How does flirting differ from simple communication? Flirting is the first step to cheating.
Reading my articles about loyalty, infidelity, and dropout filters, readers constantly ask what flirting is, how it differs from normal communication.
Ordinary communication has no sexual background. That is, the interlocutors do not communicate as a man with a woman, but as an acquaintance with an acquaintance, regardless of gender. Even if in such a conversation there are compliments, praise, words of support, they are friendly in nature, do not have the features of addressing it as a man.
The subjective difference between flirting and simple communication is that the first one has a more personal, intimate character. Intimate – not so much in the sexual sense (it just may not be), but in the sense of a special attachment to a person, sympathy for him, when the thoughts of a woman are directed to this person. Flirting is often playful, but it can also be serious. At the same time, the deeper the flirtation, the more serious it is usually. If there is an intimate component: we are talking about touching, about meeting, being together, then this is definitely flirting, already turning into sexual conversations.
Also, flirting can include the usual compliments, praise, words of admiration, if they are not one-time, but regular.
In my opinion, the easiest way to find out whether it is flirting or just communication is to imagine: could a woman say the same thing in the presence of her man and other people nearby? I advise you to use the same rule for self-control during correspondence. Would you say this if your wife (husband) and a few other friends are standing next to you?
Examples of ordinary communication and flirting.
“You did so well!” I hope our chief will appreciate it! (just praise) – You did great! I’m afraid I won’t be able to forget your voice until the evening (a woman says that a man has hooked her, that she constantly thinks about him, flirting)

  • A great suit! It makes you look very slim. (just chat) – Great costume! And it feels so nice. It’s so nice to touch it (it’s about touching, flirting)
  • Very interesting story! I liked it! (just communication) – A very interesting story! You know so much! I’ve always adored smart men! (A lot of excitement, a woman talks about her liking for “smart men”, that is, hints at this person, flirting)
  • Hello, Sing! I got really pumped up over the summer! (compliment) – Hello, Sing! What muscles you have! I would have snuggled up to you! (flirt)
  • Thank you, you are very helpful! (abstract, genderless politeness) – Thank you, what strong hands you have! (An indication of a male sign, flirting) A
    woman can not sleep, and she climbs into the Internet to chat:
  • I can’t sleep, I probably drank too much coffee (the usual sexless chatter) – I can’t sleep alone. I can’t sleep without strong male hands (a hint of intimacy, flirting) – Something I can’t sleep. I remember your voice as you made your report today. (a woman talks about being attached to a man, flirting)
    The danger of flirting is that it is a sign of a woman’s attachment to another man. This is the first step to cheating.