Unrequited love often leads us to the most reckless thoughts. And the first such desire can be called the desire to make a person love us. Of course, as they say, the heart can not be ordered, but, on the other hand, there are certain methods that often help to achieve what you want. In this article, we will tell you how to make a girl or a guy fall in love.
How to make a girl fall in love with you.
If you still decide to use this method, then be patient and follow the recommendations. First, you need a suitable image. Girls are not indifferent to guys with a rich inner world, who can talk about interesting topics and speak convincingly. So try to enrich your knowledge, read poetry and learn romance.
If you speak beautifully (and also insert quotes in the conversation and also tell who they belong to), then you are on the way to success. To all this must be added true gentlemanliness and impeccable manners. This item also includes a beautiful appearance and courtship “like in the movies”. Believe me, romantic walks under the moon, candlelit dinners, bouquets left at the door – all this is insanely popular with girls and turns their heads.
Also, girls are very fond of caring. Take care of your beloved, ask if she is warm, if she had a good dinner, etc. You can even take on some of her problems and solve them with apparent ease. So any girl will feel with you as if behind a stone wall.
In addition, be mysterious, allow yourself innuendo: female nature is curious, so the girl will do everything to unravel you. And do not forget to sometimes simply disappear to check the result of your efforts: you will certainly get a call.
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How to make a guy fall in love.
Guys love riddles, too. And they like to be hunters, so you should become an interesting and difficult prey. In addition, a certain aura of mystery and dreaminess will so captivate the male representatives. Inaccessibility is the next point that will make your beloved follow you to the end of the world, because a new victory is a tribute to male self-esteem. To satisfy him, he is capable of many things, even a sincere love.
In the pursuit of such a romantic image, you must constantly remember about femininity. Under this concept, you should mean a lot of criteria, but the game is worth the candle. You should look great in both an evening outfit and a tracksuit for a run. Everything you do in front of a guy should be done with taste and grace – you should surprise him every day.
Try to do this gradually, to give the guy the opportunity to discover something new in you with each meeting. Let the list of your advantages each time add new items like “She is a delicious cook”, “She is a great dancer” “ ” She is a great conversationalist”, “She is a very sensitive person” , etc.