• – How and where to find your soulmate?
  • – I advise you not to search, but just to live and enjoy life as it is, and the second half will definitely find itself. And if a person is fixated on the search, it turns out that the other half runs away. And you don’t need to think about where you can meet it, because it can be any place. Your person can study or work near you, you can meet on vacation, on the street, in the store. He will meet when the time is right.
  • – How do you know it’s your man?”
  • – First of all, it is easy to be with your own person, you want to create, enjoy and live with them. It will instantly settle in the soul and heart. But very often we do not immediately understand this, first you need to feel the person intuitively, and when the feelings arise, you will understand that this is exactly him.
  • – Why do some people stay single for years and do not meet anyone?
  • – Sometimes it’s about the people themselves, their demands on others. They often withdraw into themselves. Often, the problems of such a person begin in childhood, in a family in which there was no love and mutual understanding. And now he is afraid to repeat the scenario of his parents.
  • – What do you need to do to make a loved one happy with you?
  • – When a person wants to make another person happy, this is already called a codependent relationship. You do not need to do this, it is better to be happy yourself, then people around you will be happy. And to maintain a happy relationship, it is enough to understand, support, respect, give in to each other and not break the boundaries. Many people make mistakes when they start to push and influence the beloved. In the end, he will just become a victim and feel uncomfortable in the relationship. Being happy is an art form. You should always treat each other as if your relationship is just beginning. Of course, the feelings cool down, but the attachment remains, and this is love. The couple should be happy without heat and fear. – Do all women need great feelings? And the men?
  • – We equally need feelings throughout our lives. As soon as one ceases to pay attention to the other, he will have a feeling of uselessness. Then he will begin to look for sincere feelings, but in another place.
  • – What advice can you give to those who are disappointed in love? Do they have a chance of happiness?
  • Everyone has a chance for happiness. Everyone should be happy here and now, even if unpleasant events related to relationships have occurred in their life. You need to throw away negative memories and stop thinking that this will happen again all your life. The main thing is to work on yourself, start other relationships and think that you can bring something new to them. – What about those who love without an answer?
    – If you’re rejected and you still cling to it, then you’re the problem. Do not love unrequited, you should always look for reciprocity. If you are rejected, turn away too. But look for the reason for the gap, draw conclusions and start a new life. And you shouldn’t make a tragedy out of it. – How to understand that the current relationship is love?
  • It’s hard to understand. Love is a conditional concept. If there is respect, support, and trust, it is love. And if there is control and reproaches-this is a different feeling. Love is when people enjoy each other. – Should a woman meet a man herself?
    – I don’t think so. Men should win women over. A woman can ask for help, for example, to pump up a car wheel. You can pretend that you need help anywhere. But women should not become conquerors, the stronger sex itself should take the initiative. – What do you do to make your family relationships flourish?
    – My family is my favorite children and grandson. I work on our relationship all the time. We have, as in any family, there is a light, then a tunnel. But we have maintained a warm and sincere relationship for many years, because we love each other. – How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?
  • It’s great that there is such a holiday. On this day, a lover can beautifully show his love and stay close to his soulmate. In our life, there are a lot of gray everyday life, sometimes such unconventional holidays will not hurt us. And the gift can be the simplest and most inexpensive, which will appeal to you. The most important thing is to give attention. Now many people are engaged in hand-made and can make something elegant and magical with their own hands. Small gifts and a bottle of good champagne are sure to make this day joyful.