At first glance-nothing complicated. Open any dating site, enter the parameters you are interested in, choose the most beautiful one from the list, and tomorrow you will smile sweetly at each other over a cup of coffee. This is exactly what shy guys think, comparing the charms of virtual communication with the hardships of the real one. But to check it out, it turns out that it is not easier to meet a girl on the Internet than offline, and no one has canceled a real meeting anyway. What advantages does the Internet really offer?
Availability. It is difficult to imagine a situation in real life when you can talk to thousands of girls in one place and at one time. On the Internet, it is enough to open a browser page. The reason. Dating sites are good because they do not go to girls who are not interested in dating, for example, married and in a relationship. Convenience. To start a conversation in conditions of minimal stress means not to get lost, not to succumb to shyness, not to be “stupid”. Less stressful conditions than a private room are hard to imagine.
How to start a conversation on the Internet with a girl? What should I do if she doesn’t answer? What to talk about on the Internet? The abundance of questions about virtual dating seems to hint: “No one promised easy ways! If you want to be on top – study the techniques of seduction!”. Fortunately, many fans of “pofludit” in the network, these techniques are not complicated, the main thing is to understand the features and secrets of virtual flirting.
Pros and cons of online dating.
The main disadvantage of virtual communication is one – you have no idea who is on the other side of the monitor. Yes, there are photos, but no one guarantees that the profile owner posts their photos. The meeting may surprise you unpleasantly, not to mention the fact that a prankster, a fraudster or someone more dangerous may be hiding behind a beautiful photo. And this is not all the pitfalls of correspondence “blindly”. A photo is worse than a live contact anyway. You don’t know when the photo was taken, you can’t see the person from other angles.
Factors that influence the appearance of sympathy:
facial expressions; plasticity; voice and manner of speaking; posture and demeanor; type and quality of skin, hair.
All this is available to you immediately when you meet a girl on the street, so it is immediately clear whether you like her or not. On the Internet, you will have to draw conclusions from “photoshopped” photos of an unknown date. At a meeting, there is a high probability that a real person simply will not interest you as much as the image created by the imagination interested you.
Among the advantages, it is worth highlighting the opportunities that the Internet gives to shy people. No matter how ironic the more successful guys and girls may be about this, for some it is a real lifesaver, saving them from the horrors of dating on the street. There is also a time-saving factor: you can sit in a bar for several hours and treat just one girl, or you can send out a dozen friendship requests in half an hour.
Rules of communication, or how to spark interest in the interlocutor.
These rules are not rules in the full sense of the word, that is, for their non-compliance, no one will block you, will not expel you from the site, and the acquaintance will not necessarily fail. But, guided by them, you are guaranteed to avoid stupid mistakes and be able to withstand the competition of other hunters for female attention. The rules apply to: page
design; photos; search and selection criteria; correspondence.
On dating sites.
A profile picture on a dating site is more important than the ability to speak beautifully, because the latter will not be useful to you if the photo does not interest the girl. It is desirable that there are many photos and all are different. Do not hesitate to use editors like Photoshop, girls have such a “scam” in the order of things. If you have flaws in your appearance, then the photos in the selection should hide them as much as possible. For example, it is better for thin guys to post autumn and winter photos, clothes will hide the shortcomings of the physique. To the pumped-up guys-on the contrary, more photos from the beach, from the gym, etc.
The second most important point is filling out the profile. The first is age, gender, appearance, marital status, and dating goals. According to these criteria, you will be identified by the search, so you need to fill in everything, you can lie somewhere, but do not overdo it. In “dating purposes”, it is better to specify something neutral or answer vaguely. Young girls are deterred by excessive specifics, no matter what it is about: both “creating a family” and ” love without obligations” are equally deterred.
Additional information is a long list of questions about all sorts of nonsense. Favorite music, favorite movies, favorite quotes, and everything like that. To many guys, filling out the questionnaire seems stupid, they ignore it, and in vain. It is better to be patient, but faithfully fill in everything. Please note that it is a bad idea to describe your biography in dry facts. The girl is not an investigator, she is not looking for details of your life on the page, but something that will interest her. What exactly might interest her, she does not know herself, so she reads everything in a row. There are two ways to arouse interest in a girl:
An unusual kind of activity. There is a category of always popular “romantic” professions, for example, an actor or a writer. If this is about you, be sure to emphasize the profession, but do not go into details. Intrigue. The lack of information can be alarming, and can inflame curiosity. Any details of your biography can be hidden with the phrase “let it remain a secret for you for now”. Her curiosity will definitely remember you and will not confuse you with anyone.
In social networks.
In social networks, there are pages for almost all girls, so no dating site in terms of activity and the number of accounts will ever come close to VKontakte or Instagram. Naturally, such a fishy place is of interest to all lovers of meeting girls on the Internet, so any beauty has long been tired of the number of friendship requests and messages. In such circumstances, you will have to try to make sure that the interest, first, is shown in general, and secondly, it is shown to you.
The rules of photography and page content apply here in the same way as on dating sites, but with their own specifics. A page in a social network requires more content, it should not be new, because a “fresh” empty page is a sign of a spammer, fraudster or advertiser. Your activity should tell the user about you.
You need to start dating in a social network gradually, preferably not with personal messages. Girls like to put up photos, everyone can often comment on them, this is a good reason to draw attention to themselves. Put likes, leave meaningful comments, ask questions under the photo. Example: if you see photos from a beach in Turkey, ask something about Turkey, try to guess the beach, city, etc.
If the dialogue in the comments took place, the girl will definitely come to you with a return visit. After that, you can look for a reason to transfer the communication to a personal account or messenger. Do not forget to view your personal information, sometimes you can find other contacts of the girl on the network and even a phone number.
The first phrases for communication.
It is absolutely impossible to start communication with the first phrase that comes to mind. Beautiful girls every day write “hello, how are you”, “let’s get acquainted”, “you broke my heart” and so on. To write the same thing means to become “another one”, and your goal is to become the only one. The first message should evoke some vivid emotion, because the memory filters out the words, leaving only impressions. Pick-up drivers in such cases behave in moderation impudently and joke a lot, laughter is fun, firmly embedded in the memory.
If you do not want to make jokes and repeat popular phrases from the arsenal of pick-up artists, you can bet on seriousness. For example, start a sentence with an explanation: “I decided to meet you because…”. Here you can just show human honesty. Be specific, general phrases like “you’re beautiful” don’t really say anything.
How to make an appointment.
It is very easy to arrange a date. The secret is to first create all the necessary prerequisites for this. Most often, guys are rejected because they are in too much of a hurry: the girl is not yet used to a new acquaintance, and she is already being pulled out of the comfortable Internet into the uncomfortable real world. Remember – first you need to be interested, preferably so that the interlocutor herself would like to try out all the learned ways of seducing men on you as soon as possible. If this point is fulfilled, it does not matter how and where you invite her.
The last thing to worry about is this place. Of course, there are places where you should not invite a girl on a first date, for example, to your home. Otherwise, the place is secondary: even if you are strapped for money, you can take a walk in the park, get out into nature, etc. A girl will not evaluate you by the institution to which you called her, if she is looking for a guy, and not a money bag. So concentrate on the impression you are making.
If you managed to find a common topic during online communication, develop it on a date. Use matching interests and tastes. For example, if you both like Italian food, this is an excuse to eat pizza together. If you are both interested in sports, arrange to run or play tennis together.