Many people are concerned about the question: how to understand that a man is in love with you. The answer is especially relevant if the girl herself is not indifferent to this man. We try to interpret looks, gestures, but what else can indicate tender feelings?
A lot about a man’s behavior is said by such little things as facial expression, body language, wording in correspondence and conversations. It is enough to show a little care and deductive abilities to notice the obvious. To understand that a man is in love, psychology will help. Of course, there is a risk to go on about your own desires and suspect a colleague or a friend of feelings that he does not feel. Therefore, when observing the object of your dreams, it is important to keep a cool mind, so as not to give out wishful thinking.
1 Oh, that look.
To understand that a man is in love, but hides it quite simply by the expression of his face. In a man in love, when he looks at the object of his passion, the pupils are usually dilated. This is biology, you can’t argue with it. This is explained by the emotional excitement that a person experiences when looking at someone who is sympathetic to him.
If a man likes you, then when communicating with you, he will constantly swallow saliva (this often happens with excitement), now and then raise his eyebrows and smile, showing his front teeth. Here you can also add another sign that allows you to understand that a man is secretly in love — this is a long look of eye to eye without separation.
2 Wide gestures.
Sign language helps you understand that a man is in love. Everyone knows that sympathy in body language is expressed in several ways.
If a man is standing in front of you, his feet will be pointed in your direction. A man will try to take up as much space as possible in the space, for example, by spreading his legs, putting his hand on the back of a nearby table. Thus, a man in love demonstrates his importance to the lady of the heart.
I realized that our sysadmin liked me when I noticed that he began to come to our office quite often: then he digs into some wires, then he does something in my computer. And what is most interesting, you can see from him that he is somehow nervous (he is already modest, but here he is trembling)! And when he comes to my computer, he will always accidentally touch me: then with his hand, then with his shoulder. On Valentine’s Day, I had a bunch of flowers on my desk, but no one ever confessed. As if I didn’t know!
In addition, if a man hides his feelings for a woman, active gestures in her presence come to the rescue, which helps to understand that someone is clearly not indifferent here. Gestures in this case are most often used by introverts as a way to attract attention.
3 Closer, closer.
Reducing the distance between you and a man, if he is the initiator of rapprochement — one of the obvious signs of sympathy. From the point of view of psychology, this is how a man tries to get into the zone of closer contact — in your personal space, and stop being an outsider for you.
The boundaries of personal space are an interesting thing. There are at least three outposts: the closest we get to our children, loved ones, and parents; the next point is relatives and friends; the third is acquaintances and colleagues. The latter we keep at a distance of up to a meter, although everyone has their own ideas about how close or far you need to keep outsiders. When a man tries to move from point #3 to point #2, this indicates that he is clearly not indifferent to you.
4 Palm to palm.
The desire to touch the object of your passion can also be interpreted as one of the signs of falling in love. You can understand that a male colleague is in love by the way he makes timid attempts to accidentally touch your arm or shoulder.
Here, of course, you need to be careful, because you can only allow yourself to be touched by those who really like you. Otherwise, all this can be regarded as sexual harassment in the workplace. If you let a man know that the sympathy is mutual, he may try to kiss you.
5 Listen to me carefully.
A man in love knows how to listen, he is interested in everything you say. He pays a lot of time and attention to communicating with the girl he likes. And, most importantly, he always remembers what you talked to him about down to the smallest detail.
Moreover, if a man is not your friend, but, for example, a colleague, he may start to pay you compliments and ask personal questions in order to get to know you better.
6 Special messages.
It is easy to understand by correspondence that a man is in love with you. It is often much easier to express emotions that are hidden in correspondence, because messages are a huge opportunity for flirting. Pay attention to the presence of emoticons, hints, and the choice of topics. In correspondence, it is difficult not to understand the context of the conversation, especially if it goes beyond business and occurs not only during working hours. There was clearly some sympathy here.
Married men are my topic! They literally stick to me. And they complain, they complain about their wives: and sex with them is boring, and they themselves look terrible, do not take care of themselves, or, on the contrary, only on appearance and are turned. And they live with them only out of habit. Almost always, such conversations end after a while with men beginning to show me signs of attention, hinting that they really need such a mistress: smart, beautiful and sexy. I don’t know, is this a special kind of flirtation for married men?

  1. Married cavalier.
    By the way, about married colleagues who feel sympathy for girls in the workplace. In addition to all the above-mentioned signs, this colleague will definitely bring to your attention, and maybe not only to yours, but all the ladies working together with you, how bad everything is at home: they do not appreciate him, do not understand — this is not even a marriage.
    Of course, it is up to you and only you to decide whether to respond to such sympathy or not. The main thing is not to forget that what a man says and what happens in such situations are actually two big differences.