Quite often, young people ask the question-what kind of guys do girls like? As statistics show, they are tall, muscular, with a figure reminiscent of Apollo, with a great sense of humor, not greedy, kind, intelligent, well-mannered. This list can be continued for a long time, but whether there is a chance to find so many qualities in one person at once is not easy to answer.
But there is also such a thing as charisma and charm, which sometimes affects the weaker sex better than the perfect body and pretty appearance.
It will not be possible to answer the question unambiguously, but let’s try to analyze this burning topic and try to find the answer to what kind of guys girls like. What requirements do beautiful beauties make for potential knights of their heart?
Any girl very often changes her mind, with such speed that it is sometimes difficult for a guy to understand the course of her thoughts. First, they try to choose a cavalier by appearance, then they decide to look for a prince by character, and by and large they simply can not clearly formulate their desires.
If you ask a girl what kind of guy she needs, then she is unlikely to be able to clearly answer which representatives of the stronger sex she likes best. After all, every day life changes, people become different, and what can we say about girls whose mood is difficult to predict.
There is a type of young ladies who really want to get married, so they judge the chosen one not by appearance, but by other qualities: reliability, care, ability to earn good money, kindness, generosity, etc.
And there are those who just want to enjoy life, they need a guy completely different-cheerful and playful, charming and easy-going, without complexes, an adventurer.
However, let’s try to identify the main signs by which many girls choose the ideal man for themselves.
External data.
All girls can deceive as much as they want and make you believe that the appearance of a man is the last thing they pay attention to. These are just empty words. Girls are concerned about the external features of the chosen one and sometimes they are even more cruel in their assessments than the stronger sex.
Moreover, the older the girl is, the more she makes demands on the guys. In order to start being in demand among the weaker sex, you should not “score” on your appearance.
Believe me, luxury cubes on the press will distract the attention of the beauty from the fact that you have a low growth, although this is also a significant drawback by their standards.
But it can be compensated with a well-chosen wardrobe, a toned torso, as well as strong arms and a wide back.
The color of the hair, and even more so the shape of the hairstyle will no longer matter. A luxurious, well-groomed body is the main trump card of a guy. With an excellent figure, he is sure to win many women’s hearts.
Men should not be envious of popular athletes, who are loved by many girls. It is better to go to the gym and start shaping yourself a gorgeous body.
Do not be lazy, pull up on the horizontal bars, lift the barbell, buy dumbbells and then everyone will be crazy about you. But at the same time, sometimes read books, smart guys are also loved by women.
Not all representatives of the fair sex are susceptible to appearance. Yes, it’s great when a guy has a toned body, but if there is nothing to talk about with him, then this is a huge minus.
The appearance of a movie star is enough for a couple of days, and then it will not be enough. And especially if the handsome man does not know how to behave in society, is rude, makes vulgar jokes. This type of guy will definitely scare off the young lady and no cubes on the press will help.
Count on the topic:
Now I like well-read young people who are familiar with both classical and modern literature.
We advise you to follow not only the likes in social networks and consider buxom beauties, but to do your own development and buy a few books, they will expand your horizons.
And then, if you meet an intellectual on the way, it will not matter what height the chosen one is, but she will be interested in his rich inner world. So you try to be a versatile person, this is now relevant.
A real man.
How often do girls pronounce: “He must be a man.” These are beautiful words, but unfortunately, not everyone understands what they mean.
And the word “should” is perceived ambiguously by guys. By and large, no one owes anyone anything. A man needs to learn to be responsible for what is said and fulfill these promises.
If a young man throws words to the wind, and in reality nothing happens, then this will certainly cause complete disappointment in the weaker sex.
Try not to promise what you can’t do. Stop bragging, but rather get down to business and amaze the girl with actions, drive her cafe, give flowers, protect and protect.
Girls like men who look after themselves. Here, external data is not important, but if the clothes are untidy, there are holes on the socks, the hair is greasy, the face has a week’s stubble, the shoes are dusty, and the body smell is hardly pleasant, then there can be no question of any sympathy.
We recommend watching the video below:
Therefore, we iron clothes, clean shoes, wash regularly, shave and monitor the freshness of breath, then the guys will probably have a chance to interest the yoke they like.
A sense of humor.
It is this trait that can win a lady’s heart. As the survey shows, with a man who is familiar with subtle sparkling humor, girls try to spend as much time as possible.
Agree, when your young man is the soul of the company, it’s nice. With such a person you will not get bored, the date will not pass in sullen silence and from any awkward situation such a joker will find a witty way out.
It’s quite nice to know that your friend knows how to cheer up even in the most difficult moment of life.
This trait of character is very much appreciated by girls in men. Some even claim that this is one of the ideal signs in guys.
No one says that a young man is required to bestow a companion with long mink fur coats and present new cars in a gift box with a bow, this is not required, although it will not be superfluous.
To a greater extent, generosity is understood as the absence of avarice. Ladies really do not like it when a guy literally “cowards” over every penny and orders the cheapest drinks and food in a cafe, and also once again does not give a banal, but so pleasant, bouquet.
The main thing is not to confuse generosity and commercialism. These are completely different concepts. Some representatives of the stronger sex identify them with their own benefit, that is, they justify their avarice by the fact that they do not want to be loved by a girl for money.
It is especially insulting when a guy has money, but he is in no hurry to spend it on the lady of the heart, skimping even on a ball of ice cream. Any woman is pleased to understand that if she needs financial support, her lover will help her overcome difficulties.
But no one will want to communicate with a person who needs to beg for money for a piece of bread. And here it will not be important thin or fat guys, tall or short, their care and attention is important.
Their tightness sometimes reaches the point that a lady has to pay for herself in a cafe on her own.
General type.
Let’s try to summarize everything and collect a general type of guys who now like the opposite sex.
Since school years, girls have preferred the bad guys. Most often, this was due to the fact that the guys were not afraid to express their own thoughts, were able to challenge society, dressed stylishly, and often had a good figure.
They exuded energy, strength, and confidence. But only in the movies, the bad guys fall in love with modest beauties and become white and fluffy. In reality, this is not the case. Bad guys can only spoil the life of a nice girl, but they will not lose their popularity.
Still girls sympathize with young people with non-standard external data. No one says that it should be too thin guys or too short, yes, they stand out, but we are not talking about them.
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Attention is paid to children with dark skin, long hair, other nationalities, those who arouse interest, and even excite girls ‘ fantasies. It is no secret that some nationalities are superbly built, and this only fuels the curiosity of the weaker sex.
Romantics are also popular. Women like pleasant surprises presented by a guy. This includes unusual dates, serenades under the window, an evening promenade, armfuls of flowers. There are not many such men now, so they are worth their weight in gold.
Perhaps we have introduced you to the main criteria of guys that girls are crazy about. Remember them for sure and win the hearts of women. Most importantly, do everything sincerely and with love.