All the world’s approaches in a complex.
The pickup truck as a whole appeared not so long ago. And the first enthusiasts devoted a considerable part of their lives to studying the preferences of girls! We must admit that they came to success, and today we have a certain set of qualities that girls like so much. First, let’s finish off your stereotypes, so that they no longer torment you.
The vast majority of people believe that girls like big guys. 2 meters tall, blue eyes, 100 kg of muscle and all that. But all this is only half true. Girls by and large like to feel protected next to a guy. And if you can convince her that she will be safe with you, you will be even more important to her than the closet that was described above. I assure you, it doesn’t matter. I personally am of low stature – look at my photos and you will be convinced of this!
However, all this does not mean that you should not exercise, build muscle mass, and so on. You have to be a normal guy who keeps himself in shape . This factor means a lot at the dating stage. Just watch yourself, eat right!
Appearance in general does not play a big role . It’s quite possible that you have an average build. You can’t call yourself a dystrophic or an overweight guy. But at the same time, you wonder how you do not stick with girls, and guys with excess weight or dystrophy have beautiful girls, attention, and so on. In this case, you are too categorical about the question. Appearance is important, but it is not the main quality that is valued in guys.
But the clothes will be your faithful assistant. Girls look very carefully at how you dress, and only by one appearance will already make a lot of conclusions. If it’s the usual jeans and T-shirt, then you automatically fall into the gray mass. But if you are wearing stylish trousers, a shirt, sunglasses (if appropriate) and cute races, then the attitude towards you is completely different. Anyway, pay attention to your appearance, but do not raise it to the absolute.
And now let’s move on to the specific qualities that girls appreciate in guys.
What do you associate with this word in general? How to become courageous? A man is a leader, a constant winner, he always succeeds and everything, this is the character trait that girls like in guys. He does not give in to obstacles, but confidently overcomes them, breaks and leads his girlfriend along the well-trodden path. Well, something like that.
In general, masculinity is a special energy that should come from a person. He must inspire strength and dominance by his mere appearance . This is a real male.
Why do you think girls are so hung up on bad guys when they’re not even old enough to be a criminal? This energy comes from them, they are very different from the others. And even if they are full of shit in life, they can not treat a girl normally, they spoil people’s lives, they mock, they do everything wrong, they rebel from scratch. But they are the ones the girls think are cool. As practice shows, the lower your voice and closer to the bass – the more likely the girl will like you.
Admittedly, not much changes with age. Girls will also like guys who are different from others. But only they have preferences, and therefore you, the future professional pickup truck, should be a universal person. Does the girl like piercings? Say that you are interested in them, demonstrate real knowledge. Does she like people who study physics for hours? Show her a deep knowledge of at least one topic, and so on, so that you understand the principle.
In addition, masculinity consists in the fact that a guy should be stronger than a girl in all respects. He must morally suppress it on a subconscious level. No matter what kind of girl is a feminist, nature takes its toll. She likes it when a man makes decisions, does, and does not think, directs her movement, puts prohibitions and permits .
And no matter how much you respect the girl’s freedom of choice, you will have to somehow suppress her will and force her to do what you need one day. Then you will become courageous and strong in her eyes.
At the initial stage, you can also show this quality by setting your own game conditions. She stops by to get to know you, because that’s what you want. Gives you the number because you want it. Goes on a date with you because you want to. And yet she likes it all. Sure. The limits also need to be seen, but with experience you will understand how and what.
First of all, the confidence must be in yourself. If you are not sure of yourself, how will a girl be sure of you? How can she trust you with anything? You need to know what you want about life at the macro and micro levels. In particular, you must know exactly what you want from a girl. And it is also important to go to the intended goal confidently and calmly.
A lot of guys are tormented by the question of how to be confident. Here everything is quite simple. You have to constantly set goals for yourself. First, let them be small and even banal. You don’t need anything global and large-scale. Just pass the project on time, earn a certain amount of money, take part in some competitions. Further – more.
The more goals you conquer, the more confident you will feel. For a pick-up truck, the goals are girls . Let each one be your little goal at a certain stage. And when you achieve it, your self-esteem will grow along with your confidence!
You can’t say that this is a quality that girls like. But without determination, you’ll never have a girlfriend at all.
Let’s say you’re a handsome guy in the opinion of girls, have a great sense of humor, confident and strong. The girls will wink at you, throw languid glances in your direction. But none of them will ever be yours until you come and meet them yourself. Dealing with indecision is both simple and difficult. Simple, because you only need to decide. It is difficult, because the decision comes hard.
Once you’ve decided to learn the ins and outs of the art of seduction, you’ll have to be determined. And the easiest way to do this is with girls. Just practice communication and gradually you will become familiar with the usual thing, like having breakfast.
A man should be a leader by nature. For example, you like to visit your friends in an expensive car. And a girl likes to come to a party with the best guy of all. And it is very simple to do this.
You need to be quite active (but not hyperactive). If you are the leader in many issues, then the girl likes you, that’s the whole recipe. Read my article on how to please a girl.
This is one of the main qualities that only a man should have. If you don’t have the perseverance, then the best girls go to the other guys . The thing is quite contradictory and borders on arrogance. And you may even think that behaving in this way is uncivilized and so it is impossible to please a girl at all. But this is a common stereotype.
You want to appear like a gallant gentleman, courteous and knowledgeable of manners. You address the girl on “You”, ask her permission to be near, sit down, apologize, and so on. In fact, you appear to her as a rotten person, a person who is much lower than her in terms of level.
Understand, our society has long stepped into the 21st century, and the ideals here have seriously changed. Therefore, you have a choice: either you will be a cultured guy, or someone who is given girls . What will you choose? If the latter, let’s change!
How to be persistent? You will have to overcome yourself, so to speak, overcome yourself in some respect. Here it is also important to start small, otherwise you can go to extremes. Initially, just try not to make mistakes that give you away as a cultured but weak young man.
Regardless of the circumstances, you must keep a cool mind and be calm. The girl should understand that you will help her out of any situation, because you will be calm. Otherwise, who’s going to make the decisions when she’s just throwing a tantrum? If she takes this burden on herself, you will be insignificant in her eyes.
In addition, calmness inspires strength. If you are calm inwardly, then outwardly you look very strong. You should be comfortable in any situation. Being calm is very simple, don’t be nervous about and without and just do it. Such people are always appreciated and not only by women.
A few general recommendations.
All these qualities are, of course, great. But how to show them unobtrusively to the girl, so that she understands that you are worthy of her attention and even something more? Here, for the most part, everything manifests itself in nonverbal behavior. The way you behave tells a woman everything she needs to know about you at the initial stage. Read my materials on how to properly touch a girl on a date.
Pay attention to your posture . The back should always be straight, shoulders turned back, chest forward. The chin is slightly raised. You will immediately inspire strength, respect for yourself. Hunched people give the impression of outsiders.
Watch your step . It should be smooth, don’t go too fast. All movements should give you calmness and complete control over any situation. The voice should be very calm and even a little drawn out. Don’t talk too fast. You’re in a hurry, aren’t you? Girls like a smooth, low and calm voice. The look should be as kind as possible at the same time.
Use these techniques . Practice a little and you will be able to show the girl all your advantages by non-verbal means gently, unobtrusively and effectively.
So, I hope I was able to explain what kind of guys girls like both in character and appearance, and in general according to statistics.