When I went to Yandex wordstat, I saw that the query “How to invite a girl to meet?” 11 thousand impressions per month. To be honest, I was alarmed by this figure. On the one hand, it was a little funny that the guys were asking such a question. But, anyway, if such a large audience of people is interested in it, then I decided to write an entire article to answer this popular question.
If you want to find in it magic phrases on the topic “how to invite a girl to meet in an original, beautiful way, by SMS or in contact”, then I warn you right away, they will not be. On the contrary, at the end of the article you will learn how to start dating a girl without asking her permission.
Since childhood, there is a myth that a guy must necessarily make proposals to a girl. After that, on the first date, various questions are spinning in my head: “When to ask a girl to meet?”, ” And if she refuses me?”, ” If I do not propose to her at all, will she think that I did not have the courage?» etc.
After that, the young man hesitantly decides on such phrases: “Become my girlfriend!”, ” Let’s meet!”, or other similar nonsense. To these questions, everyone usually answers: “I’m sorry, but I’m not ready yet” or ” Give me time to think.” And she will think all her life. More precisely, within an hour after such a date, he will forget about you and will sleep with another guy. I describe it because I have been in this situation myself. If you recognize yourself based on what is described above, remember: never ask a girl to meet. I have already written about this in the article the relationship between a man and a woman. Now you’ll see why.
Once you’ve met a girl, there are three ways she can relate to you:
She may just not like you; she may think you’re a friend; she really likes you, and she would love to have sex with you.
Let’s talk about everything in order.
1) Let’s say a woman doesn’t like you because you didn’t make a positive impression on her and couldn’t interest her. She decided to herself that your date will not happen again. This is bad, of course. But, such cases also happen, especially when you are just starting dating, and you do not have much experience in seduction. So, after all this, at the end of the date, you ask her to date. Of course, it is inconvenient for her to ignore you, she will say what she will think, but the next day, when you call, the girl will simply not pick up the phone. And you will think — why doesn’t she answer?
Would it make you feel better if she said she didn’t want to date? Do you really think that some magic phrase can work on a woman, and she will be yours? Of course not. On the contrary, if she does not agree to your proposal, it will lower your self-esteem, and in the future it will be even more difficult to get acquainted.
2) Consider the second scenario. You had a date with a beautiful woman, and she thought you were a friend. That is, you have gained her confidence. You had a great conversation, but you didn’t manage to seduce her. In this case, you do not need to ask her to meet. With this phrase, you force her to make decisions, put pressure on her. She hadn’t really decided what would happen next. Just call her some time after the first date and ask her to meet you. On the second date, try to seduce her. Believe me, the beautiful phrase “Let’s start dating” will not change anything.
3) And the third option – the girl likes you. If you have made a positive impression on her, then there is no need to ask her to meet. And so it is clear that she will be happy to wait for the second meeting, the third, the fourth, she will call, and everything will turn out by itself, without magic phrases.
When you ask her to date, you force her to make a decision about your relationship. Even if the girl agrees to your proposal, it will not change anything. In the future, she will feel that she is responsible for your relationship. A girl doesn’t need an extra weight on her shoulders. She’s not comfortable making decisions. She wants to feel weak, next to a strong man.
You’re a man. And you have to make decisions. Do everything for her yourself. Let her wait for you to call and ask her to meet you. Let her think about whether you will have any relationship at all. Make sure she calls first. I wrote about this in the article how to fall in love with a girl.
There are still cases when a man has already met a girl a couple of times, and he is thinking about how to start dating her. He believes that without this, she will not become his companion. If a guy has met a girl 3 times, then he is already with her. Why make any suggestions? Why put a woman in an awkward situation? Your relationship should start smoothly and on its own. This will be the best option.
I hope, my Friend, that after this article, you will not enter questions in Yandex, how to invite a girl to meet beautifully by SMS, and also in an original way.