Women are vulnerable and mysterious creatures. Girls like men who know how to appreciate care, affection and understanding. They want to give off heat and at the same time feel in safe hands. There are various criteria by which to evaluate the chances of making the right impression.
Based on age.
Young girls appreciate more external qualities and style in clothing. Appearance, moonlight kisses, and the body are of paramount importance to them. It is important for them to go hand in hand with someone who looks fashionable, who has an unquestionable authority in the company. Older women are looking for deep communication. They want to feel that there is a really reliable person next to them, who they can rely on at any moment. Here, feelings come to the fore, the willingness to take responsibility for the spoken phrases. A mature person is guided by reasonable principles and is little subject to spontaneity and surprise.
In appearance and physique.
It would be wrong to say that only beautiful people are loved. Of course, it is desirable that the guy makes a pleasant impression. However, girls do not chase only external data, it must be understood in advance.
Each lady has her own desired type of man: slim, slightly plump, tall or medium height. The choice is made unconsciously, as if without our participation.
By character and behavior.
An important factor that you need to pay special attention to. A woman expects that a man will want to sacrifice a lot in order to stay close. Most people like to be confident, purposeful, and have a clear dream.
Nice looks helpfulness and tolerance, but if they are shown excessively, the guy is called henpecked. Delicate and cautious behavior will cause an almost maternal desire to care and be needed.
A sense of humor and charisma.
Welcome the ability to joke, to win over yourself. If you are a cheerful person, you are more likely to attract attention. A positive guy is able to cheer up a gloomy autumn day. He will tell a joke or a funny story in time. A strong personality necessarily disposes to itself, charges others with positive emotions.
Income and success.
Ideally, a guy should be able to earn money, have a prestigious job. It is great if he has a high position or has his own business. But in practice, the best option is rarely found. Therefore, the desire to work for the future and overcome obstacles is highly appreciated. He who is not afraid of difficulties is worthy of the highest praise. Independence from other people’s opinions, the desire for success makes such a man strong and self-sufficient in the eyes of a woman.
Romance and spontaneity.
Pleasant surprises excite the mind, promote the expression and development of feelings. If a young man unexpectedly arranges a festive dinner or invites a girl to take an exciting trip, then his interest in it increases. A lady is always pleased with the manifestations of courtship.
She wants it to go on like this for a long time. That is why it is so important not to skimp on real courtship.
Attitude to the family.
Women are so organized that they always dream of building their own social unit. It is important for them to feel married, to have one or more children. This is a normal desire that indicates strong feelings for a partner. When a guy wants the same thing, it raises him in the eyes of the chosen one.
Other important aspects.
The qualities of guys that girls like can be presented in the form of a list. If you conduct a survey among women, the following components will win::
responsiveness; the desire to make contact; sociability; the desire to set and achieve goals; a sense of unity with a loved one, common thoughts and moods; the ability to show tenderness.
10 things that are repulsive in men.
There are some manifestations that literally make you wince with disgust. It does not matter who the guy is – blond or dark, fat or thin, his habits and behavior are significant. It should be understood that certain components of the character are undesirable. The type itself can make a repulsive impression.
Greed. If a man avoids spending money on his beloved, then it is unlikely that it is pleasant to be near him. Girls don’t like guys who are afraid to part with every penny. It seems that such a person’s values are somewhat perverted. Extravagance. Generosity and the desire to give selflessly are one thing. But if a man is a spender, then it is not easy with him. After all, he thoughtlessly spends the money earned by hard work. Indifference. This quality of character is annoying, especially for those who seek a clear and harmonious relationship. An indifferent person is not able to give warmth. He constantly shows a dismissive attitude, does not want to invest in the union.
Self-doubt. Sometimes shyness looks quite touching. But this rarely happens. Basically, girls want to lean on a strong shoulder and be able to rely on a life partner at the right time. Inability to earn money. Money is important these days. Their importance is difficult to overestimate. Unwillingness to make an effort and follow a goal can significantly undermine trust. Resentment and conflict . According to statistics, according to the conducted research, the most annoying thing is the inability to compromise, to find the right solution. In this case, the girl does not feel the necessary ground under her feet, and is forced to constantly adapt to the circumstances. Grumpiness, scandalousness. It is believed that this is a female prerogative. Relationship growth is impossible. Infidelity. One of the most painful topics. A man who changes, inspires fear and anxiety. It is no longer possible to hope for it, to make joint plans. Excessive neatness. Inexplicable pedantry causes a sense of apprehension. The companion may think that she has got to a polyclinic or a school where strict rules prevail. Severe sloppiness. The socks and underpants scattered everywhere are incredibly annoying. If a woman gets tired of cleaning up after a gentleman, then the relationship can end. Interaction with a psychological teenager attracts few people, even if a person has an adult hairstyle and a developed physique.
Preferences based on the zodiac sign.
It turns out that this factor also affects the choice of a girl. Unconsciously, every woman strives to choose the most powerful man for herself. He should approach her by nature, be polite and courteous .
Depending on the sign of the zodiac, the lady pays attention to certain manifestations.
Aries. Such women have a strong character. They prefer to act alone and often do not rely on a life partner. A representative of this sign will pay attention to a man who will demonstrate intelligence and extraordinary abilities. Taurus. This woman likes to be bossy. She wants to see in her environment a submissive guy who would be ready to carry her in his arms and please in everything. Twins. An ambiguous zodiac sign. A woman has a developed intuition. For this reason, she will appreciate a strong personality, able to cope with any adversity. Cancer. They are gentle creatures. Cancer girl craves romance. She needs a gentle knight who is ready to do great deeds for her. Leo. Dominant personality. He likes to bend to his will, and without asking about the mutual desire. Maid. A calm sign. Such a woman simply expects sincere feelings from a man. Scales. As a rule, such ladies are aimed at creating a family and will not meet just for fun. They need a husband and confidence in the future. Scorpio. A woman who aspires to power. Looking for a reliable partner. Sagittarius. Wants to have order in the house. Values accuracy and reliability. Capricorn. Such a girl needs a global goal for which she could try. Aquarius. This is a creative nature that values its own freedom above all else. The Aquarius girl will strive for individual self-realization. She puts all her energy into self-education and self-improvement. Fish. A sign that strives for peace and quiet. Family values come first.
Thus, the guys that girls like do not have outstanding character traits. Sincerity in feelings, focus on creating a family and the desire to establish strong relationships-this is what is important. We value purposefulness, the desire to give selflessly, without demanding anything in return.