Does the wife annoy the husband? He doesn’t want to communicate and ignores his wife? Had he fallen out of love, or had he found another woman? What should a wife do in this situation?
Family quarrels and quarrels are very unpleasant and can lead to the destruction of relationships. Women are naturally emotional and often throw out negative emotions on their spouse. Husbands usually contain all their feelings inside, and when they begin to show violent emotions, it becomes clear that they are at the limit.
If the irritation of the spouse in relation to the wife has become clearly guessed, the woman should sound the alarm. But to cope with the current situation, you first need to understand it and find out why the husband became so annoyed with the once beloved woman, to whom he used to forgive everything.
“Please be quiet!” — But I don’t say anything. — You think it’s annoying. Sherlock Holmes and Lestrade.
What actions of the wife irritate the husband.
A perfect relationship between two different people is almost unattainable. The foundation of any marriage is patience . Only through this quality can harmony be achieved.
What to do if one of the spouses does not want to compromise at all? His feelings, perhaps, had vanished? Or is it something else?
The spouse can show irritation in cases when he is not satisfied with the behavior of his wife, but he can not directly tell her about it. It is difficult for a man to say everything directly due to his psychological characteristics. Of course, everyone is individual and everyone has their own reasons for irritation.
When a woman is tormented by the thought: “really, I irritate my husband with my actions,” you need to listen to the advice of a psychologist about the possible causes of this irritation.
Excessive attachment.
To understand this, you need to try to switch places with your husband.
The unwillingness of women to make their own decisions and the constant demands on their husband about solving any issues, even the most insignificant, irritate him. She asks, “Do you think this bag will go with the dress?” He doesn’t care about the bags at all, he’s busy thinking about work. What will be his reaction?
Constant monitoring of the spouse, reading SMS messages in his phone, calls with questions about where he is-the reason for the irritation of any man. All this the husband will regard as a desire to manage it. You do not need to constantly look into his eyes with a question about what he is thinking now, to ask about feelings – you can get an answer that is absolutely not satisfied.
Why do women think that their significant other should understand them in half a word? If the wife tries to find out from her husband what he is thinking, she herself acts exactly the opposite: she speaks in hints and is surprised that she was not understood. He does not know how to read thoughts, at this moment in his head completely different thoughts and it is difficult for him to switch.
The woman is offended that she was not understood and expresses all her thoughts about this. As a result, misunderstanding and rejection of each other.
Critical comments.
All of us are not perfect, but we must accept the shortcomings of a loved one if he is dear. Women for their excessive emotionality completely do not pay attention to the fact that they often list their husband’s shortcomings in public. Whether it’s friends, strangers, or your own children.
Humiliating a man in public will also not benefit the relationship. A wife needs to learn to restrain herself in front of strangers, otherwise her husband’s resentment against her can develop into a serious discord. The infringement of a man’s self-esteem will affect his feelings for his wife. If the criticism of the father is carried out in the presence of the children, his authority in the children’s eyes can be seriously damaged, and this can have very serious consequences in the future.
Often, many wives are so confident in their relationships that they stop monitoring their appearance. And how can you not be irritated by a sloppy, plump aunt in a dirty dressing gown, always yelling at the children and dissatisfied with everything around? Does this woman look like the one he once conquered and gave flowers and compliments?
Do not think that ” my husband is not going anywhere and no one needs him except me.” Such thoughts will not lead to anything good, the husband will prove the opposite : To forget about your appearance, it means not to love either yourself or your husband. Look like a model from the cover will not work, but to put in order clothes and hairstyle is simply necessary. It does not hurt to remember also about a healthy diet – it is good for health, skin and figure. And gymnastics classes will also get rid of depression.
Managing your husband.
The wife’s attempts to control her husband with the help of tears, emotions, ignoring, refusing sex will not help in strengthening the relationship.
Men will not appreciate all these “efforts” : frequent tears will develop immunity in the husband, if he previously tried to comfort and made concessions, then realizing after some time that this is one of her ways to achieve her own, will stop reacting; screams and emotions will never help solve the problem, another thing is a direct conversation, it is much more effective; ignoring and showing indifference to a man, a woman tries to make him pay attention to himself, he also draws the opposite conclusion from these actions; raising a husband by refusing sex can lead him to search for solace is on the side.
How to build a relationship.
What to do if the spouse is often irritated, says offensive words, in his eyes you can read indifference to his wife, and the woman so wants to return his favor?
In this case, the following advice from psychologists can help the wife: when the husband is irritated, you should try to leave him alone, it is better to do what you love at this time, take a walk with the children, go to a friend or to the store; do not talk to your spouse with a commanding note in your voice, calm and affectionate speech will help to relieve tension and establish mutual understanding; in moments when the husband is irritated, and you need to solve some issues, you should not make a decision alone, it is better to wait for his mood change and discuss everything together; if the husband’s irritability has been delayed, he does not want to communicate, he has retired to another room and this continues for several days, the way out of the situation will be a change of situation: travel, a trip to the country, a hike; each person needs a certain time to relieve irritation, if the husband quickly forgets the negative, you need to try to call him to a frank conversation and find out the reason for his frequent irritation, in cases where a man does not go to contact for a long time, it is worth seeking help from a psychologist.
The wife needs to learn to forget the offense, and not to accumulate it, convincing herself that the husband’s irritation is connected with his loss of former feelings. It is necessary to drive these thoughts out of your head and switch to the positive.
A cheerful and affectionate wife is unlikely to cause negative emotions, if peace and kindness reign in the house, children’s laughter is heard, then the man will feel that everything in his life is right and the irritation will disappear.