Brother, you ask how not to spoil the relationship with the girl? Are you asking which guys girls like and which ones they don’t? And why do women talk to me for a long time, and run away from you after a couple of meetings? What is it about you that repels them?
At one time, I also made a huge number of mistakes in my relationship with a girl I liked very much. And not with her alone, when I was young and stupid, I didn’t understand what kind of guys girls like. My relationships with girls didn’t really work out until I started analyzing the main points in order to please the girls. Today we will focus on one of their important rules for a serious relationship with a girl not to spoil because of such seemingly nonsense for you, but such an important fact for her. I will share with you this one of the most important rules. Make your own mistakes, but don’t repeat mine. So, what kind of guys do girls like:
In the articles ” Big Brother Tips. What a woman wants and how to understand it” , “How to please a girl? – Develop self-confidence”! and “Tips on how to please a girl on a first date” we have already talked about what is important for a woman and how to please a girl. And now I will tell you how not to spoil the relationship with a girl (woman) and what kind of guys girls like. Especially with the girl you really like.
“I’ll tell you, brother, what a ‘strange thing’, in our male opinion, I noticed in women when I was young and stupid. I didn’t know much about sex back then, much less about the behavior of women in bed. I noticed that when I had sex with a girl, she turned her head to the other side, and covered her nose with her hand. I thought at first that this is a typical position of a woman during an orgasm. However, the next day she disappeared, and it was impossible to reach her. And so it was repeated more than once. I wondered then, just as you did, what was so strange about it? And how can a relationship with a girl be extended for at least a few months?
I once asked a lady what an interesting position is during orgasm, with her head thrown back and her hand near her nose. And why can’t I create a serious relationship with a girl? Why do they all disappear, even though they clearly liked me at the first meeting and were happy to communicate with me? She tells me so:
— It’s not an orgasm, it’s your sweat and your breath that stinks, so I turn my head away.” And, of course, it is not very pleasant for me to communicate with you because of this. So it seems like a normal guy, but as soon as you take off your sweater, you want to run away from the room in which you are.
“How does it stink, I wash twice a week and brush my teeth, well, almost every day,” I asked.
Do you know what she said to me?

  • You need to take a shower every day (and with physical work, twice a day), use deodorant, and brush your teeth not once a day, but twice-in the morning and in the evening.
    I was young and stupid, so I resented her. I thought this was a woman with an overblown idea of cleanliness. Then you know what I noticed? This is not her excessive demands for cleanliness – they all have it, you can imagine! (well, almost all of them) Do you understand the difference? To your friends, you’re a normal, clean guy. But for an ordinary woman-you are very dirty and unclean. Nature did this for some reason. There’s nothing you can do about it, don’t even try. Therefore, the advice is simple, if you want a relationship with a girl, or a woman you like, not to deteriorate because of such nonsense, and that a woman does not run away from you immediately, then take a shower before meeting them and brush your teeth. Well, that’s the minimum. And if you can, it’s better to wash every day, and brush your teeth twice a day. After all, you don’t know exactly when you’ll meet your girlfriend. If you are always ready, then there are more opportunities.
    When you master the minimum, you can take on more “complex” techniques of cleanliness. Now I will list briefly what: clean your shoes, change your underwear and socks every day, if there is dandruff, then take it out, shave, iron your pants, go to the barber shop, before you bring a woman home, wash the dirty dishes and clean up a little.
    If you have pimples on your body, then this is – do not eat sugar and flour with sweets at all for at least a month, and it is better to limit yourself in life and sunbathe a couple of times, everything will pass. Read more tips on how to get rid of acne here ” Pimples. How to get rid of acne quickly, easily and cheaply”?
    Don’t give up training, or you’ll get fat.
    There are, of course, quite complex techniques, but do not get carried away at first-okay?
    Well, just in case, an example of complex techniques, suddenly you will master them too:
  • eat at the table, do not slurp too much;
    — do not grab food with your hands, for this there is a spoon, fork and knife;
    “open the door for the woman.” Stand up when she appears. Help me put on my coat. And in the transport, which is why you are sitting like a weak man, give way to women. Your girlfriend will definitely see this, and your relationship with the girl will become much stronger and better. That’s the kind of guy girls like.
    Good luck to you.