The offer to start dating is the most romantic and beautiful moment of the flower-bouquet period of relations between a man and a girl. Often young people do not know at all how to make such a step correctly, so as not to confuse the beauty and get a positive response. The official offer serves as a starting point at the beginning of the relationship, allows you to indicate your position, put all the dots on the “i”, avoid innuendo. If you build a line of behavior incorrectly and choose the wrong words, then it is likely that the girl will leave without explaining the reasons. How to make such an offer beautifully and competently?
In what cases do you need to invite a girl to meet?
If a man and a woman like each other, then sooner or later their pleasant communication smoothly flows into a romantic channel. It often happens that this stage passes into a relationship without special offers unnoticed by both. However, often the situation develops in a different way — the guy is crazy about the girl, they communicate as friends, but the relationship does not flow to the next stage. It is at this moment that a man thinks about how to invite a girl to meet, but he subconsciously feels the fear that he will be refused, and all his expectations will be in vain. There are 3 ways to make an offer beautiful and romantic.
1-The classic version.
Get to know the girl better to learn more about her and carefully prepare for the upcoming mission. Try to start interesting and relaxed conversations on neutral topics with her more often. Try to be in her social circle more often. Make inquiries about the object of adoration, specify whether she is in a relationship with any man.
In advance, work out the tactics of behavior and escape routes in case the girl refuses you. This will help you in a difficult situation to react correctly and contain your feelings. Take care in advance of choosing a place for a date, your image, topics for conversation, flowers or a gift, if you want to give them to a girl, think through to the details and rehearse your speech. For a meeting, it is best to invite a woman to a cozy cafe or restaurant, an amusement park or for a walk in the square. Try to choose quiet and sparsely populated places where you can talk in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, without being distracted by the people around you or the circumstances.
Try to stay alone with the girl and make an appointment with her tete-a-tete. When the girl comes to you, start a conversation about how her day went. Try to communicate easily and naturally on positive topics to relax the girl as much as possible. Smoothly navigate to the goal of your meeting. Try to find common topics or interests that bring you closer together in the conversation. After that, express your feelings. Tell us that you have recently made great friends, but would like something more. Try not to push the lady.
2-Secret admirer.
Plan the situation so that the girl understands that she has a secret admirer. You can start this operation after a personal contact on a friendly wave. Only after this stage can you move on to the role of a secret admirer. To do this, you can send her anonymous romantic letters with confessions of your feelings, send bouquets of flowers to work or home by courier.
When the girl is finally intrigued, send her a message that you are ready to reveal your identity in person and set a suitable time and place. Tell the beauty of the distinctive signs by which she will be able to recognize you. The girl will certainly want to satisfy her curiosity and come on a date, and you can only wait.
3-Smooth transition from friendship to relationship.
Before you invite a girl to meet, you have to become a real friend for her, on whom she can rely in any difficult situation. This scheme requires patience and a lot of time. However, this strategy will look more natural. Sooner or later, you will find a moment when you will be alone and will be able to make a formal proposal to the girl.