Many couples at the first sign of a family crisis do not know how to continue to build relationships in marriage.
It is believed that a woman determines the authenticity and quality of relationships, so often the responsibility for them falls on the fragile female shoulders. Biscuit will tell you how to establish a relationship with your husband and not repeat the typical female mistakes in the future.
How to build a relationship with your husband: 6 important tips.
Usually problems begin when the courtship period ends – the so-called candy-bouquet period. With the help of psychology, we will try to independently understand the most common problems and recognize our own (yes, yes!) make mistakes to prevent a real storm in the family boat. The wife is the navigator, and as she directs the boat, so she will sail.

  1. Looking for the seed of the problem.
    As we have already said, if a marriage is bursting at the seams, then often the task of eliminating problems in the family is solved by women. Real, selfless, loving, it is the wives who perform feats to understand and strengthen the relationship. Do you feel that you are moving away? Is there a conflict brewing? Or, on the contrary, indifference on the part of the husband? Here it is important to understand and find the seed that gave such “fruits”. The more thoroughly you delve into the source of the discord, the more likely it is to find what caused the destruction. But first you need to exclude the dissimilarity of common life values. Analyze whether your views on life converge? But many people do not even think about it before marriage. These are questions of religion, parenting, life values, and everyday life.
  2. When the passions subsided.
    Your husband is more often silent, does not express his feelings or delight towards you, and this worries you terribly. And yet such situations are frequent, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that a man does not confess his love to you a hundred times a day. Undoubtedly, you have only one conclusion – he has grown cold, has fallen out of love, so he is so inattentive and indifferent. Have you ever thought that the relationship has just moved to a new level? This usually happens over time. A man passes the first gusts of novelty and love, but this does not mean that he does not love you. Absolutely normal is the phenomenon when the intensity of passions settles and is replaced by a sense of reliability and affection. There is stability, without which any serious relationship is impossible. So do not judge your husband harshly, perhaps his ” indifference” is just a phlegmatic type of temperament. By the way, it would be useful to get acquainted with male psychology. This exciting and interesting activity will help you build a relationship with your husband in the right direction.
  3. Express your thoughts clearly.
    A man is upset and angry if his beloved tries to convey something to him, but her speech is not clear to him, without clear and specific wording. A man, alas, does not know how to read our thoughts. And if a woman would have already understood a hundred times what you are talking about, then the brain of a man is arranged differently. Just accept it. The main way to establish a relationship is to speak clearly, clearly and without hints. Well, if you want your husband to understand you.
  4. Let your husband go to the ” cave”
    After a hard day’s work, the husband comes home and wants to completely relax, relax. But then his bored wife pounces on him with questions and conversations. She demands attention, bursting into his personal space. Something familiar, isn’t it? But often in such cases, your man wants only one thing – not to be touched. Accept this feature of it. He will then come to you for attention and communication. The ability to go to the ” cave” is very important for any man. And the sooner you realize this, the stronger your relationship will be. On this topic, the psychology of men is well described by John Gray’s book “Men from Mars, women from Venus”.
  5. Constructive dialogue.
    If you are solving a serious problem or finding out a relationship, you should know the main rule: under no circumstances should you raise your voice at your husband. And also to forget FOREVER about such methods of clarification of relations that break even the strongest relationships, such as ultimatums and accusations. Any problem can be solved by constructive dialogue in a calm tone, without blaming each other. For example, the psychological system “aquarium ” allows you to analyze what is said well. One speaks, the other listens attentively, without interrupting and trying to understand the partner. At the same time, both remain calm in order to convey their thoughts to the partner. After all, what is the main thing in the dialogue? To be understood. And emotions are your enemy. And don’t let it get to you.
  6. Do not require an instant reaction.
    So, you are waiting for a change, but do not rush to start with yourself. To understand the problem, a woman often needs only to turn off her emotions and show understanding. Don’t we often demand and expect something from men? It happens that the wife, sharing with her husband something that excites her, does not see any reaction to her monologue. She is waiting for his answer, decision, opinion, advice, support, but the listener seems to “hang” in space. A familiar situation? And the fact is that men need more time to process information than women. And even more so so extensive and rich in details. Give your husband time to think about what you are saying if you want to get honest answers from him.
    A warm and trusting relationship between the spouses is a very difficult job for both of them. Of course, it is better to prevent any disease than to treat it. And the best preventive method psychologists consider hugs. Show more tenderness and care in the relationship, touch each other more often, hug and kiss, be open and honest, express gratitude for everything. With proper behavior and feminine wisdom, no disagreements in marriage will threaten you. You don’t have to be a psychologist to know that these methods actually work. Good luck to you!