The way a person works is that if he does not strive for perfection, then at least he wants to be the best, the first, the ideal in various areas of his life. And as you know, the most popular bad habit of mankind is dependence on relationships. And how do you sometimes want not to get trapped, and immediately win the favor of the person of interest.
The prerogative of the hunter and the getter is predetermined by nature to the man. Perhaps because of this, it is the stronger love that is increasingly looking for a universal recipe for conquering the weak. And increasingly, it relies on information about what kind of guys girls like by nature.
TOP myths about what kind of guys girls like by character i.
Below are the most common misconceptions of society about what kind of men women like and how she chooses her chosen one.
What gave rise to this myth is not completely clear, but it exists. That young people like young people who look like their father. Probably, the similarity here is supposed to be visual, because at the first meeting, hardly anyone can appreciate the depth of the male character and the subtleties of nature. The most common opinion among teenagers is that girls like gentle and caring, affectionate and attentive, cute and kind boys. An equally popular assumption is that ladies prefer brutal macho men with rough manners and defiant behavior. Allegedly, they inspire more confidence with their appearance and look more masculine. And of course, the fact that girls like rich or even slightly well-off representatives of the strong love, who are able to provide my lady with financial assistance or pamper her with a variety of entertainment and gifts.
This short list does not make sense to continue, since each statement can be proved by examples and facts more than one thousand times, but along with proof, there are also a lot of examples that completely refute each of these hypotheses.
Refutation of myths 2.
In fact, girls like different guys at different times. And if you really have a very frank conversation, then each individual of the female love can exist separately. And the attachment to any partner dictates her hormone-oxytocin. This is how nature works, to create and preserve a family. As for the characters, it is absolutely no secret that after a few years of relationships, many people think that they do not know anything about each other.
And the fact that a girl chooses someone specific does not mean that he has a better character than someone else. It’s just that in this particular time period, mood, and even the fertility phase, it is more attractive, which may also change over time.
How it happens 3.
Every girl has her own image of the perfect guy in her head, but it changes with age and experience. Every year, new qualities are attributed to the expected partner and new requirements are set.
It is most rational to conduct a conversation from the point of view of what kind of girl we are talking about, or rather with what kind of character. Of course, it is difficult to cover all possible options, but roughly dividing all the girls into types of temperaments and images, based on their characteristics, psychologists determine the presumed type of the chosen one.
Types and images of girls and their preferences for the character of the beloved 4.
A purposeful independent lady, in the first couple of months of communication, may like the soft nature and complaisance of the cavalier. Tired of her worries, she will be happy with the breakfast prepared for her and warm socks. But after a while, when she realizes that with the appearance of a man, the worries have not decreased, and she can fry eggs herself, it turns out that the guy was not ready for feats, and the pursuit of a mammoth, and the responsibility for two is not his profile at all.
Thus, in different periods of time, the choice of a man’s heart can vary significantly, given the circumstances. For long-term relationships, modern, energetic and enterprising ladies are more suitable for guys with similar features.
Quiet and modest clever women, as a rule, dream and see next to them a knight, a hussar, a courteous cavalier. They are ready to independently deal with all household issues, but the partner should be courteous next to them, give a hand in time, and open the doors, be interested in her mood and arrange regular romantic evenings and walks. But at the first encounter with problems, the weaker love will require the help of the stronger. And nothing that up to this point, nothing was required of him except his own presence.
Along with the previous two types, there are also materialistic girls, according to a deep belief, which the partner should fully provide for his chosen one. This means that in addition to material well-being, he must have the qualities of a confident person, a leader, be able to increase capital and give the girl faith in a decent, comfortable future. But often, depending on the mood or banal story of one of the friends, the fair love begins to make additional demands on the partner, about affection, care and romance.
Of course, no one dares to limit all the diversity of women’s natures, and their predispositions. But the above few examples directly affect what kind of guys girls like by nature depends on the time and condition of the girl herself, her age, position, and even life experience.
There is no perfect recipe for universal behavior to please everyone. It’s the way it is that each creature has a pair. Today a person chooses warmth and comfort, and tomorrow he is looking for sharp impressions. Who knows what circumstances may push us to recklessness, and what person on this path will seem to us the most necessary.