Probably everyone, at least once in their life, met on the Internet. And often dating turned into real meetings. What are they like? How do people behave in “virtual ” and”real”? This will be discussed in today’s article.
Probably everyone, at least once in their life, met on the Internet. And often dating turned into real meetings. What are they like? How do people behave in “virtual ” and”real”? This will be discussed in today’s article. The curb of real life.
The first interviewee — a middle-aged woman named Svetlana-was a regular on dating sites for three years. We have accumulated a lot of experience. At my request, Sveta shares it with the readers of “YUP”.
— Are there any modifications of men who spend time on the Internet? I know, for example, there are a lot of so-called “talkers” there. Actively corresponded, and then disappeared without saying goodbye… Were there such? — There was a very interesting interlocutor from Chelyabinsk. We corresponded for a long time… It became interesting to see him, I insisted on meeting him. And he’s all: tomorrow-tomorrow. But that tomorrow never came. Gone forever.
This is a man from the category: “kill time, chatter”. Such people, as a rule, do not want to change anything in life. I once observed that all this happens from nine to six. That is, at work! As soon as I understood their principle of operation, I immediately began to ignore them.
Then immediately disappear those who understand (after a meeting or even during correspondence) that you are not going to enter into an intimate relationship with him right away, without leaving the cash register. Such “lucky catchers” instantly jump off (switch to others?).
I noticed that men perceive online dating differently than women. Ladies sincerely want to change something in their lives. Meet a person, start a relationship. In men, it often comes down to finding an available partner for one night. And the most disgusting thing is that they are sure that only such women are represented on the Internet.
— How did you calculate married people? Are there many of them on dating sites? – Yes, every second! There are almost no single men in my age group anymore. Others say so directly: “Yes, I am married, two children, everything is fine. Do you want sex? I can help you.” He was so … very well-groomed, athletic, dark-haired. In a good car — in my understanding. I saw him once or twice. I come, so romantic, full of dreams: a date! But something bothered me. I ask: “You’re not married, are you?” He says, ” Yes, married, and what’s the big deal? I take a break from my family this way.” I told him right away-goodbye. To waste your time, to be someone’s entertainment! So it must have hurt him. Then he called several more times: “Well, are you going to date me?”.
— Does it happen that the photo does not correspond to what appears in the real world? – Often… women put up cool photos, some of them arrange photo sessions for themselves, many of them have 10-15 photos each. And the men… He will be photographed in shorts and an elongated T-shirt and, he thinks, enough is enough. Or put a picture of him ten years younger. Or, in general, from the passport. They do not bother with this, they know that the competition is low.

  • They say that the Internet is full of madmen… – There are, of course, not quite adequate, 10-15 percent of them, I think. They are looking for, for example, women with a special form of cuticle. Or the requirement: you have a distance from the ankle to the heel should be so much and not a centimeter less. These are crazy, of course. You just don’t have to react to them.
    “Maybe they’re kidding.” – no. I corresponded with one of them. It was an accident. I didn’t bother to read the questionnaire, I didn’t remember his claims. We correspond… and suddenly he starts asking some questions: like, and the shape of your ear is so-and-so and so-and-so? Does it match the parameters I specified or not? I don’t understand what you’re talking about… I’m asking leading questions. And suddenly he, indignantly and switching to “you”: “How, we have already corresponded so much, and you did not even bother to find out my requirements, did not read the questionnaire?! It won’t do!”
    I read the questionnaire… and then it comes to me: damn, but this is a real maniac, fixated on some bullshit… I deleted it, of course, immediately.There are also fans of virtual sensations. They don’t even need any meetings.
    Corresponded, for example, with one… Everything seems to be fine. And suddenly he asks: what kind of underwear are you wearing now? I immediately realized what kind of fruit it was. I answer: I’m wearing a fur bra and quilted knickers, like your grandmother once had. The man fell into a stupor. In response — silence… Then-everything, disappeared forever.
    — But despite all these oddities, you were still looking, hoping?” “Yes, I was hoping. Someone is lucky, someone finds out why I’m worse? This went on for three years. And then somehow I came across a malicious message from a certain man (set out in the questionnaire), addressed to all the ladies on the Internet. He wrote something like this: “You are worthless, you just need to take you to a cheap pub, buy a beer, and-you agree to everything.”
    Somehow I felt uneasy… What if this is really how it is perceived from the outside? What do our women become? Or rather, they are transformed… Because women are forced to follow the rules of the game that men impose on them. And there is a hard dictate: either sex from the first meeting, or-good bye, there is no time to steam with you and talk to you. Some sort of sideline to real life.
    As a result, I came to the conclusion: there are no real men there. Judge for yourself, does a real man need to write somewhere? Women fall for them in packs. Such people simply do not have time to reach the site. And on the Internet, some suckers, losers, idiots. Sometimes, however, there are normal ones. But they do not “hang”there for a long time. Apparently, they find someone and-goodbye. Or just spend two months on the Internet, understand what’s going on here, and disappear.
    But I made a conclusion for myself: there’s nothing to catch there. I decided to rely on fate. In principle, everything in life suits me. Well, no man. So what?
    Thousands of women in Russia live like this. When something is not tripling in my life, I usually correct this situation. For example, some time ago I did not have a job (Svetlana is a lawyer. – Ed.). So, I was persistently looking for a job. I agreed to any (according to the profile), I dug the ground. Because work is a way of survival for me. The only one. And there are women for whom the way to survive is a man. Here they are, in turn, digging the ground and agree to any option in search of men.
    So believe after that… Svetlana was not very lucky, she did not even really get carried away with anyone seriously for three years. But the girl Anna, having met a guy on the Internet, felt head over heels in love. They dated for two months. Then the young man said that he had returned to his ex-girlfriend. And he didn’t leave Anya either. He began to meet with them in parallel. As soon as Anna realized this, she decided to take revenge. Call his ex-girlfriend, according to his reviews, Ksenia and show their rights. I found out Ksenia’s phone number, having come across her text messages to their mutual friend Andrey. It’s kind of weird.…
    At first glance, nothing surprising, the usual messages of lovers. But Ksenia wrote about herself in the masculine gender: “My sweet, I missed you” or “I decided not to wait for tomorrow’s meeting, I will come today!” and so on.
    To complete the picture, the girl decided to follow her lover. And I discovered that Ksenia… is a young man named Kostya! He gave Andrey a lift in his car and finally they kissed gently. The shock was so great that the resentment instantly disappeared. The novel is finally over.
    But there are, of course, examples of successful acquaintances. There are many of them, believe me. Let’s say that a few of my friends got married after meeting online. This is possible. but very rarely. And with a certain amount of perseverance on your part. Just like in real life!