it was cool” and “I bungee jumped, and it just took my breath away, especially when you stand on the very edge and you realize that you need to take a step forward.” Do you understand? The girl is interested in your feelings in a particular situation, so you need to communicate with her in her language.
A backup plan for what to talk about with a girl on a date. Here you seem to have discussed everything and now you don’t know what to do. Here’s a “lifeline” of win-win options, what to talk about with a girl on a date. Start talking about dreams, like: “where would you like to go if you had a plane?”; play a game with her: “truth or action”; touch on a relevant, non-political topic (for this, turn to the Internet in advance) like a funny video about a guy who put an engagement ring in his girlfriend’s nuggets, how does she look at such an offer? Talking to a girl on a date is not an art, not a set of tricks of a real pick-up artist. It’s about self-confidence, a sense of humor, and enjoying each other.
Well, to always have something to talk about, expand your horizons and become interesting: read, travel, visit exhibitions, meet interesting people, go on quick dates! Then you will stop asking what to talk about with a girl on a date.